Rating: MA

Warning: DARK FIC ; Homosexual relationships, coarse language, violence, censored scenes, attempted suicide, drugs, alcohol, male-pregnancy ( maybe ), alternate reality, out of character and this can go on...

The old saying applies: dont like / dont read!

Pairings Mirai Trunks / Son Gohan

Beta: Vegeta-sires

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Chapter 1

Dressed like any other teenager boy of sixteen - worn jeans black t-shirt sneaks with his favourite baseball cap pulled low, but looking more confused than ever. Reading an old pamphlet he had taken from the window of an old Service Station after paying for his fuel.

It was for a reward on any information on a Son Chichi. He couldn't understand it. It looked like a young photo of his mother, but she wasn't a Son she was a Collins. The date of the women disappearance coincided with in the year he was born. His dark eyes turned to the phone number at the bottom of the pamphlet. It told him that whoever had been looking for her must have lived at West city which was a full day's drive away.

"Hey Gohan, come on man it's getting late." Sharpener yelled from the passenger side of an old Chevy pick-up with a huge floral design couch tied down in the back.

Smiling, he folded the leaflet before quickly shoving it in his pocket for later reference, . "What's your rush?"

"I just want to get this back home. Angie is supposed to be ringing me this afternoon." Sharpener explained anxiously watching his friend approach the truck.

Gohan laughed sprinting around the front to the driver's side. "Do you even know how we're going to get it up those stairs of yours?" he asked opening the door and climbing in.

"I have no idea." Sharpener said looking over his shoulder at the massive couch his mother had found advertised in the paper. She had asked him to see if Gohan could help them pick it up. They had left early that Sunday just so they could get back before dark. It had belonged to an old lady who was selling up the family farm. It was a bargain but Gohan still had reservations on how they were going to even get it up into Sharpener's mother's apartment or even if it would fit.

During the long drive home Gohan's mind wandered back to the leaflet that he had found at the service station. The similarities between his mother and that young lady were uncanny. By the time they pulled up outside of his friend's home it was getting close to dark. He was glad they had left early or they would be still on the road.

"You're here finally!" Helen cheered as she hurried down the stairs of the apartment building with Sharpener's little sister Mel not far behind.

Sharpener and Gohan both climbed out of the truck and started untying the rope that held it all in place. "You're lucky we even found the place mum." Sharpener grumbled catching the rope Gohan tossed over to him.

Helen came up to her tall son and hugged him tight. "You're welcome sweetie." She purred sarcastically. Sharpener rolled his eyes as Gohan lowered the tailgate.

"Okay, let's do this." Gohan said tugging at the giant couch dragging it from the truck with his friend's help. Helen and Mel hurried back up the stairs to make sure everything was out of the way for the two teenage boys. It was an effort for both boys to squeeze it around the stairwell to the third floor. They were both exhausted by the time they reached the door. Gohan wiped the sweat from his brow with the bottom of his t-shirt. He turned his tired dark eyes to his friend. "You ready?" He asked.

"No. I lost my strength down on the second floor." Sharpener complained. Gohan smirked he was in no better condition. They both pushed until it was up under the window where Helen wanted it. Both boys collapsed back on it with the young mother admiring her new couch that was so much better and bigger than her last one.

Mel climbed onto Gohan's lap carrying her doll. Blinking tired he forced himself to open his eyes looking down at the little girl, smiling. "Hey squirt." He affectionately said sounding out of breath.

"Hello Gohan." Mel chirped happily oblivious as to how exhausted the two boys were. "You like my new dolly?"

Gohan picked up the plastic doll with its long green hair and raised a questionable brow as he looked at the unusual colouring. "Green hair, huh?"

"Uh uh. It used to be blonde but I think it looks better green. I washed it with some of mummy's food dye " The little girl explained. Gohan turned to Sharpener who just shrugged his shoulders. He has long given up trying to work out his five year old sister anymore. She was just strange as far as he was concerned. She was a girl after all.

Gohan handed back the doll as Helen entered the room again. This time she handed both boys a cold soda. "Here you go." She said cheerfully.

Grateful "Thanks." They said simultaneously.

"You're staying for tea?" Helen asked the boy hopefully.

She had quickly warmed to him from the very first day her son brought him home three years ago. Gohan was a very private person but Helen knew his home life wasn't the greatest with a father like Mark Collins. He was a beast of a man that she had no time for and would do everything in her power to keep Gohan away from him.

Shaking his head Gohan explained. "I can't, sorry."

Disappointed. "Well maybe another time then." She said sitting down on the arm of the one remaining worn single chairs. Keen to hear the boys to tell her about their day's adventure. This lasted another hour before Gohan insisted that he had to really go. Sharpener walked him down and out to where the Chevy was parked.

"Thanks for helping us out."

"Hey, it's cool. I'd best go. I'll see you in the morning then."

"Yeah, but do you mind if Mel comes with us. Mum has an early shift at the hospital and can't get her to school."

"No that's fine. Well I'd better let you go or you'll miss Angie." He grinned knowing how his friend was really into that girl. He waved as he pulled away from the curb and headed down the street. Sharpener and him lived only a few blocks apart from each other. But instead of taking a left that would lead him back home, Gohan continued on ahead towards Heyfield's only lookout up on Crow's Nest Mountain. It was his favourite place to be since he had got his driver's license at sixteen.

It was a pleasant enough drive with the thick tall woodlands closing on all sides around him. He climbed steadily higher up and onto the mountain peak. He needed some time alone just to think. Gohan shifted so he could pull out a smoke from his pocket. Pressing it between his lips he reached over and grabbed the truck's lighter and quickly inhaling the pleasant smoke.

His dark eyes watched the road until he saw the little dirt track that would take him down a more secluded part of the lookout. It was too difficult for cars to go down, but not for him. Anything too low to the ground would only bottom out in places. His father's old Chevy could get him just about anywhere. The road was rough and only got worse the closer he got to his destination. Just up ahead he could see a clearing he being looking for. Placing the smoke between his lips as he rolled the truck to where he wanted it parked, overlooking the whole of Heyfield with all its glittering streetlights that mapped out its dizzy roads below.

Climbing out and stepped up onto the bumper bar so that he could perch himself on the bonnet of the old truck and gazed at the view. Leaning forward, resting his arms on his knee while flicking the ash from his cigarette and scanned the area with his mind wandering back to the leaflet he had accidentally come across that day. Leaning back with the cigarette back pressed between his lips he retrieved the Pamphlet from his front pocket.

Taking a good look over it once more, there was no doubt in his mind this was his mother. The woman in the photo even wore the same bangle he remembered his mother wearing all the time. What did this mean? His mother never talked about her past.

"Not like I can remember a lot." Gohan thought out loud his voice laced with pain. It had been years since his mother was killed on that fateful night.

