Summary: What if Sakura had known Itachi before he left and had been on his team? How would Sasuke react to finding that out? 'I cared for him and he cared for me. He watched my back and I watched his. I killed for him and he slaughtered for me.' Sas/Sak Ita/Sak



Chapter 5: Iwaku Hireki: Past Revealed

She sighed in utter annoyance as she impatiently leaned against the wall waiting for the last person to arrive so she could start. Of course that person just so happen to be the one who was, just a bit, pissed off at her at the moment.

'Damn Uchihas.' She inwardly cursed, as she rolled her eyes.

They were waiting for Sasuke to be released from the infirmary. He had left in such anger from her house that he had went to the training grounds and nearly burned the whole area down with his Katon Goukakyuu. So the ANBU had been sent over to tell him to stop, but it had erupted in a fight, that left three ANBU unconscious, two burned severely and landed the Uchiha in the hospital, with medics fixing two broken ribs, slices on his arms and legs, and some other minor wounds he had received, before he was calmed down enough to stop his tantrum.

Now they, they being herself, Tsunade, Neji, Naruto, TenTen, Ino, Shikamaru and Hinata, were all in the Hokage's office, awaiting his arrival. Apparently Tsunade wanted everyone to be there when she told her the truth about her relationship and past with Uchiha Itachi. She could have did without it but it was the only way the Hokage would allow her to leave Kohona for up to two weeks.

The Hokage's door slammed opened, nearly hitting her and breaking as a disgruntled and angry looking Uchiha came in. His hair was a mess while his clothes were still ripped and bloody from where they had been cut open and torn.

"What the hell, Uchiha," Tsunade yelled as she stood from her chair, "You almost broke my goddamn door!"

He looked at the door once before looking at her, "So?"

"You arrogant little bastard, I should add a month on your probation for that!"

He snorted before shrugging, "Go ahead. I don't care."

Tsunade clenched her fist, her eyes flashing as her anger and annoyance with the Uchiha grew. Sakura shook her head as she removed herself from leaning on the wall to go before Tsunade, standing in front of her desk, cutting into her and Sasuke's little quarrel before he got himself a longer probation.

"Can I start now?" She asked her sensei who looked at her and nodded as she sat back down in her chair.

Sakura took a deep breath before she started, "Alright, guys, you said you wanted to know about Itachi so I'm going to tell you about Itachi….."

"And you relationship and past with him." Tsunade added in and she nodded.

"Yeah, that kinda goes with the whole story. But anyway, I've known Itachi since I was a little girl, no more than five years old, actually. We…"

"How is that?" Naruto interrupted and she glared at him.

"I was getting to that. Now as I was saying I was in the Academy with him, and every other team we could possibly be together in. And…. I actually think this will be much easier if I show it to you instead of explaining it." She told them and they looked at her in confusion.

"What do you mean show us?" Tsunade asked her, curiously.

"I mean I'll show you my past."


"My Kekkei Genkai is Iwaku Hireki or…"

"The Past Revealed." Shikamaru finished for her and she nodded.

"Hai. It allows me to show my past, as well as see those of others with a simple touch. Willingly or not. In some instances it allows the user to see the future, depending solely on how much of it you have mastered. There are four levels.

The first one just allows you to show or see flashes of the past, weather it be your own or someone else's. The second one allows you to show your own past fully, while you still have flashes of someone else's past but its longer and more put together. The third level allows you to see all of someone else's past plus your own.

And the forth level allows you to see glimpses of the future, weather it be your own or someone else's. It could show five seconds into the future or sometimes fifty years into it, all depending on the control and mastery you have over it. Some people say there is a fifth level that allows you to see all of the future but I have never heard of anyone with the ability. It's a mere legend."

"I have never heard of this Kekkei Genkai before." Tsunade stated as she went over the information in her head.

"You wouldn't have. It's a well hidden family trait. If it was let out that our clan could possibly see the future we would be hunted for the ability."

