The Trickster's Trick

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"Sanada-kun, Sanada-kun, let's think of another plan, ok?" Niou announced one day after school. Sanada had non-voluntarily gone along with Niou to a nearby restaurant.

Sanada sighed, if that gets Niou out of his life, then he would do almost anything. "What do we have to do?" He asked emotionlessly, trying to block out Niou's voice by thinking of how great the water he was drinking was, unfortunately, it's not working as well as he thought.

"Sanada-kun, should we…" Niou went on with a bunch of plans, or babble to Sanada for that matter, and Sanada just sat there, pretending to listen. Ah, why does everyone BUT him get the good life? He did everything his parents told him, he respected his grandparents, and he ate his vegetables, why doesn't he get anything good out of all this?

"…Ok?" Niou finished just as soon as Sanada zoned back from his own little world. He nodded, but he barely knew what Niou said. He drank his water, this time; he accidentally swallowed a piece of ice… whole. He started to cough, badly.

He felt someone pat him on the back, very violently, but it works. He stopped hacking after a while; he mouth felt cold, ICE cold (it's funny since he swallowed ice! …I'll shut up now). "Sanada-kun, please don't try to kill yourself." He heard Yagyuu say, it sounded cold, but this is Yagyuu we're talking about, he ALWAYS sounds like this, well, at least to Sanada he does.

"Yagyuu, what are you doing here?" Niou asked, twirling his orange straw around his coke. "I thought you would be at home, studying, or doing some boring activity…" He said in a bored tone.

"I though I would find you all here, so I decided to come." Yagyuu explained as he pushed up his glasses.

Niou looked around, "Is Yanagi-kun here as well?" He asked excitedly.

Yagyuu's glasses could have fallen off his nose. Sanada thought Yagyuu would freak out or something, since he's doesn't seem very happy today… or since Niou became like this. Oh, he feels so bad for the boy, sorta. Yagyuu quickly pulled himself together (if not literally) and said in a colder voice, "Well I was only here to see Sanada-kun, so I'm alone. Yanagi is probably off with… maybe Inui-kun of Seigaku?"

Niou almost spilt his drink when he stood up and screamed, "WHAT?" Practically the whole restaurant was staring at the third years, and Sanada was adjusting his hat, hoping a giant spaceship or some tsunami would come crashing to the very store and destroy them all, especially himself. He sometimes wondered if staying at Rikkai was a good thing, he heard Hyoutei had a good school system…

Niou ran up to shake Yagyuu, "WHAT?!" He screamed again.

Sanada felt a bit sorry for Yagyuu, but as long as it wasn't him, he didn't really care that much. Now, we can all say that Rikkai is full of evil people, no?

Yagyuu was trying his best to stay conscious! "He's a-at home… with his f-friend Inui-kun… N-Niou-kun…" He said, he was getting a bit green.

Sanada paid for his water (you really didn't have to, but he did anyways), took his stuff, and bolted out the door, never stopping until he arrived home.

"Genichirou, is something wrong? You seem to be out of breath, did you run your way home?" His dear mother asked.

Sanada tried to get his breath back, "I ran home… Niou—my classmates, were bickering, I went home." He took off his shoes and went upstairs to put his things away. After a few minutes, he came back down and to the living room. He greeted his grandfather and father, and sat down next to his mother.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang, Sanada's mother decided to go see who it was. When she came back, he saw whom else than Niou standing there, scowling next to his mother. "Sanada-kun!" He exclaimed. "I thought you would walk me home, but instead you ditched me when Yagyuu was just about to crack!"

"…" Sanada stared blankly at Niou. Why in the world would he want to walk Niou Masaharu, Rikkai's most terrifying man, home?

Sanada's mother shook her head sadly, "Genichirou, I thought we taught you better, you should escorts girls home."

Sanada almost spit out his tea when he realized that Niou fooled even his parents. "W-what?" He managed to splutter out since he was about to choke on his tea again (wow, he sure chokes a lot in this story).

His father frowned, "Yes, Genichirou, you should be more polite to women. How else did you think I found your mother?"

The third year didn't even want to answer, why would he want to know how his father met mother? Really, who would want to listen to such a boring tale? Well, back to reality, Niou was sitting next to Sanada, embarrassing him to death by talking about how they were such good friends and all.

His mother smiled happily, "I never thought I can hear our Genichirou having a girlfriend." She faced Sanada's dad, "We should celebrate this."

The door of the living room slammed open and there was Sanada's elder brother, looking freaked out, but he calmly said, "Gen can't have a girlfriend, his brain is stuck on tennis too much."

Well, it was kind of true, Sanada thought kind of proud.

"Sanada-kun, you should escort me home." Niou stated.

The trees in Sanada's backyard rustled. Yagyuu came climbing in by his grandmother's patches of roses. Ow, that should hurt. "I'll escort you home, Niou-kun." Yagyuu said, trying to get the thorns out of his hair and clothes.