Staying up there on the mountain thinking until Gohan knew he couldn't put off going home any longer. He knew his father would be waiting and what was going to happen next...


Pulling up outside his place he saw the living room light on and knew that he was expected. He willed his body to stay calm while subconsciously his fingers were nervously brushing lightly over a silver chain his mother had made especially for him. It was supposedly to protect him but since her death it had done little of that, but he would never give it up for the world.

Quietly he stepped out of the truck wearing his baseball cap lowered over his eyes and warily took in his surroundings. Gohan closed the door locking it and pocketed the keys. He guardedly moved around the front of the Chevy towards the porch.

Stretching out his arm to open the door only to have it abruptly swung open for him and a large hand reached out grabbing him in a tight hold.


Next minute he was shoved face first into the wall of the hallway. He was unable to move, trapped as his father's weight pressed him roughly into the wall. His arm was pushed up high between his shoulders blades making him wince in pain. Gohan's eyes slammed shut as his father add pressure causing him to cry out.

"Did you think you could sneak past ME?" His father growled, his hot alcoholic breath piercing his ear.

Shaking his head, no which only made his father even more irate as he was swung around with a solid punch under the ribs.

His knees buckled under him as he quickly sank to the floor clutching at where his father had made his point. He bit down hard on his lip to refrain from making any sound. Dark eyes through the haze of pain watched as his father towered over him. "Dad-"

"You little SHIT! Where have you been all weekend, HUH? You're a coward if you think you can hide from me! That's what you are! Say it! Go on and SAY IT!"

"DAD pleeeease don'tArgggg...!" Gohan found himself clasping to the ground on all fours while trying protect himself. Unable to control the sobbing that racked through him with each painful blow that rained down hard on him from above, fast and furious.

"You're nothing more than a COWARD!" Mark Collins bellowed. Grabbing a fistful of his son's hair he yanked it back hard so that he could get a better look at the boy's face, those hot fresh tears Gohan desperately tried to stop. "Pathetic!" He spat. "Get to your ROOM!" Through the burning haze of piercing pain he watched his father's back disappear up the stairs cursing as he did.

Gohan struggled to his knees, before collapsing back against the wall for support, trying to breathe without it feeling like his lungs were on fire. It felt like his rib was broken but he knew his father wasn't that dumb. Well he had hoped.

He touched his swollen lip tasting the blood. Not another slipt lip? How was he going to explain this one? He was quickly running out of excuses. From where he sat on the floor his bedroom looked a long way off, impossible to reach. Closing his eyes gathering up the strength it would take to climb the stairs. He didn't want to be there when his father returned. Gingerly Gohan crawled over to the banister for support. Steadying himself he climbed to his feet clutching his bruised ribs.

Glancing up to see how far he had to go before he would reach the top of the stairway. Taking it slowly, each painful step reminded him of how much he hated his father. Finally he found himself in the sanctuary of his room and quickly and quietly closed the door behind him. He let himself slide to the floor and tried to catch his breath and desperately tried to shake the images from his mind of the events moments ago.

Head hung low he ran his fingers though his dark unruly hair pushing it back only to have it fall forward covering his dark solemn eyes. Sniffling he wiped the remainder of his tears from his face, frowning trying to keep his emotions in check. Angry at himself, angry for feeling so weak, for crying and not being able to stop, especially in front of his old man the way he did.

Lifting up his shirt to inspect the damage, he saw the reddish dark blue marks that were now tattooed over his adolescent flesh. By tomorrow he was going have a tough time trying to pretend that they didn't exist under his shirt. Climbing to his feet and carefully peeling off his t-shirt before tossing it carelessly into the far corner with the rest of the mound of washing.

Life at home wasn't a bed of roses. No, not for him it wasn't. Life was far removed from those glossy family shows he had seen over the years on the TV. When he was younger he would pray that he could escape into to one of those shows. What it would be to have two loving parents that would love him and take care of him, but it was all a pack of lies. There was no such thing out there, well not for him.

This was his reality and there was no amount of praying that was going to change it for him. This was the hand that fate had dealt him and he had to make the most of it and maybe, just maybe, one day his ticket would come in and only then would he be able to escape from this place he calls home.


Early Monday morning saw the warm rays of the sun filtering through his bedroom window as Gohan lay motionless on his bed. It wasn't until he heard his father's friend honk his car horn that he felt safe enough to breathe once more. He turned to see his alarm telling him that he didn't have any time to waste. Tossing the covers back he carefully rose, biting down on his lower lip as he did. It hurt to breathe and he felt like a bus had hit him at full speed. He clutched his chest ever so tight feeling as if, it was the only thing keeping his ribs from falling apart.

Gingerly he picked up a t-shirt and a pair of jeans that looked decent enough, before making his way across the hallway to the bathroom. Wondering how he was going be able to pull this off, and seriously thinking of skipping school all together. Believing it would be his best option at this point.

Twenty minutes later Gohan was turning into his best friend's street smiling on seeing his friend's little sister. Mel was squatting in her dress trying her best to get a stranger's cat to come to her. Sharpener was leaning against the brick retain wall in front of their apartment watching protectively. It was something Gohan knew that Sharpener would later deny.

On hearing the old Chevy both turned with the same warm smile. He noticed the relief in Sharpener expression as he pulled alongside them."About TIME! I was just about to ring and see if you were coming or skipping another day."

"Sorry. Hop in!" Gohan apologised feeling bad but not wanting to explain himself. Something Sharpener was quick to catch on seeing his split lip. "Mel, leave that stupid cat alone. We gotta go!"

"He's not stupid, his just old."

"I don't care! Get in the DAMN truck!"

"Ummaahh...I'm telling-"

"Shock, horror. Get in!"

Gohan held back a laugh watching as the two fought. "You know you look real silly fighting with a five year old."

"Don't start." Sharpener warned climbing in after his sister who had scooted over close to Gohan placing herself between both boys feeling safe.

"What happen to your lip?" Mel asked inquisitively and with the innocence of not understanding the look between the boys.

"Mel, you know better than ask things like that."

"Why? Because his daddy hits him?"

"Where did you hear that?" Gohan asked frowning and concerned. What else she has heard.

Pointing to her big brother. "Him and mummy." Gohan turned away feeling his face burn embarrassed as Sharpener shot a warning glare at his sister.

"Mel!" Sharpener snapped causing his little sister to pout drawing Gohan back to his surroundings and to the little girl beside him.

He forced a smile. "Hey, Mel it's okay, really. It doesn't even hurt." He lied.

"But why does your daddy do that?" Gohan tried to find the words that would squash her child curiosity.