"So why are you telling us?" Ino asked and Sakura sighed at her dumb blond friend. Yeah, she was defiantly born with the right color hair.

"Are you going to hunt me down and try to make me tell you the future," She asked Ino, who shook her head, "Than I see no reason why I cant tell you."

"How do you know we won't go tell someone?"

"You're my best friends, Ino, I don't think you would do that."

"Enough with the questions now. Now you said you can do it as you touch someone, correct," Sakura gave a nod, "How are you going to show all of us?"

"We all hold hands that way you are all connected to me in some way." Sakura answered her sensei who nodded as she stood up from her chair to come around to the front of the desk.

"Well, come on, we don't have all day." Tsunade said to everyone in the room who stood up. Sakura stood next to Tsunade and held her hand. Sasuke joined in on her other side and the others slowly joined in, holding the hands next to them.

"Everyone ready," They all nodded, "Alright here we go."

Sakura's eyes glowed a bright green as the room spun to change to all black. It changed to show the inside of the Academy.

"Awwww Sakura, you look so cute." Ino cooed as she saw Sakura.

The five year old Sakura sat in the corner, bored, as she looked out the window. She was waiting for the Sensei to arrive. Most of the kids, who were around 12 to 13, were here already. The class did not start for another ten minutes but she had been here for at least twenty minutes now, wanting to get here early to sit where she wanted to. People were softly talking to each other, what about she didn't know, but some she knew were talking about her. She saw them look at her from the corner of her eye.

She rolled her eyes at it. She really couldn't care less. All a sudden, however, the talking ceased as the door to the room slide open revealing a black haired boy, looking around the same age as her. He had onyx colored eyes and two slits going from the top of his nose diagonally down and across, stopping at where his pupil began, right in the middle of his nose.

"Awwww Itachi was looks cute too." Ino said, earning a glared from Tsunade and Sasuke. She gave a nervous smile before looking away from them.

He looked at all the occupants in the room before he said, "Hn," and went to sit down, taking the seat one away from Sakura.

Murmurs started as people whispered things about the Uchiha prodigy. He blatantly ignored them, staring straight ahead as he rested his chin on his hands. Sakura snuck a glance at him before snorting and looking away. She didn't see the big deal about the kid. He seemed to have noticed her look because he turned his head to look at her. She felt a pair of eyes on her and turned to look at him.

They stared at each other a moment before he blurted out, almost rudely, "Is that your real hair color?"

She looked at him as if he were an idiot, a vein popping out of her forehead as she took a deep breath.

"Hai. What else would it be?"

He shrugged, "Don't know. I just never saw a girl….a person with pink hair before."

"Well now you have." She said with a small smile before she turned to look away from him rolling her eyes. The nerve of that boy, asking if that was her real hair color. She shook her head. And people called him a genius.

"I'm sorry if I offended you by what I said." She heard him say to her and she suddenly felt a little guilty about the way she reacted to the question.

She sighed as she turned around and gave him a smile, "It's alright. I was just never asked that question before. I'm Haruno Sakura by the way."

"Uchiha, Itachi. Nice to meet you, Sakura." He said as he introduced himself.

"You too. So how old are you?"

"I'm six. What are you?"

"HA! I'm five. I'm younger so I win." She exclaimed, startling Itachi a bit.

"Win what?" He asked in confusion.

"Uhhh…..I don't know. I just felt like saying that I won." She said with a sheepish grin and he gave a laugh as he shook his head. Yeah, this girl was a bit crazy.

"Yeah, but anyway, you live in the Uchiha district right?"

"Well, I'm an Uchiha so I guess so." He replied sarcastically and she stuck her tongue out at him.

"Are all Uchihas smart asses?" Ino asked and Sakura nodded

"Yeah, pretty much." She answered, earning a glared from Sasuke.

"Well how am I suppose to know? Maybe you moved out or something."

"Why would I do that?"

