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by Tazaki4

Prologue: The Death and Birth of a Hero

"All Ninja at the walls! Protect the water experts! Use your best ninjutsu against it! We must not let it reach the city!"

The Yondaime Hokage of Konoha stood on the walls of the city he swore to protect. He had sent wave after wave of ninja towards the approaching monster and yet it didn't even seem to be harmed. He resolutely faced the terror in front of him with his two most trusted friends at his side. No… my second and third most trusted friends. My best friend... He remembered receiving the news of the first attack the Kyuubi had launched against Konoha. A massive fire ball had appeared out of the sky and had destroyed his entire clan in one explosion. His wife and an attendant were the only one who had survived the fire, yet the attendant died soon afterwards from the burns. His wife… had not been much better off. The explosion had caused her to go into labor and the med-teams had tried to both help his child and his wife… but only one of his family survived. Behind him lay the crying child he had brought into this world. It was in the middle of his sealing array. To his right stood Jiraiya, the toad sage and his sensei. He was watching as Gamabunta attempted to stall the giant fox but was failing horribly. To his left stood Hiashi Hyuga, his friend and rival since birth. He was directing the ninjas in an attempt to at least try and hurt the demon. The Fourth knew, though, that it was a false hope… An ANBU appeared at his side.

"Lord Hokage, what now?"

"Recall them…"


"Get all of the ninjas back inside the walls." Both his friends looked his way, but the Hokage's face was resolute. Hiashi frowned.

"Alright, but you have better have a plan…"

"Hiashi, don't I always have a plan." The Fourth flashed his friend with one of his trademark smiles, one that threatened to split his face in half due to its size. Hiashi smiled in return. His friend hadn't smiled once since the news of his child's birth and wife's death had reached him, and even with the pain he could barely see behind it the Fourth still smiled. Hiashi immediately used hand signals to tell the ANBU under him to order the retreat. Ninja immediately came flying over the walls or walking through the gate with bodies of wounded or dead friends on their backs. It was time to end this pain.



"I am not going to survive this attack."


"I am going to seal away this demon… using the forbidden jutsu. It will kill me and place the Kyuubi's soul and chakra in a host body. I don't know… if the host will survive it… but if he does, promise me you will take care of him!"

"… sir?"

"I am going to place the soul of the Kyuubi into my son. Would you… take him in?"

"Anything for a friend. Besides, we already agreed that my daughter on the way will marry you boy anyway. The betrothal was signed in my blood."

"No one will know except you and your wife… that he is my child."


"It is going to be hard enough for him… growing up with a demon inside of him… part of me thinks that it would be better if no one knew he was my son also. I have enemies both outside the land of fire, and in Konoha. And if he is anything like me, he won't want to be respected for who his parents are... were. He will forge his own destiny. The demon will just be another trial to get past…"

"I will do as you say."

"Thank you."

Gamabunta had dispersed after having a tail cut across his left eye. The toad sannin Jiraiya turned to his student.

"Well, it was fun. You want me to stay in town and make sure your boy is well trained and kept for?" The toad sage had the same smile his student had on. Big and fake.

"No… you can leave. Just promise me that you will return if Konoha is ever in danger."

"Sure… I'll go now. Good luck in the afterlife. I hope to see you there in a long while." Jiraiya's attitude hid his true feelings, and the Fourth knew this. As the older man turned away the Fourth thought he saw tears in his eyes.

"Same here." The Fourth began his hand signs. "Tell the Third he can take over when I am gone, ok?"

"Yeah…" And with that, Jiraiya was gone.

"Sealing Jutsu: Reaper Death Seal!" Hiashi noticed nothing change except for a cold wind, despite the mammoth fire fox in front of him, began to blow. The hairs on the back of his head began to stand on end. He shivered. Something… supernatural… was here…

The Kyuubi took its first step over the wall of Konoha and began to spit fireballs greater then any Uchiha could. Fires erupted throughout the city. The Hokage just stood, underneath the body of the Kyuubi.

"Kyuubi no Kitsune! I will not let you destroy this village!" The Kyuubi looked down towards the small human beneath him before laughing.

"And what, pray tell, do you think you can do about it, pathetic Hokage?" Suddenly a chill ran through the Kyuubi as an invisible hand went into his stomach.