"To tell the truth Mel I don't really know myself. It wasn't always like this, but I don't want you to worry about it okay? Let me deal with it. We can't let something like this get us down... now can we? So I wanna see a smile on that pretty face of yours." He said reaching over tickling her and hearing her erupt into fits of giggles.

"Hehe...okay- okay- okay!" She squealed squirming between the two boys. Sharpener turned to his friend both sharing a look that was a hundred miles away from the laughter of small child.

Confident that Mel had moved on as children do. "Now, how's my favourite girl this morning?" Gohan said helping her with her seat belt. "I don't think I've seen that dress on you before." Keen to change the subject.

Giggling, pleased someone noticed. "Mummy bought it for me." She said proudly fussing over the new yellow dress. Gohan smirked glancing up at his friend who was rolling his eyes.

"So, you ready?" Gohan asked with a small smile.

"Do I look it?" Sharpener grumbled. "Come on let's hit the road. I don't want to be late again. I can't afford another call from Fishy." They chuckled at the nickname for the Heyfield High principle. Gohan shifted the truck into gear while Mel sat giggling between them.

"Is that's his real name?" Mel asked innocently.

"Not quite squirt, but its close enough." Gohan chuckled pulling out into the main road.

"It's just a name we call him because he smells like one." Sharpener explained amused watching his sister's expression twist to one of disgust.

"Ewww!" Mel cried.

Both laughed louder. Gohan turned to Mel. "So what Miss Kerry got for you today squirt?"

Delighted the little girl wasted no time in going into detail. "Miss Kerry is bringing in her kittens and mummy said I can pick one." She explained with the biggest smile that lit her whole face.

Gohan raised query brow over to his friend who he knew hated cats. Sharpener looked even more surprised than Gohan. This was the first time Sharpener had heard of this.

"When did mum say that?"

"S'morning when you were on the phone making those kissy noises." She said innocently pulling a face. Gohan winced slightly with pain, but unable to keep from laughing at his friend's Sharpener quick denial.

"I did not!" Sharpener snapped.

Mel looked up at her big brother with large eyes. "Yes you did! Just like those weird noises you do in front of the mirror."

Sharpener cheeks burned. "That's a lie!" he insisted.

"Mirror?" Gohan enquired with sidewards glance enjoying watching his friend squirm.

"Hey, it's not like you don't do it." Sharpener snapped.

Raised brow, "Excuse me?"

"Alright maybe not but hey, don't tell. Okay? I don't want Angie to think I'm some kind of freak or something."

"Yeah riiiiight..." Too late on that Gohan thought, smirking. "So why do you do it?"

"I was just practising." Sharpener growled in defence.

"Practising what?" Gohan glanced at him. Wonder what else his friend has gotten up to? He knew like himself Sharpener had limited dealing with the opposite sex.

"Kissing, okaayyy! I don't want to look like a complete fool when I kiss Angie." Sharpener growled embarrassed. Gohan cracked up laughing unable to contain it any longer.

"So you practised in front of the mirror?" He laughed.

"Shut up willya! I don't need you ribbing me over it." Sharpener shot him the dirtiest menacing look .

"Awww.sorry man, but I just got this image and I have to tellya, it aint pretty."

"Yeah, whatever." Turning to his sister who was busy trying to look out the window to see where they were. "I'm getting mum to take you to school from now on."

Mel looked up concerned. "But what if she can't?"

"Then you can catch the bus with Adam."

Twisting her nose up in disgust, "But he picks his nose."

"Then I suggest, you had better keep your BIG mouth shut, and if Angie is over don't you dare repeat any of this to her. She'll definitely think I'm some kinda freak for sure."

Gohan quickly pulled up alongside Mel's pre-school before another fight broke out between the siblings. "Here you go squirt." Sharpener couldn't open his door fast enough with his sister turning to Gohan.

"Are you going to come over for tea tonight... coz if you do I can show you my new kitten."

"I don't know about tonight squirt, but hey Ill get to see your kitten when I pick you up this afternoon." Gohan winked not liking to disappoint the girl.

Happy with that the little girl scrambled to her knees kissing him on his cheek. "I have to go now." She explained making her way across the bench seat.

"It's a date." Gohan winked getting another giggle from the young girl just before she climbed out.

"Bye." Gohan called with one of his killer smiles that sent a warm feeling to flutter though her from the handsome teenager that she had a major crush on.

"Come on Mel! I haven't got all day. You get to see your boyfriend later." Sharpener growled keen to make a move. He ignored his sister poking her tongue at him as she passed him indifferent.


Once they were back on the road they headed over to Heyfield high. Sharpener adjust the side mirror checking to see if the pimple he spent most of the morning squeezing in the bathroom had gone. This got Gohan's attention. Disgusted, he raised a brow. "Do you have to do that?"

Sharpener turned to his friend. "Is it that noticeable?" He asked worriedly.

"Well if you keep picking at it then it will be." Gohan complained turning his attention back to the light traffic in front of him.

"I've got a hot date with Angie..." Sharpener smirked sitting causally back in his seat pleased with himself. Gohan shook his head.

"Wow, now there's a surprise." He chuckled. "You've only mentioned it like two hundred times already." He said with a sidewards glance.

"Yeah, I know but I can't wait. This is like our first official date. Umm do you mind if she sits with us today?" Sharpener added quickly. "She asked if she could." Gohan frowned less than happy with the idea and glanced over at his friend.

"Wouldn't you two lovebirds like to be alone?" Gohan enquired hopefully as they passed several teenagers all clumped together on the sidewalk hanging with no real urgency to get to school as he turned down the street towards their school.

"Ahhh come on man. She just wants to sit with us. It's no biggy... You'll be doing me a big favour."

Gohan shrugged his shoulders while pulling into the student car park. "I don't care, but don't expect me to be getting all cosy with Stephanie." He warned pulling into his park promptly killing the engine. "You think I don't know what this is about?" He smirked with the defeated expression on his friends face.

"I know, but-"

"Look. I told you before I'm not interested. Why do you have to push me on this?"

"Ooohhh ....come on GC. All you got to do is play nice. I'm pleading with you man, as a friend. Just to do this one favour for me." Gohan was just about argue when Sharpener interrupted. "Please just be nice to Stephanie this once? It's not like forever. But what I don't understand man is, she's one hot chick. There are plenty of guys that would love to have a chick like her drooling over them like she does with you. What's the deal there?"

Gohan climbed out of the truck and shut the door before locking it. It wasn't that he thought it would get stolen; it was just out of habit more than anything. He hated this topic. It seemed to be something of a regular subject since Sharpener started dating. Sighing and not wanting to go into any depth he gave in this once.

"Okay. I'll be civil with her, BUT that's it! If she tries any of her tricks you're on your own." He warned unable to stop the amused laugh that escaped him seeing his friend relieved expression. Elated Sharpener sprinted over to Gohan and grabbed him putting his arm over his shoulder.