"I don't know. I know there are Uchihas that live in the city but don't live there." She told him.

"Really? I haven't and I'm from the clan."

"So am I." She murmured softly, just low enough so he couldn't hear.


"Oh, nothing."

Just than the sensei, who was Iruka, walked in. The class got quiet as they began there study at the Academy.

The scene changed to black again before it changed to a large field of grass surrounded by trees. A older looking Sakura, probably around eight, sat against a tree with Itachi, who was now around nine, next to her.

"You knew Shisui?" Sasuke asked her in disbelief as he saw the boy.

"Yeah, same genin team. He was a funny guy from what I remember. Nice too."

Shisui Uchiha, who was Itachi's best friend, sat to her other side. He was around ten years old. He had lighter colored eyes than Itachi but they were still pretty dark and his hair was short and black. There sensei was a tall man around the age of 35, with brown hair and eyes.

They had just completed a B ranked mission that involved rescuing a Lord's daughter from mercenaries in Stone. They were a few miles from there home but decided to rest a bit before they went back, seeing as they had been traveling all day.

"Sakura?" Shisui called to her.

Sakura groaned as opened one eye to look at the boy, "Yes?"

"Wanna carry me the rest of the way?"

"No." She answered quickly without giving it thought.

It was Shisui's turn to groan as he whined, "Why not?"

"Because your heavy." She told him bluntly.

"Are you saying that I'm fat?"


"Fine. I'll go on a diet than." He told her as he pulled a cookie out of his pocket and started to eat it.

Sakura turned to look at what he was munching on and gave him a blank stare as she saw the cookie. He looked at her like a deer in headlights before quickly shoving the cookie in his mouth.

"Mmat?" He asked her with his mouth full, making some of the chewed cookie fall out of his mouth. She gave a disgusted look before shaking her head.

"Nice diet." She said to him and he grinned as he swallowed the rest of the cookie.

"Thank you. Will you carry me now?"


Shisui groaned again and lifted his head off the tree before slamming it back against it, hard. He groaned once more, this time in pain as he placed his hands on his now throbbing head.

"Idiot." Itachi said as he rolled his eyes at him.

"Alright guys, times up. Let's get going." There sensei said as he jumped down from the tree he had been in.

"Hai sensei." Sakura said but made no attempt to get up. Itachi stood and offered her a hand to which she took. He pulled her up and they waited for Shisui, who was still lying against the tree.

"Ten more minutes?"

"No, now get up Shisui before I drag you." There sensei commanded and Shisui snorted and grumbled as he got up, wiping dirt off himself.

"Sensei just…" Shisui stopped mid-sentence as the four tensed, getting into fighting stances.

"Fifteen nin, most B-ranked. Two A-ranked. To the west of us are six, to the east seven and to the north are the two A-ranked ones." There sensei told them and they nodded.

"My, my how lucky I must be. Three Uchihas in the same place." A voice said from in front of them.

"Who the hell are you?" Shisui yelled at the voice.

"Who I am is not important but if you managed to stay conscious within the next ten minutes than I'll tell you." The voice said before kunai and shuriken were thrown from all directions as the nins from the east and west moved to surround them.

"Damn! Move!" There sensei said as he jumped, dodging the projectiles. The three followed as they dodged them as well. The moment the last one went passed, thirteen nin rushed them. Four going after there sensei while three went after each of them.

With Sakura

"Give up little girl before you get hurt." One of the nin told her with a laugh and she gave him a 'excuse me' looking look.

"I think you should take your own advice, little girl." She said to him mockingly and he scowled before charging at her.

He went to punch her across the cheek only to have her move to the left and stab him in the stomach with a kunai. He hissed in pain as he swung his arm around to try and hit her from behind. He missed as she ducked and she kicked him a few times in the stomach making him go off balance. She took this opportunity to send a round kick to his face making his fall back. He flipped back onto his hands however and landed on his feet.

He smirked at her before disappearing. Sakura scanned the area but couldn't find him.