Sanada nodded. "Ah, Yagyuu is fully capable to escort you home, Niou."

Niou frowned, but he doggedly followed Yagyuu out, but then Sanada heard Niou call out, "Yagyuu, use the door!" A rustle, and then nothing.

"Well, let's make dinner anyways." Sanada's mother said, getting up.

"Genichirou, if you have any work you don't understand, just ask." His father said.

Well, everyone acted normal again… Sanada sighed once more.

"So Sadaharu, you just put your decimal here, yes, and then you add this. No, ok, now you divide this up and you get 0.00000782338 percent." Yanagi explained.

Inui scowled, "I got 0.0000782339 percent. It's only one small point." He looked at his paper, and then his math book. We can all assume that it wasn't homework; we all know Yanagi and Inui are weird people and enjoy doing percents without being asked to do it. The two were at Inui's house doing random equations.

"It's very important to get it right, Sadaharu. That small percentage can kill something." Yanagi said, flipping through his notes. "Besides, I asked if you can help me with plan A-9664."

Inui gasped dramatically. "Not plan A-9664, we thought of than plan but never used it. Why of all time, we use that?" He got up from his seat and reached for a red notebook that says, "do not touch." He opened it and gasped even more, "Renji, this is so dangerous! Should we go on with a plan such as this?"

Yanagi nodded. "I'm afraid so, Sadaharu, or else Niou might never be the same again." He took the book from Inui, and dropped it in his bag. "I'll see you next week for plan A-9664." He said. We can say, "cue the evil music!" right about now…

Inui nodded, and then the two shared an evil cackle. The whole house looked very scary at that moment. As Kaidoh jogged by, he shivered. "Why do I get the feeling Inui-senpai is doing something really horrible?" He shrugged and jogged on, if it doesn't have anything to do with Inui-juice, he doesn't mind that much.

It was nighttime, Yagyuu decided to call Yanagi.

"Yes?" He heard Yanagi answered over the phone.

"I wanted to ask… what is plan A-9664?" Yagyuu shifted from his seat; somehow he knew that something horribly bad was going to happen. Just this afternoon, after escorting Niou back, he had the "I-think-Yanagi-is-cackling-evilly" sense tingle.

He heard Yanagi say, "You really want to know?"


Yanagi whispered (on the phone, weird, we know) the info into Yagyuu's ears. Even Yagyuu gasped.

"Ok, what's plan A-9668?" Kirihara asked as he finished the last of his chips.

Marui smacked him across the head, "It's A-9664! A-9664!" He shouted.

"Ok, fine, what's plan A-9664?" Kirihara asked, obviously very annoyed.

Marui took a bite of his cake. "Simple, we…" He whispered into his kouhai's ear. Kirihara smiled very evilly as Marui continued through the plan.

"I'm starting to like this plan, senpai…" Kirihara said, still with that evil grin.

Marui grinned evilly as well, "Oh yes Akaya, you should learn to love evil plans…"

They too, shared an evil moment, the two laughed evilly.

Kaidoh jogged by a giant cream-colored house and started to shiver again. "Why does this house feel like the time I ran past Inui-senpai's house?" He shrugged; if he doesn't know them, don't bother with it.

"What kind of plan is this?" Sanada almost shouted over his cell phone.

Niou backed away from his phone. "It's plan A-9664, Sanada-kun! I finally decided to use it!" He said with an evil smirk.

Sanada sighed, does he have a choice? "Fine, I'll go along with your plan."

He heard Niou laughed over the phone, evil laughter, the type that makes anyone shiver. "Good, I'll see you next week, be sure to ask Yanagi-kun to come ok?"

"So that's the plan?" Yagyuu asked over the phone.

"Yup." Yanagi replied.

"Ok, so you should ask Niou-kun next week." Yagyuu said.

"Ok, see you next week for our plan."

Dial tone.

"Ah… I got an idea," Kirihara said. "For this plan to work, you ask Sanada-san while I stay in the background."

"…No, you ask. You're his cute little kouhai." Marui retorted.

"…" Kirihara was a bit disturbed thinking about how Sanada would consider him as a "cute little kouhai."

"Besides," Marui continued, taking a bite out of his cake. "Sanada-san would believe you more."

"That's true, but why do I always have to do the work?" Kirihara complained.

"Shut up!" Marui barked at him. "You always complain, "oh why can't I do that!" and "oh why can't I do this?" Bah! Don't you have a "shut up" button on you?"

Kirihara glared at Marui. "I'm a human being! I deserve my respect, Mr. "I-eat-so-much!" Ugh! You're so bratty sometimes, senpai!"

Marui shot him a glare at well. "Human being, yeah, yeah, I already heard that one! And besides, why are you always complaining? Last year, you would do almost anything a senpai asked (well, that wasn't exactly true)! What are you? Having a monthly like most women?"

Well, the rest of the night, screaming was heard all around the house. Neighbors wonder if those kids were yelling or… cough, cough, doing something they shouldn't be doing.

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