The Lion King 2: Jak Style

By Light-Eco-Sage

Rated: T for violence and romance JakxKeira OCxOC.

Summery: Finally, the continuance of The Lion King: Jak Style. Jak's now the King of Haven City, but being a King and a father isn't easy, especially when his daughter, Kairi, inherits a little too much from him. When war threatens the Kingdom, it's up to Kairi to save it.

Disclaimer: I don't own Jak and Daxter, they belong to Naughty Dog. The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride belongs to the Disney Company.

LES: Characters will stay the same. We're just adding a few OC's like Jak and Keira's daughter. There's only one change to the cast list. Thanks to someone who pointed out that Pecker would make a better advisor than Erol. Erol's been dumped from the story, and Pecker has replaced him.

Erol: Great. That's nice.

It was night over the City of Haven. But the sun would rise soon. And rise it did. The sun broke the horizon and cast its brilliance over the vast City. The young King Jak Mar was already up, standing at a window in his room, and smiling down at the City. "Today's the big day, Father." He said.

Suddenly, a voice spoke behind him. "You're up really early today."

Jak turned around with a smile. It was his wife and Queen, Keira, holding their newborn, only a few days old. "Well, today is a big day."

"I know." Keira smiled, passing the child to its father.

Jak stared down into the child's face. "I just wish my father were still here."

"He is here." Keira said lovingly. "He lives on in you, just as much as the night you saw him in your reflection." (Jak had told Keira about that.)

Jak smiled at her. "Thank you, Keira. I love you." He breathed, giving her a brief kiss.

"I love you too." Keira said. "We should go get ready."

"Yes." Jak said absent-mindedly.

Today was the day they would present their firstborn as the future heir to the City, just as Jak had been presented when he was a baby, just as all the heirs to the Throne had been. This ceremony often took place soon after dawn, so they were up right on time. They made their way to the Throne Room. When they stepped in, there were already many people there, including Pecker, Daxter, and Brutter. Samos, the old wise man, was also there. He greeted the Royal Couple warmly and took their child from them, holding the babe up for everyone in the room to see.

Sunlight shown through the window on the child, illuminating it. For just a second, Jak thought he could see his father's face, smiling down at the child. There was no doubt about it. Both he and Keira could feel Damas' presence.

As everyone cheered, the child was handed back to its mother, who kissed its forehead warmly, while Jak looked on, smiling proudly.

A little distance off, Daxter sighed. "Ah! Would you just look at him! A chip off the ol' block! And ya gotta know who's gonna raise him!"

"His parents?" Brutter supplied.

Daxter rolled his eyes. "Sure, go all technical. But who's gonna show him the really important stuff, like how to belch? I'm telling ya, Brut, it's gonna be like old times! You, me, and the little guy!"

Jak heard this conversation and laughed. "Oh, did I forget to tell you? It's not a boy. It's a girl."

"Girl." Daxter said, the word not really sinking in, and then he froze and blinked. "GIRL?!?" He gasped, and then he passed out.

LES: Short beginning? I know. But the prologue of The Lion King 2 is that short. But, next chapter should fix that.