"I can seal you away… forever!" The Hokage, who had held his arms out to the Kyuubi, suddenly pulled them away and towards his son. The Kyuubi felt his soul begin to leave his body. He tried to fight it, but even his infinite strength couldn't seem to break free of the death god's hold. He smirked at the human he knew had beaten him. He had guts, for a human. To call the shinigami himself... and have the courage to pay his own life for this...

"No human has ever been able to hurt me, let alone kill me. I congratulate you. You have my respect."

"You are not going to die, Kyuubi. You will be sealed into this young boy… my son. I only wish for you to help him in his life. For when he dies, so will you."

"That is interesting. So only a lifetime more of life for the Kyuubi? Very well, human. As a sign of respect for your strength, your son will have my aid…" The Kyuubi's body suddenly collapsed to the side, crushing the city walls and part of the city. The Hokage finished his transfer of the Kyuubi's soul and smiled at his child, still weeping but now with a spiral seal on his stomach. Hiashi stood to the side as his friend knelt down next to the child.

"My son… I am so sorry that I will not be there for you. I… I love you and I am sorry for the pain you will feel because of this horrible birthday gift. Please… forgive me…" The Fourth Hokage collapsed to the ground in death in death. Hiashi appeared next to his lifeless body.

Rest in peace, friend. Hiashi picked up the boy in his arms and went to inform the Third. As he left the ANBU began to arive.

Hiashi arrived at his home and immediately went to the medical ward. Laying on a cot in the room made specifically to treat Hyugas was Hiashi's wife. Seven months into pregnancy and she had still gone out to fight the demon. She had barely managed to survive a huge fireball, but had pieces of near molten rock slice through her leg. She was now humming to herself and trying to not think about the news she had received about the Fourth's death. The medication made it easier. Hiashi stopped at the door for a second, admiring his wife. Her near black hair pooled around her shoulders as she rubbed her enlarged stomach. Instead of thinking about her husband's fate, she was thinking of names for her baby girl. Well… I don't know why, but most all Hyuga main branch females all follow a strict pattern on names. Start with an H, then use a vowel, consonant, vowel pattern until there are six letters total. Hmmm…… Hogora? NO! 'G' is too of a letter strong for my little girl. I can already tell that she will be strong of heart, but delicate and graceful in body. Himabi…Hafira…Hururu…Hinata… wait… Hinata… her thoughts were interrupted at the sound of footsteps. She turned to see the father of her daughter walking towards her.

"Hiashi! You're alive! When I heard the Fourth had died I feared the worst!"

"No… I am fine, dear. I was there with him at the end…"

"Oh? What is that bundle you have, there?" Hinati, the wife of Hiashi, pointed to the small bundle of cloth in Hiashi's arms.

"Um… I… the Fourth lost his entire clan in the opening attack yesterday except for his wife… she died today giving birth to his son… Naruto…"

"So is that…"

"The Fourth made me promise to take care of his son…" Hiashi unwrapped the bundle enough for Hinati to see the sleeping face of a child. It was strange, though, because as they watched the baby sleep marks appeared on his cheeks. Marks resembling whiskers. Hinati gasped at it. Hiashi just stared at the weird marks.

"Only you, me, and a few high ranking ninja are going to know the truth about this boy. To everyone else, he is just a street orphan who we decided to make a permanent guest. But in truth he is the Fourth's son and… the container of the Kyuubi no kitsune.

"What? They said that the Fourth killed it!"

"No, that is just what the Third is telling the populace. I have no doubt that eventually the information will leek out that this child actually contains the soul of the demon, but only four people know that he is the Fourth's son, five now."

"So… this little child… holds the most powerful demon in his soul?"


Hinati reached out to stroke the whisker marks on Naruto's face. She smiled.

"Well, he was going to join the family anyway… I guess sixteen years early won't make a difference. Besides… if we can't trust the Fourth to know what he was doing, who can we trust? I don't have any worries at all about the fox. I can tell without Byakugan that this young man is going to be as strong as his father and mother were combined!" Hinati smiled. "But we will have to raise him separate from Hinata, or they might develop more of a brother/sister love then will suit them when the time comes."

"Yes… wait… Hinata?"

"Yes, that is her name."

"Hmph, it is usually tradition to let the father choose the name."

