Summary: What if Sakura had known Itachi before he left and had been on his team? How would Sasuke react to finding that out? 'I cared for him and he cared for me. He watched my back and I watched his. I killed for him and he slaughtered for me.' Sas/Sak Ita/Sak


Chapter 1: What?

He slightly jumped in surprise as the sound of wooden being smashed rang threw his ears. He glanced around, looking at each one of his friends and noticed that they too were all staring at the wooden door leading to the Hokage's office. They had been waiting there for at least a half hour now, waiting to either be let it or waiting for her to come out. She had never been in there more than ten minutes, either to receive a mission or report one.

Her, the blonde dobe and the Hyuuga had just returned from a S-rank mission. When the three had explained to the Hokage, why they were all wounded and bruised she had immediately told her to stay in the office and for the other two to leave. Before the door had closed, she had told Shizune to get all of them. Why they were there was still a mystery to him. They were told nothing, for the Hokage was too busy yelling and arguing at his pink haired teammate.

He, along with the rest of them, except perhaps for the dobe and Hyuuga, had no idea why they were arguing or what was even going on. Getting frustrated and annoyed, he stood, stretching out his legs.

When he was done he turned towards the blonde, "Dobe."

The blonde turned to look at him with a questioning gaze, "What teme?"

"What the hell happen?" He asked and something in Naruto's eyes flickered and he glanced at Neji, who slightly shook his head.

"Don't worry about it right now teme." The blonde told him with a slight grin.

It wasn't happy, it wasn't joyful, it was empty. That wasn't normal. Nor was it normal for the dobe and Hyuuga to interact without fighting. Something was up.

"Dobe." He said low, a warning in his voice as well as an unspoken threat.

Naruto waved it off, shaking his head, he said, "Don't worry, teme."

"I'm not worried. I just want to know why the hell we're all out here waiting when Sakura is in there yelling and arguing with the Hokage." He said coldly, and he saw Naruto's eyes flicker once more.

"Uchiha," He turned towards the Hyuuga as he heard his name, "That's none of your concern right now."

He unconsciously clenched his fist, in an attempt to keep himself from hitting the already wounded Hyuuga. Not his concern? This was his damn girlfriend for kami's sake. Of course it was his concern.

"Not my concern Hyuuga? Have you forgotten that is my girlfriend in there?" He asked and Neji's eyes flickered to anger for a moment before going void. He snorted and he narrowed his eyes at the Hyuuga.

"Is that what you call her? I thought she was annoying Uchiha."

"Hyuuga." He said dangerously, as his sharigan automatically activated itself.

"You never cared before, Uchiha. Why start now? Scared you'll lose your baby maker?" Neji taunted and that was the last straw.

He lunged and knocked the Hyuuga to the ground, himself on top. He sent his fist into his face, smashing his nose. He kept doing it until Neji put his arms up, blocking. Than he felt someone grab his arm from behind. While he was distracted Neji took the opportunity to send his fist into the Uchihas stomach, making his wince, as he felt a crack from the power of the punch. Before he could counter it, he was pulled off of Neji and thrown to the opposite side of the room. He slide against the floor and only stopped when he hit the wall.

Looking up, with anger, to see who threw him, he saw Naruto, whose eyes were dead set on his own. His eyes widened as he saw they were a deep red.

"Enough!" He growled at them, trying, but failing, to keep his rising temper in check.

Hinata, who saw this, ran over to him, wrapping her arms around his torso. His red eyes almost immediately disappeared as he wrapped his arms around her and buried his head into her shoulder, which was quite hard considering he was a good six inches taller than her.

"Calm down, Naruto-kun." She said softly to him and he nodded, lightly stoking her hair.

"What the hell is going on out here?" Tsunade boomed as she swung open the door, breaking the middle hinge. He looked at Hinata and Naruto, than towards Neji who was slowly getting up with the help of TenTen, and than at him. She narrowed her eyes at the Uchiha who just glared right back at her.

"Neji and Sasuke got into a fight." Ino told her simply and Tsunade looked at her for a moment.

"Who initiated it?"


Tsunade looked at him sharply and said, "Uchiha what the hell did I tell you? Go once against my rules and your probation gets doubled."


Tsunade turned towards Neji, who was now fully standing.


"It is not his fault. I provoked him. I am sorry." He told her, his head bowed. Everyone was shocked. The Hyuuga prodigy apologizing? For something that wasn't even him fault. Not to mention he was taking the blame for Uchiha. Tsunade blinked and than nodded.

"Yes, well, you may all come into my office now. We have things to discuss."

"We have nothing to discuss." A soft, yet angered feminine voice said as she leaned against the doorway, her long pink hair tied back in a loose pony tail and her emerald green eyes narrowing.

"Oh yes we do, Sakura."

"No, we don't. There is nothing I will discuss nor tell. It is none of your business." Sakura said simply, her arms crossed over her chest.

"Associating with S-Class Criminal is very much my business!" Tsunade roared and Sakura didn't even flinch at her threatening tone.

"What? What the hell is going on?" The Uchiha yelled from the ground as he slowly stood, ignoring the pain in his chest.

"Why don't you tell them Sakura?"

"Why don't you shut the hell up?" Sakura snapped in annoyance as she made her way over to Sasuke.

"All these years you've kept it a secret."

Sakura ignored her sensei as she reached Sasuke. Placing her hand over his chest, she let her chakra flow as she healed his cracked rib.