"Damn, where is he?" She muttered to herself, completely forgetting about the other two nin that were after her until she received a punch to the head sending her forward, almost sprawling on the floor had she not caught her footing. She twisted around just in enough time to dodge another punch to the face. She took a kunai and slashed the man's neck as he went forward from the punch. Blood sprayed all over the ground and herself.

She scrunched her nose in disgust before doing a few back flips to put distance between her and the other nin. She looked around to see how the other's were fairing to see that it wasn't going too well.

Shisui was badly bruised already and she could see a long slash on his stomach where a Kunai sliced him. Itachi had already taken one of his opponents out but he had slashes on his arms and a stab wound in his left. Her sensei had taken out two but was having some trouble with the last one. He didn't have any major wounds but he slashes on his arms.

She turned back to look at the nin only to find his face in front of hers. She jumped back in surprise and blindly slashed with her kunai at him. She managed to get him in the eye but he countered by stabbing her in the stomach with a kunai of his own. She gasped as pain erupted threw her body and instantly her hands went to cover her wound. The other nin came from behind her and grabbed her by the shirt, flinging her across the field, making her skid on her back to stop.

In an instant Itachi was by her side, "You alright, Sak?"

"Oh yeah of course, I mean I only just got flung across a damn field." She replied sarcastically and he smirked as he helped her up. She winced as she moved the wrong way and her stomach pulsed.

"Hey guys, you alright?" Shisui said as he appeared next to them.

"Yeah, peachy. How many do we have left?"

"Too many." Shisui mumbled to her.

"Us together has six and sensei is still on the last one." Itachi told her and she watched as the last of the nin advanced towards them before she looked at her bruised and battered team. Her eyes narrowed as anger took hold of her and she clenched her fist.

"Let's finish them." She said and before they could respond she was off towards the nearest one. The two followed behind her going after the nearest ones.

She ducked under the nins punch and stabbed him in the stomach with a kunai, twisting it a bit before sliding under his legs and kicking him in the back. He jerked forward and she took this chance to throw a kunai straight in the back of his head. He fell to the ground, dead. She ducked a kunai that came from her left before jumping to avoid a kick to sweep her feet out from under her. She flipped onto the ground and the nin charged her. She went to dodge but he disappeared at the last second and her eyes widened in surprise.

A moment later she was punched in the stomach, the wind getting knocked out of her as she fell to her knees, coughing up a bit of blood. The nin took this opportunity to kick her in the face sending her to the ground, on her stomach. She moaned in pain as her wound hit the ground. A second later she was lifted by the shirt than grabbed by the throat.

She gasped for air as her throat was squeezed. She gripped the mans hand tightly in both of hers, digging her nails into his skin to try and make him let go. He didn't. Her hands shook as her eyes slowly drooped from the lack of air. She was going to die. He was going to choke her to death. Damn. Her eyes closed as her senses started to shut down.

A moment later she felt herself drop as air was restored to her lungs. She looked up and red eyes looked back at her.

"Sakura." A tired sounding voice whispered to her as the person fell to his knees in front of her.

"Itachi. Sharingan?" She murmured to him. He gave a smile leaning his forehead on hers.

"Guess I was real worried about you when I saw that man had you by the neck." He said with a small laugh.

"Guess so. Thank you." She told him and he nodded, as he placed his face in the hollow of her neck as exhaustion took over. She smiled as she did the same.

"Damn and they call me an idiot. I don't fall asleep in the middle of a battle field." Shisui grumbled as he saw the too. His sensei gave a laugh.

"He's protective of her aint he?"

"Oh yeah, very protective. His Sharingan activated because he saw that man holding her by the neck."

"Hmmm…..weren't her eyes red as well?"

"What? When?"

"When she charged them with you behind her." His sensei answered.

"I don't know, I didn't see them."

"Hmmm….Could have swore they were."

The scene turned black again before it turned to a forest scene.

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