"Well, if you want your daughter growing up with the wrong name…"

"Huh? So the name I choose will automatically be wrong?"

"Only if it isn't Hinata."


"I can tell…"

"Ok… what should we call the Hokage's son? His name is Naruto, but we can't use the Fourth's real name without drawing suspicion. And it is against Hyuga law to have someone not officially part of the family carry the Hyuga name. I will not have the curse seal placed on his head." Hinati pulled the child out of Hiashi's arms and unwrapped him completely. The seal of the Fourth's jutsu was still there, though it was fading from its original red into a black swirl. Swirls… hmm… I really like these name games…

"Uzumaki! He is Naruto Uzumaki."


"Just look at him! In a few years, this child will be a spiraling whirlpool of energy. I can see it already. He will draw people towards him with that energy and everyone who meets him will be changed for the better." Hiashi sighed. His wife must have really been under a lot of medication. His name belonged to him in more ways than his wife comprehended under the pain relievers.

"How do you know that?"

"Just a guess."

"Hinati, you are one crazy woman. But that's why I love you so much."

"Oh, you flatter me so!"

"So… Hinata and Naruto."

"Yes." Hinati had already put Naruto into her arms and was rocking the child. Hiashi took time to notice her bandaged leg.

"What did the doctor say?"

"He said that it will probably never recover fully because the heat warped the bones and tendons. He said I will probably have a limp for the rest of my life and should give up being a ninja..."

"It'll be ok, Hinati. You told me you would stop being a ninja when our child…"


"When Hinata was born anyway."

"Yes, but I wish I hadn't damaged it. Now I won't be able to play as much with the children…"

"Dear, they will love you anyway."

"Thank you, Hiashi."

"Now, I must go and speak to the counsel in order to straighten out the fools. They saw me bring in the child and somehow they already knew it contained the demon. I need to make sure no one tries to hurt him."

"Give them a juken to the head for me, dear."

"Will do."

"Hiashi, we do not appreciate your… volunteering… our clan to take in this… demon!"

"Yes, we do not want the container here now… or ever!"

"Honorable counsel members, do not forget who is the clan head here!" Hiashi fixed them with his glare that easily silenced them all. Apparently the rumors had already begun to spread. It was probably Danzo. May that man die a thousand painful deaths for all the trouble he causes. "I brought the child into this clan as a guest and he WILL be treated like one, is that clear?" All he could here was vague mumbling. "IS IT CLEAR?"

"Hai, Hiashi-sama."

"Good. The child was used by the Fourth to bind the soul of the Kyuubi so that it could no longer attack the village. This child, I have been assured by both the Fourth and the Third, is not now and will never be the Kyuubi. Anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong and if they attempt to hurt him shall be punished in a most severe manner." The counsel shuddered at this. The last time someone had been punished severely by the head of the clan it was when a main branch member had raped a cadet branch member. Hiashi had personally castrated the man with a kunai and no painkillers. He was then branded with the curse seal of the branch family and barely survived. He scrubs the floors of the latrines daily and will continue to do so until the day he dies. "At least in this house he shall be honored as one of the saviors of this village. His name is Uzumaki Naruto and he shall be respected in the same way you would respect my own son. IS THAT CLEAR?"

"Hai, Hiashi-sama."

"For all of you who were worried about my wife's health…" and Hiashi knew that they were few. "… she is doing much better. The attack left permanent damage in the leg and she will no longer be able to be a ninja, but we are fine with this. My child is fine, also."

"I have one question, Hiashi-sama." One of the eldest of the elders adressed Hiashi.


"The child containing the demon… why do you call him a hero?"

"The Fourth told me about the jutsu he used today a while ago. He told me that one sacrifices his own soul to call the death god to tear the soul out of another and drag it into the afterlife. He also told me that the death god would not be able to drag the soul of a demon into the afterlife, only tear it from its body. He had been working on a way around it, as if he knew the city would be attacked. So, in his final moment, he tore the soul of the Kyuubi from its own body and placed it inside the child. If this child had been over a week old, the Kyuubi would have destroyed his chakra coils and been free once more. If the container had been anything but human, it would have also broken free. The fact that this child existed is the only thing that saved our city from certain death. So he is a hero."

"… I see. Thank you, Hiashi-sama."

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