"You're the best, man. Thanks! This will really help me score with Angie."

"It had better." Gohan laughed as he playfully pushed his friend away, wincing inwardly. He frowned slightly at his bruised ribs quickly hiding it and forcing a smile.

Sharpener beamed feeling good and mistaking the look on his friends face, "Hey, it not all that bad. You might even enjoy yourself." Sharpener said with devilish grin as they headed across the car park.

"I highly doubt it. It's lucky I didn't bring any lunch because I doubt I could keep it down with her there."

"Now you're just being cynical." Sharpener said, not letting his friend's negativity spoil his day. "You know, Angie told me that's why the girls are into you man."

"Why because I want to hurl?" Gohan chuckled finding it amusing.

"Don't be stupid! No Angie said it's because you play hard to get and you have that bad boy attitude."

Wide eyed with disbelief Gohan turned stunned to his friend. "Bad boy- Who me?"

"Yeah, that's what gets the girls all fired up." Sharpener explained with enthusiasm. Gohan laughed and shook his head.

"Sooo... what's your excuse then?" Gohan laughed. They both knew Sharpener was way too much of the nice guy, very laid back, especially when it came to the opposite sex, too approachable to be put in the bad boy category.

"What can I say? I'm wayyyy too hot for my own good." Sharpener smirked, nudging him playfully. They both laughed and headed towards the main building to get to their locker before the first bell.


First period was dull and Gohan found it difficult not to fall asleep with the monotone voice of his teacher in the background. By the end of the third period he was wondering why he even bothered to show up though he knew the answer to that. He liked school, but he also didn't mind ditching it too. If it wasn't for the hard fact that Principle Fisher would ring his old man next time he did, and that was as good a deterrent as any to stop him after last night. Normally after a night like last night he would let things cool before he would ditch his class again.

On his way to the science labs both he and Sharpener groaned when they came across two individuals. Daniel Pitts and Chaz Newhart, both tall football jocks turned and smirked at them as they came into view.

"Look at what we got here." Chaz laughed at seeing the split lip on Gohan's face, "Well well you real can't keep out of trouble can you fleabag? I didn't think you'd have the balls to show your ugly faces here after Friday night." He sneered ribbing his grinning friend next to him

Gohan stood his ground not in the least bit intimated . Dark determined eyes under heavy lashes shifted from one boy to the other. From previous experiences he knew better than to turn his back on these two. "Funny, I'd thought you two were still running." he said smugly with some satisfaction knowing he had hit a nerve seeing both their smiles fade. Daniel was quick to take a step forward but his blonde friend held up his hand.

"I'd watch what you say!" Chaz spat, jabbed his finger into Gohan's shoulder. "This isn't finished by a long shot! So watch your tongue or I'll rip it out!"He threatened.

Gohan eye's narrowed as he stepped up to the large blonde jock as Sharpener watched warily from the side. "Is that soooo...well then, bring it on." He snarled without blinking. "I might even let you get a hit in, this time." He sneer eyes glimmering with enjoyment seeing his foe's expression twist into shades of red with rage.

"You little piece of SHIT!" He snatched Gohan roughly by his t-shirt preparing to hammer him. Eyes locked."I'll-"

"Mr Newhart, office NOW!"

Without breaking eye contact, Gohan watched with delight as the jock shifted his shoulders with being caught. Chaz turned to face their teacher Mr Harris. The coolest teacher Gohan ever had. Not to mention with all that lifting weights Gohan thought he was hot, but that was a subject Gohan tried not to dwell on. "Mr Collins, class. I'll talk to you later." One last challenging look between both boys before the teacher managed to pry them apart. A thick foreboding stillness loomed over them. Sharpener quickly reached out and snatched his friend by the arm when they were out of hearing range. "Are you fuckin crazy?"

"Get off me! He started it!... Like he always does." Gohan snarled, yanking his arm away from his tall friend.

"Yeah, but you didn't have to egg him on like that? It was just luck that Harris was working back late that night otherwise we would have end up in intensive care. And the worse part was that my mum was on shift that night!" Sharpener shouted wincing at the thought and watching Gohan push his way past everyone ahead of him, annoyed.

"You maybe, but I wasn't going down without doing some damage first. I don't know what you are on about anyhow. You're the one that mouthed off at him in the first place!"

"I didn't!" Sharpener argued catching him up.

"Yes you did..." Astonished. "You called him a whiny prick that was so desperate he would do his own mother." Gohan growled forging on not bothering to stop.

"Well HOW in the hell was I to know he was super sensitive?"

Gohan stopped abruptly, astonished at how thick his friend could be at times. He ignored the colourful comments by the others students behind him as they stumbled into him. He shook his head before resuming his walk and headed for the classroom stepping in and taking a seat at one of the lab tables. "Just forget it... It's not going to be this week anyhow."

Rushing to keep up. "How do you know that?" Sharpener asked.

"Both of them have practise every afternoon with the lead up to the finals and, if the coach gets any wind of them fighting before then, he'll bench both of them. And I don't think Daniel's father would be too impressed if his son wasn't in the game again seeing as he sponsors the team."

A noticeable relief washed over Sharpener's features in time to see their teacher, Mr Harris, walked in. As class started both boy got to work with Gohan mostly taking up the slack his friend couldn't understand. Gohan always breezed through science and maths. No one could tell from looking at him that he was quickly becoming an honour student.

As Gohan stayed back cleaning up the mess his good friend spilled over his notes. Mr Harris approached him. "Don't tell me Sharpener?"

Gohan glanced up from the sink with a lopsided grin and an ever so slight blush. He couldn't help himself. He found Harris to be a very attracted man. He tried to ignore these unwanted feeling. If his father ever got wind of it he would be a dead man. "Yeah, but it's cool nothing I can't rewrite."

There was that deadly killer smile that sent an explosion of butterflies inside of him. Harris leaned back against one of the lab tables brushing back his light brown hair from his warm hazel eyes mesmerised by the man. "How are feeling?"


"Your lip? Don't tell me Chaz..."

Uncomfortable under his teacher's concerned gaze he shifted nervously. He touched his lip gingerly. "Uh... it's nothing...just some of the guys playing a bit rough sir."

"Rough huh? Hmm... Maybe it would be best to keep away from them then." He said not believing a word of it and placing a warm hand on Gohan's shoulder.

"Yes sir." Relieved he had got away without too many questions.

"Good, but now what's going on between you and Chaz? Didn't I see you guys behind the Gym on Friday night exchanging blows?" Gohan frowned. He knew he wasn't going to get out of this one so easily.

Refraining from answering anything that might make matters worse Gohan looked away. With a heavy sigh Harris nodded understanding all too well. "Sooo... it's like that, huh? Okay, well I won't say anything to the principle just yet, but I want you to use that intelligent brain of yours to work it out for yourself. That fighting never gets you anywhere, especially with guys like Mr Pitts and Newhart."

