The Trickster's Trick

"Hehe, Marui-senpai, prepare to lose!" Kirihara yelled as he smashed the ball as hard as he can.

"Gack, your brat!" Marui ran for the ball. The ball bounced away and flew towards Niou's head.

Niou turned around in time to see the ball, but the ball hit him in the head. The boy fell over.

"You idiot! You hit Niou!" Marui shouted at Kirihara. He ran to the fallen boy. Akaya as well.

Yanagi and the other regulars circled around the fallen trickster. Marui was the first to do something. He poked Niou with his racket. "Oi, oi, wake up sleepy head." He said.

Niou didn't wake up.

"Niou, if this is a trick, you'll be in so much trouble... but if Akaya really did hit you that hard, AKAYA will be in trouble." Sanada said.

Niou STILL didn't wake.

Kirihara gasped. "I KILLED NIOU-SENPAI!" He cried horrified.

"No, you idiot! He probably is unconscious!" Marui said as he thwapped Kirihara on the back of his head.

Kirihara was on the ground shivering. "It's alright... maybe we can get a time machine and... oh, where will I find one? D-don't panic, Akaya... I'm sure he's not dead... He probably has a hard head..." He mumbled to himself.

Sanada sighed.

"Well, that made Akaya panic." Marui stated. "Cool."

Yagyuu got Niou to a sitting position. He shook the poor unconscious boy.

"Yagyuu," Yanagi said. "This will definitely NOT wake Niou up."

"Who knows?" Yagyuu replied quickly.

Niou was STILL unconscious.

"Jackal, carry Niou to the nurse." Sanada ordered.

Jackal nodded and carried the boy away.

"Well, at least we know one thing," Marui said. "Niou might never bother us again."

Again... Again... Again... The words echoed in Sanada mind. Sanada ALMOST made a smile. ALMOST. He just looks like a maniac.


Meanwhile... At the Nurse.

"Why is the nurse out to lunch?!" Jackal shouted. "It's 5 PM!!!"

The door's sign said, "Out to lunch." Of course, that sign was there for the whole day, so... WHAT THE CRUD?!

Actually, the teachers knew that the nurse went on a five-day vacation. The students are just clueless.

Jackal sighed. He pulled the door as hard as he can. "Stupid door." He muttered. The Brazilian looked at the Trickster. The boy seemed ok. Maybe he can just leave Niou here and run for it...

Niou started to move. His eyes opened. He gasped. "...Jackal?" He asked in a softer voice.

"So, you're ok? I can leave you here?" Jackal asked.

Niou touched his forehead. "Ugh... That hurt... what happened?"

"Akaya hit you on the head with a tennis ball." Jackal replied.

"Oh..." Niou got up from the ground. "Well... I better be going..."

"You should check your head or something," Jackal told him. "Maybe you got a wound too. We didn't really check."

Niou nodded. "Uh, sure." He headed for the restrooms. Jackal followed in case Niou needed help. What would happen if Niou was found dead?! The Jackal would be the main suspect!! No way is he gonna risk that.

The two reached the restrooms.

Jackal grabbed Niou's hand. "OI, Niou, what are you doing?! You can't go in there!"

Niou struggled to get free. "Why not?"

"That's the ladies room!"

"But I'm supposed to go to the ladies room!"

"What?!" Jackal cried. "Did that hit mess up your brain too?!"


"YOU'RE ALREADY SCREAMING!!" Jackal shouted.

"HELP! HELP!" Niou started (or rather, continued) screamed.

"Who is making all that racket?" Sanada said. He saw the two. "What's wrong, Jackal? Did Niou get permanent brain damage?"

"Gen, that's not nice." Yukimura scolded. "Now Jackal, Niou, what's wrong?"

"Yukimura! Jackal wouldn't let me go to the bathroom!" Niou cried. He literally was crying, yeah. (I had no idea if that made sense)

"Buchou! Niou was about to go to the ladies room!"

"Now Niou, why would you be in the ladies room?"

"Because I'm a girl, right?"


There was a long and awkward silence.

Yukimura was the first to recover. He coughed. "Um, Niou, why do you think you're a girl?"

"Because I was born as a girl, right?"



Yukimura coughed some more. "G-gen, why don't you escort Niou home today?"

Sanada was about to protest about it, but Niou latched on to Sanada's arm. (HOW WRONG WOULD THAT BE?!)

"Let's go then, Sanada-kun." Niou said.

"Where did he start calling me "-kun"?" Sanada whispered to Yukimura.

"Gen, Niou is wounded; just pretend that he always does this, ok?" Yukimura whispered back.

Sanada sighed. Why does he have to do this? Why can he let some random person or a less needed character do it? Like... Jackal!

"What's wrong Sanada-kun? You don't mind right? You always walk me home." Niou said happily.

Sanada grumbled something along the lines of, "The things I do for Yukimura..."

When the two, Niou and Sanada, left the room and Yukimura and Jackal were sure of it, Jackal said, "Buchou... I'm really starting to think Niou has lost it... or maybe he lost his mind years ago."

Yukimura just put on an innocent smile. "Jackal, be nice to Masako-chan, ok?"

Jackal made a freaked out face. "M-masako-chan?!"

"Well, if he thinks he a girl..." Yukimura said.

"...May I be excused for the rest of my life, buchou?" Jackal asked.

"No, Jackal, you can't."

"Darn..." He muttered.

Ugh, I just made a stupid chapter story... Should I continue this?