"You didn't have to do that." He told her and she snorted.

"Someone was going to have to. Might as well be your girlfriend." She said to him, rolling her eyes.


"Damn it! What?!" She yelled at her sensei as she whirled around. Sasuke came into step next to her.

"Why didn't you ever tell me?"

"I already told you, damn it! Because I didn't even know."

"How can you not know?"

"I already told you. Stop asking me already." Sakura said threw gritted teeth, as she tried to keep her temper in check. She was failing miserably.

"I will ask you as many times as I want. Now tell me!"

"Why the hell do you need to know? It was years ago!"

"Years ago? You just saw him today! And from what I heard he stopped his attack because you asked him to!"

"I don't see your point."

"You have control over him."

"No, I don't." Sakura said, almost immediately.

"Yes, you do. Believe it or not."

"I do not. He doesn't listen to anyone."

"Except you. I think he still has feelings for you." Tsunade stated and her eyes widened.

"WHAT?!" Naruto and Neji both yelled at the same time. Sakura blinked and than started to laugh. Everyone looked at her in confusion. What the hell was so funny?

"What are you laughing about?"

"Him having feelings for me? Are you nuts? That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard." Sakura told her, shaking her head, thinking her sensei had lost it.

"Yeah, seriously. That guy has no emotions at all." Naruto said to her and Neji nodded, agreeing.

"I agree with the idiot for once."

"Yea…What?" Naruto yelled at Neji, who rolled his eyes.

"I am so confused! Who are we talking about?" Ino asked the four and Tsunade smirked as she looked at Sakura, who seemed horrified.

"Don't you dare."

"I'll tell you, Ino."

"Tsunade, don't you dare tell her." Sakura said, her eyes narrowed dangerously, her voice threatening.


"NO!" Sakura yelled at her.

"….Itachi." Tsunade finished. The room was dead silent. Sakura closed her eyes, her fist clenched so tight that her nails were digging into her palm, drawing small droplets of blood that echoed threw the room as they hit the floor.

"WHAT?!" Everyone but the four yelled, including the Uchiha.

"What do you mean?" He demanded, looking at the Hokage.

"Ask Sakura, she knows." Tsunade told him and he immediately turned towards the pink haired woman. He was about to grab her shoulders when she looked up. Her once emerald green eyes were a dark red with three comma like swirls. Sasuke gaped as he saw this.

"Wh..what the…?" He trailed off in disbelief. The Sharigan?

It couldn't be. Sakura wasn't an Uchiha. There was no possible way that she could have the Sharigan.

Out of the corner of her eye, Sakura saw him gape and immediately knew what caused it.

'Damn.' She cursed inwardly.

"What's wrong Uchiha?" Tsunade asked him as she saw the shock that was on his face.

"Sh...she has….."

"What, Uchiha?"

"…Sharigan." He managed to say.

"What?!" Tsunade exclaimed as she looked at Sakura's eyes. When she saw nothing but her normal emerald green eyes she turned back to the Uchiha with a scowl.

"Uchiha, stop joking. There is no way Sakura could posses the Sharigan. She is not a Uchiha." Tsunade told him and he looked back at Sakura's eyes, staring as if at any moment they would change back.

'If only she knew….' She thought to herself with a sigh.

"You know Uchiha Itachi?" Shikamaru asked her, directing everyone back on track to what had original got their attention. All eyes were on Sakura and she looked at the ground, her eyes once again covered by her bangs.

"Well, Sakura, are you going to tell them?" Tsunade asked her and her head instantly snapped up as she looked her teacher straight in the eye. Her emerald eyes were blazing with fury.

"Tell them what?" She asked, her voice low and threatening.

"About Uchiha Itachi."

"I have nothing to say about him." She said simply to her.

"The hell you don't. You have information on him."

"Maybe, maybe not. It's none of your concern." She told her sensei, her patience wearing thinner with every word said.

"You know Itachi, Sakura?" All the eyes turned to the Uchiha, who had spoke low, almost in a whisper. Sakura bit her lower lip in an attempt to keep from killing her sensei who had started this.

"I have nothing to say on the subject of Uchiha Itachi nor will I ever. Now if you excuse me I'm going to go home." Sakura told them, turning on her heels as she began to walk away. She didn't get no more than two feet before her arm was grabbed and she was spun around. Red met Emerald.

"Do you or do you not?" The Uchiha said, his sharigan blazing. She held her ground as his eyes bore into hers. She narrowed her own as she pulled her arm from his grasp.

"That is none of your concern." His eyes turned brighter as anger welted up inside them.

"Not my concern? He murdered my parents! If it's anybodies concern it is mine!" He yelled at her and she looked at him, her expression stoic.

"I told you once, revenge will not bring you happiness. I will not add to that."

"You do know him, don't you?"

"As I said before, it is not your concern." She said, as she once more turned on her heels and began to leave.

"Haruno Sakura, stop right where you are." Tsunade's voice boomed and Sakura took a deep breath as her patience ran out. Never the less she stopped but did not turn around.

"You will tell me all the information about Uchiha Itachi you have, or you will be stripped of your ninja duties, as well as your medical ones, put you on probation and have you interrogated."

Sakura snorted as she placed her hand on the doorknob.

"Go ahead." With that said she opened the door and walked out, slamming it behind her as she left. The room remained silent.

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