Gohan swallowed. He knew he was right but he had a stubborn streak inside him that couldn't, wouldn't let him back down. "I know... mum used to say the same." He explained sounding dejected.

Intrigued and knowing that normally Gohan was a very private kid that always seemed to needed a friend. "Is that so?" said Mr Harris.

"Yeah, she was against any kind of sport that promoted fighting. She always said brains over brawn was the way to go. I reckon she was right. You just had to watch Mr Satan on TV for that" Harris laughed out loud with a small smile spread over Gohan's lips feeling comfortable around the man.

"I'd say your mother knows what she is talking about there." Instantly Harris watched as the smile slipped from the boy. "Did I say something wrong?"

"No... Not really." Gohan frowned hating getting all emotional. "Mum died sometime ago."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know."

"Yeah, well... it's all cool. Like I said, it was a long time ago." Harris could see it wasn't all cool.

"So is it just you and your dad, or do you have any siblings?" He asked, again noticing the sudden change wash over the boy. This time all feeling seemed to bleed from Gohan's very expressive eyes.

"It's just me and him, that is. He works over at the Steel works."

Hearing the coldness in the boy's voice Harris trod carefully. "I hear you got a job there too?"

"I work a few nights a week. The money is good."

"I bet it is. I hope your saving away for college." Harris joked, but seeing the uncertainty in the boy's eyes his smile slipped again.

"I don't know if I'll be going to college, but my mum left me some money for it." Gohan explained. Education was always important to his mother he remembered. She had always drummed that into him from an early age. On the other hand, his father thinks it's a waste of time and money when seeing that he already has the job at the steel works. "Though, the old man thinks it waste of time."

Harris frowned hating the idea of this bright boy dreams been squashed before they even get started. "I think the world would lose out if you didn't aim high. You're a bright boy Gohan. Don't let anyone tell you any different." He said reaching out and squeezing the boy's shoulder once more.

Uncomfortable with complements Gohan looked away. Harris' expression softened knowingly. "You know there are always scholarships to look into."

"I don't know." Gohan shrugged his shoulders uncertain about the whole idea.

"Look, with your brains I can't see any problems with you getting into something." Gohan looked doubtful but interested. "If you want, I can help you look into it." Harris said seeing the hopefulness there.

"You really think I could get one?"

"I think you have a very good chance." Harris grinned.

Smiling. "You would do that for me?" It never even entered his head that he could archive something like this.

"Hehe... that's what I'm here for isn't it? To help my students archive their dreams." Harris laughed. Gohan lowered his eyes dreaming of the possibilities of a ticket out of Heyfield. "If you want you can see me later and we can talk some more. But for now-I think you should run off to your next class before you get me in trouble." He laughed getting another smile for a time it seemed to reach all the way up into his eyes. There was hope there which was something that was missing before now.


Sharpener saw his friend enter the class as did their unamused teacher as she watched on disapprovingly. A quick apology before Gohan moved over to where Sharpener was saving him a seat.

Leaning closer, "Where've you been?" Sharpener whispered.

"With Harris." Gohan whispered trying equally to be quiet while in search of his text book. Curious Sharpener frowned, but was interrupted by the teacher before he could ask.

"Mr Sullivan, finished already?"

"Huh?" Sharpener turned to the teacher confused with the class snickering around him.

"Do you need some extra studies perhaps?" She asked as if he was impeded in some way.

"No Miss Eliot." Sharpener quickly burying his head back into his text book embarrassed. Sitting beside him Gohan couldn't concentrate. He was thinking about what Harris had said about going to college and about obtaining a scholarship.

By the time the bell rang and everyone was rushing off to get something to eat. Gohan was gathering up his gear to go. "I told Angie and Stephanie that we were going to meet them down there." Sharpener said hastily shoving his textbook into his bag.

All his excitement for living had just died there and then. Gohan closed his eyes and groaned inward. Great. He mumbled sarcastically following his friend out of the classroom.

They stopped at their lockers and with less enthusiasm than his friend they made their way down to the canteen. Gohan wished there was a way he could skip lunch all together with the way Stephanie's eyes lit up when she saw him.

Groaning he brought his baseball cap further over his dark eyes as they approached the table with his friend. Unfortunately for Gohan both girls had arranged it so Sharpener sat with Angie, and he was stuck with the only other place to sit and that was of course right next to Stephanie Hamilton. The perfect girl at Heyfield high with her large oval emerald eyes, long brunette wavy hair and a perfectly tanned skin. Gohan shifted his gym bag over his shoulder as he slowed his pace through the crowd of students in hope of postponing the inevitable.

Stephanie looked like she was ready to devour him on the spot. With a deep breath he forced a smile for his friend's sake, at least tried to be friendly he sat down. "Uh, hi Steph."

"What happened to your lip?"

He sighed getting tired of explaining the same thing over and over. "It's nothing...just the guys and I mucking around."

" poor baby." She cooed sliding closer threading her arm through his. He turned back to his friend already wishing he could go. "Maybe I should- OWWW...what the fffuc-" Franticly rubbing at his ankle Gohan shot his friend a lethal glare only to have it matched with one of his own.

"Strangle enough... I think this is the first time we've all sat together." Sharpener said with a warning look shot in Gohan's direction before turning to both girls who were looking oddly at Gohan.

They turned their attention away from Gohan and his outburst. From there Angie didn't wasting time devouring Sharpener through his lips. Nervously Gohan glanced down to where Stephanie's slender fingers had found their way onto his denim clad thigh. Already get quite friendly with him. Her long manicured nails, clawing and massaging into the coarse material hungrily. Nervously his other leg started to jig tapping the floor while her fingers knead him like some prime piece of meat. He could feel his hands beginning to sweat and he was lost not knowing what to do. He glanced hopefully up at his friend who seemed to have all but forgotten he even existed.

It was then he was startled and leapt into the air, his face a brilliant red with an embarrassing high pitch squeal. Aghh...

Stephanie smirking innocently, "What's wrong- big boy." She purred with an unnerving gleam in her eye knowingly all too well what happened.

"Uhhh I just remembered I forgot something. I've gotta go... Sorry, I can't stick around, but I'd better go before... before err the bell rings." Gohan stumbled over his own words while nervously backing away from the table but not before accidentally, bumping into a few of the other students. After some quick apologies he swiftly about turned and rushed off, ignoring their calls for his return.

Stephanie had just gone that little too far for his liking, and all he wanted was to get as far away from her as possible.


"Wow Mel shes a beauty." Gohan cheered doing his best not to get into another argument with his best friend over the fiasco at lunch. He watched as Mel showed him a tiny black and white speckled kitten she was careful holding close to her chest as she scrambled over on her knees to sit in her spot next to him.

"You can pat her if you like." She said eagerly giving him permission, as she placed the kitten in her lap. Gohan did just that stroking its tiny head refusing to look up at his friend's disapproving glare.

"What's her name?"

"I don't know yet. I like Speckles." Gohan thought no surprise there. "or Kat Nap," Gohan raised a brow. " coz its always sleeping or Kitty. But Becky named her kitten that so maybe Inuyasha or...

"You can't name it Inuyasha." Sharpener snapped.

"Why not? Its my favourite cartoon. He's got cute ears." demonstrating this fact with a hand raised on top of her head pretending to be him.

"He's a dog stupid," points. "...and that's a cat! Beside Inuyasha is a guy." Sharpener growled.

She glared up at her brother angrily and unthreatened. Gohan, knowing what they're like, worked fast before another fight broke out.

"Wow well... um, they all sound good to me." Ignoring the glare shot his way much preferring the sweet smile looking up at him.

"Yeah, well... what would you know?" Sharpener grumbled. Still upset with Gohan making him look bad in front of Angie.

Sighing, "Ignore him squirt. She's your kitten... so you can name her whatever you want." Mel swiftly turned to her brother and promptly poked her tongue out. The only course of action when dealing with a big brother and you're right and they're not.

"Seeeee!" She chimed as Gohan started the truck up and pulled out into the street. Sharpener rolled his eyes and sulked for the best part of the way. Staring out his window as Gohan drove them both home with Mel chatting in the background to her kitten.

"Why don't you get a kitten too?" Mel asked looking expectantly up at him. Miss Kerry got plenty more. Gohan looked away his whole body tensed, shifting the truck up another gear. "I don't have time for pets, Mel." He said with a sad smile.

"That's a shame, everyone should have a pet. They're sooo nice." She said patting her kitten. "Didn't you ever have a pet when you were little?"

"Yeah, once." He said feeling uncomfortable about talking about the subject. It only brought back bad memories.

Interested she looked up at him. "You did? What was its name?"


"I like that name...What was it?"

"Just some stupid lizard I found." He said trying his best not to get upset. Mel was taken back with his tone and glanced over at her big brother who had noticed the swing in mood as well. They looked oddly at Gohan wondering why?

Gohan averted his eyes away from both of them pushing away unwanted memories. They drove in silence with Mel going back to her pet and Sharpener looking out the window. It didn't take long before Gohan pulled up outside his friend's place. Forcing a smiling, saying goodbye to Mel as she scooted over the seat excited once more that she was going to get chance to show off her kitten.

Sharpener held the door open for her before closing it. He watched as his sister skipped up the path towards their apartment with her new found friend. Leaving both boys in an uncomfortable silence, not knowing what to say next Gohan clenched the steering wheel wishing they didn't have to fight. He got it enough at home and didn't want it with a friend.

"Weeeell, I best go. I start work early tonight and I still have to get dad home."

"Yeah, sure thing. I'll see you tomorrow then?" Sharpener asked cautiously.

"I'll be here." Gohan said uncertainly glancing his way.

Tapping the top of the Chevy, "Don't be late." Sharpener warned, smirking doing his best to lighten the tension between them.

Gohan grinned shaking his head as the tension quickly faded. "Just make sure you're here." With that Gohan shifted the truck into gear before heading back out onto the main road towards the steel works that were across the railroad on the other side of town.


Gohan enjoyed his time alone with the window wound down and the breeze gentle playing with his hair, watching the traffic ahead. It was a casual drive with the radio turned up. By the time he crossed over the old railroad the sun was off in the distance. He could see his father over at the gate talking with a few other guys having also just finished their shift. He also spotted the boss, Sam, with a clipboard talking to someone.

Sam was one of those old timers that still could hold his ground with the best of them. Even Gohan's father was wary of him. That was saying a lot in Gohan's eyes. Sam was one of those tough guys that didn't take crap from nobody, but he was getting on in years. He wasn't a bad guy as Gohan found out when he first started working for him. Sam had an approachable side as long as you didn't screw him over.

Gohan's father Mark turned when he heard the old Chevy approaching. The man seemed in good spirits, laughing, patting his good friend Don's back saying goodbye.

"I'll see you at the pub at seven. Don't be late." Mark stated waving at an accusing finger at his friend. Making sure Don knew he wouldn't hear any excuse.

"If the Missy let's me, that is." Don joked.

"You poor bum!" Mark laughed.

Gohan pulled up in front of the large man who quickly placed his esky in the back of the truck before opening the passenger door. Sam smiled and waved to Gohan as he approached. "You're coming in tonight?"

"Yeah, that was the plan. Why?" Gohan asked leaning out the window concerned with Marks ever watchful eye on them.

"Weve got a few men down with the flu. I've got a large order that has passed its deadline so I'm just making sure I'm not going to be any more hands short." The old timer explained.

"No sir. I'll be here."

"Okay, seeya later then." Gohan nodded before reversing the truck back over the gravel. Swing the steering wheel heading back over the railway with his father lowering the radio like he always did. The two sat there like strangers as Gohan drove back through town. His father had lost his licence some years back and relied on him now. If it wasn't his friend Don it was Gohan driving the man around.

"You make sure you get back after your shift. I don't want to hear any excuses this time. If you go skipping out on me again kid you'll feel the back of my hand." Mark it?

"I wasn't going to go anywhere." Gohan argued only to get a stern glare from his father.

"Don't get smart with me. I've had enough of your attitude." Attitude? What about yours Gohan thought angrily, squeezing the steer wheel trying to calm himself.

"I'll be at the pub tonight." Now there's a shock Gohan thought sarcastically. The rest of the way was done in silence. It was safer that way.


Once home Gohan hurried upstairs and grabbing a clean towel headed off to the bathroom while his father raided the fridge downstairs. There was an hour before he had to start work. With the door closed and locked he carefully pulled off his t-shirt in front of the small cabinet mirror and inspected the bruising. It always amazed him at how quickly he could sometimes heal. It was both a blessing and a curse as it also made him the ideal target. His old man knew any evident would be quick to disappear.

He checked the large ugly bruise that tainted his otherwise perfect flesh under his ribs. It was tender to touch. He hissed when he pressed softly around the swollen area. "Damn, that smarts."

There was nothing he could do about it until it healed. He reached back and pulled the plastic shower curtain across before turning on the taps. There wasn't much room in the dark dingy room and even with the light on it was still gloomy. When the temperature was about right he quickly stripped and hopped into the shower before the hot water ran out. He certainly didn't want his father pound on the door accusing him from using all the hot water.

Relishing his time in the steamy water as it washed over him, massaging all those tired sore muscles. Gohan knew he wasn't built like his old man. He looked more like a regular teenager of his age but with more defined muscles than most. What with working over at the steel works for the past few months. Still nothing like the man he admired the most - his teacher Harris.

Gohan had noticed especially in the last month or so his attraction to the man was growing in leaps and bounds. Even to the point of waking in the dead of the night all flushed and sultry. It panicked him each time.

But each time he saw his teacher it steadily got worse. There were also unexplainable urges to want to sink his teeth deep into the man's neck. It was a need that was strong in him unexplained need.

It had to be twisted to even harbour a lot of these thought, but it was always a real turn on for him. He was acutely aware that he was attracted to older males, specifically drawn to the alpha male. If that was the case, then what did that make him? He didnt feel any lesser, but dominant males was what caught his eye. Especially if they were well built. This, he knew for certain, was definitely not in his best interest. It was a definite, tabo in his household to even consider leaning that way.

Even with everything that had been happening with Stephanie Hamilton it was always James Harris that snuck into his dreams at night. Today he had to fight the urge, the need to have Harris touch him. Gohan needed him to respond. Something he knew would never happen.

He was getting hot just thinking about it as soft soap suds caressed over his toned flesh, begging for release. Dark eyes clouded with desire hidden behind heavy lashes on wild and heated visions that quickly came to his mind. Just when he was entertain the thought of finding that release. His father pounding on the door abruptly cancelled out any desire he might have had.

"You're using up all the water! Get OUT!...Bloody kid." Mark complained with his ear to the door. "Are you OUT?" Still hearing the water running as Gohan rushed to rinse himself.

"YES!" Gohan yelled snatching up a towel hoping his father leave him be.

"Good! Now get dressed." Mark growled satisfied the boy was out of the shower. Gohan collapsed back against the shower wall eyes squeezed shut, frustrated and angry. He hated his life.

Climbing out of the bath slash shower he dried his hair, before dressing as fast he could. He didn't want a repeat of his fathers return. He took time for a quick glimpse in the mirror and noticed the straggly bits of hair telling him it was time for another hair cut.

No matter what style he cut his hair it always had a mind of its own. He had all but given up. At the most he didn't mind growing it long enough that it would cover his eyes. Being very self-conscious he had always been uncomfortable when it came to complements, and people seem to be always complementing him on his dark eyes and heavy lashes. Growing his hair was a way to escape that and hide them from view. That and wearing baseball cap low seemed to do the trick. It made him look uninteresting for anyone wanting to make conversation.

Gohan tossed everything into the dirty clothes hamper that will need washing over the weekend. His father had a way of leaving all the house duties up to him and expected him to do it otherwise there were consequence. In that Gohan learnt early on that you just dont auger with Mark Collins.

With one last look, a sadly smile tugged on his lips at seeing his mother Chichi's protective chain that hanged around his neck. He hurriedly opened the door to grab his wallet and keys.


Downstairs Gohan went in search of food and heard the TV droning in the living room in the front of the house. He could hear his father back to grumbling about some sports commentator. He grabbed some cheese and bread and quickly made a sandwich to go. He didn't want to stay around any longer than he had to with his old man around. Washed it all down with a glass of milk and was just about to make his escape. When he reached the handle of the front door his father stood and walked over.

"You better be home by the time I get back from the pub with Dan. I know your shift knocks off at ten." Mark warned.

"I'll be home." Gohan promised, ready to go.

"You better be." Mark warned raising a brow making his point known before turning back into the living room. With that Gohan was quick to flee from his father's presence. Outsaid he quickly moved around the front of the truck and tossed his workbag in the back tray before opening the door. He quickly fired the old Chevy as his father watched from the living room window.

Pulling away from the house squeezing the steering wheel, his jaw was clenched holding back all the strong feeling swelling inside of him. All the things he wanted to say like letting his father know just how much he hated him. If he wasn't such a coward he would have done something about years ago. His old man was right in one regard. He was a coward. Maybe he had always known it from the start. It could be why he always got into so many fights. In a loop always out to prove himself that he wasnt.

Rolling up the windows he turned the radio up and turned the heater on. This required a firm hit at one point to get the heater working right. Gohan turned the wipers on as the light drizzle trailed a path down the windscreen. Headlights shone the way pulling out onto the main road once again for that day.

Glancing up through his windscreen noticing it looked like they were in for some more rain. He could only hope the old tyres will grip okay in the wet weather. As much as he loved driving he hated driving in the rain. Crossing the railroad seeing the lights over in the huge factor shed brisling with life. The steel works was otherwise surrounded by dry woodland, a wasteland devoid of inhabitants.

He parked the truck under one of the two giant lights Sam had there. The icy rain fell softly around him tapping at his thin jacket. He was wearing torn jeans, t-shirt and working boots that cost him his first pay check. He zipped up his jacket as far as it would go and quickly sprinted through the rain towards one of the many sheds where he worked. That was if he wasn't called to help with something else.

As soon as Gohan stepped inside the large open warehouse he could see Sam was right about needing every able person. The place was packed with large wooden crates that towered over him. It was going to be a long night. Walking over to his forklift parked off to the side pulling out his gloves from his back pocket, put them on and went straight to work.


Later that night wiping his tired eyes he heard his name been called from behind him. "GOHAN!" He turned to see Sam pointing to his watch. "Take a break!" Came the order.

Gohan was thankful for the rest. He felt he been at it for hours. Hopping down he moved over to Sam who was waiting for him. As soon as Gohan was in reach he placed his arm over the boy's shoulders. "You looked like you need a break. You've been working hard." Sam said slapping him on the back. It was taken as a complement. "Come up to the office."

Grateful and a little curious to what this was about. It wasn't like it happened all the time. Gohan apprehensively followed him up the scaffolding at the front of the building that led to the boss's office overlooking the whole area. Once inside Sam motioned the boy to take a sit. "Coffee?"

"That would be great. Thanks." Gohan said trying not to get ahead of himself as to why he was there. Taking off his warn work gloves and stuffed them into his back pocket just as Sam hand him a cup of coffee. "Not the greatest, but it will warm you up. How have you been?"

"Good." He lied. Sam knew all too well things weren't. He just had to see his split lip to know that. He had seen too many boys come threw his doors with the same heart aching story, but Gohan struck him as descent fellow, a good kid that had it bad. Knowing Mark Collins as he did he knew all too well what life at home would be like for the boy. It didn't help seeing the constant unexplained bruises on the kid.

"Heres the deal kid. I'm looking for good hands to help me get that shipment out and it could take another few week before were back on schedule.... so if you're willing. I'll pay you extra for another few hours a night. I know how that beast of your cost you in fuel so what do you say?"

Gohan couldn't believe his luck. Extra money wasn't something he could turn a blind eye to. Ever since he started driving the Chevy it's been up to him to pay for its upkeep. It almost felt like his. That's if the old man didn't open his mouth and destroy his fantasy each time. Reminding it was still his. As much as he loved the freedom of being on the road it was costing him.

Almost speechless with excitement Gohan abruptly stood spilling his hot coffee onto to his jeans, a slight flinch, burning. Even so he extended his hand. "Count me in sir!" He chimed with a lopsided grin ignoring the pain. "Thank you! I promise to work extra hard."

Sam looked on concerned but smirked at the boy over enthusiasm. He watched Gohan desperately wipe the coffee from his denim clad thighs while still gripping his hand. Amused, "Okay-okay Now go, and make yourself useful." He laughed.

Gohan did just that and hastily sprinted down the scaffolding with a new found zeal for work. It would be great to be able to have some extra cash to help with things.


Tired and dirty Gohan climbed into the truck after the long shift. He wound downing the window trying to keep himself awake enough to drive back through the heavy mist that had settled over everything. It was a little past twelve when he pulled outside of his house. It was only then when he saw the porch light on that he realised that his father was excepting him home an two hour ago. Anxiously his eyes settled on the front door as he turned off the head lights and killed the engine.

Gnawing on his bottom lip as anxiety tightened around his heart. He was startled when the driver's door flung open and a large hand reached in and grabbed him by the shirt yanking him out. "What did I SAY?"

Arms raised ready to defence himself. "Daaaad LISTEN! S-Sam asked me to stay back!" He screamed as his father dragged him out from the cabin shoving the boy against the truck.

"You expect ME to believe THAT? You little shit! Get inside before I break ever bone in your body!" With that he shoved Gohan forward. Stumbling unable to get his legs to work as his father pushed him up the stairs.

"Get inSIDE!" Mark barked. Pushing him on, not giving him the chance to find his legs causing him to stumble and fall in the hallway. He heard the front door slam shut behind him.

The dogs out in the streets were barking he was sure his old man had woken up the whole neighbourhood. Not for the first time since they had moved there. "Get upSTAIRS! And if I find out you're lying through your teeth AGAIN. I'll whip you so hard... you wont be able to stand for weeks! NOW get upstairs!"


Behind his bedroom door, he collapsed to the floor with a heavy heart, hot tears blurred his vision. Until they spilled and trailed a damp path down his anguished and tortured face. The heartache he felt within him was suffocating. It twisted and tightened inside his throat forming a suffocating lump. A violent shudders racked through him. It felt as if someone had gotten a knife and stabbed him until he could no longer bleed. Days, weeks, months, now years. It was all growing very weary too much to carry on his young shoulders in utter silence. With no one to hear his pleas or hold him and tell him everything would be okay.

No one left to care a dam about him.

Unable to breathe, his hands fisted yanking at his hair angrily pulling at it. He was angry at himself, angry at whatever gods that played this sick game in alowed him to survive, when his mother hadnt. Unable to see through the watery haze, jaw clenched not willing to let his father know just how much he was hurting inside. Not giving him the satisfaction of knowing what he had done. Hatred swelled inside him for allowing it to continue.

Hot tears streamed down his soaked face. Fists clenched unable to escape unable to find the will to go on. Pain was what he hungered for. A war raged inside of him. His body and mind screamed for action, but something kept holding him back. He felt weak, vulnerable and he hated feeling that way.

Wiping away the tears, that felt as if they had burned a path down his face. He looked numbly through the haze. So very tired, his body ached, sore all over, inside and out, emotionally drained. Reaching into his pocket and pulled out a small pocket knife. It was like a flame that he couldn't drag his sights from the sharp edge. It was like it was calling for him, telling him it was the only way, an escape. Bloodlust seemed to faintly let its self known. Like a moth trapped he was drawn to it. His mind numb of any rational thought.

Shakily uncaring he raised it to his wrist. Drained of any emotion, no real thought only the desire for it to all to go away, for it all to stop as he brought it down. His eyes slammed shut savouring the feel as it pierced his skin. It was only then did it bring him back in an instantly to life.

The first real feeling since he came home. Mesmerised by it all, the way the crimson burst bubbled through the surface. It had an oddly calming effect about it. But it only lasted a brief second as he watched it trail and spill onto his shirt and jeans making a mess, getting out of hand, sobering him back in an instant.

Blinking into consciousness once the full impact of what he did hit him, slowly realisation of what he had done. In a state of panic he scrambled to his feet pulling his shirt over his head he quickly wrapped his wrist around and around the open wound.

Pressing hard down on the open wound, cursing for being so stupid, willing it to stop bleeding, Ohh nooo...

Turning to his bedroom door he wondered if he dared venture out there knowing his father was still lurking downstairs somewhere. Peeking out from his room like a small child, not wanting to get caught.

Anxious to get across the hall to the bathroom in the hope he could clean it all up, and correct what he had done. Quietly he snuck out of his room and saw the coast was clear. His eyes turned to the bathroom a few step away and wondered when his home had turned into a prison.

Quickly he took the steps he needed to get in the bathroom and quietly closed the bathroom door partway as he turned the tap on just enough not to make a noise. There he watched as the blood spilled turning the water crimson as it spiralled before disappearing all together down the drain.

Rummage through the cabinet behind the mirror, something that could cover up the evidence.

Finally finding something he could use. Seeing it wasn't as bad as he first feared, but it still wasn't good. He went about cleaning it up and binding his wrist good and tight. Desperately praying he won't need stitches because, right now, there was no way in hell he was going to hospital.

He kept asking himself how stupid could he be? Why did he allow himself to get to this stage?

Once it was all cleaned up Gohan went about covering up any evidence of it ever happening. He picked up his bloodstained t-shit to dispose of it, peeking through the door relieved that he had got this far without been found out.

That night lying on his bedcovers in the middle of the night with his bandaged wrist resting carefully on his stomach, with a slight throbbing sensation. Listening to the droning of the TV downstairs thinking how close he had come to joining his mother. Closing his eyes exhausted. He could only hope one day he could escape from this place away from his dad, away from Heyfield. Rolling over and hugging his pillow he fell into a restless sleep.


Elsewhere in the dead of the night with an explosive light a time pod appeared out of nowhere. In the grounds of Capsule Corp there was the hissing sound as the hutch of the glass dome lifted revealing its only occupant.

A tall figure emerged with his long lavender hair tied back reviling intelligent blue eyes that scanned his surroundings.

Unlike his home this one was still intact. Filled with hope he leaped out and touched the ground with a light elegance and grace. He was a statue of an immense force that was confined to only a few in the known universe that could match its own legacy.

"And who are you?" Vegeta asked hovering and landing a few feet away in front of the stranger. Arms folded looking his usually royal gruff self.

"It's me, Mirai Trunks."



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