Jak and Kairi safely reached the top of the ravine and Keira instantly embraced her husband lovingly. And then she turned on her daughter and gave her the same treatment.

"Wow, Kairi, that was really brave of you!" Brutter said.

"Yee-haw!" Daxter cried out, like the whole thing had been a fun game.

As soon as Keira let go of her daughter, Leon moved forward and embraced the young she-elf. "Kairi." He breathed lovingly.

Jak watched this and sighed. "Leon." The boy looked around. "I was wrong. You belong here." He looked around at his troops. "Let's go home." The Marauders watched him hopefully and Jak turned on them, smiling. "All of us." He added.

Back in the Haven Throne room, the two royal couples sat at the top of the room, King Jak Mar and Queen Keira Mar, and Princess Kairi and Prince Leon. Samos caught Jak's eyes and discreetly pointed to the sky, sending Jak a message he knew he would understand. This is what your father wanted. Jak smiled as he looked over at his daughter and future son-in-law, they both seemed as happy as he did when he got engaged to Keira.

Keira smiled at him, and they shared a quick kiss, which was mirrored by the younger couple. All four of them stood up to greet their subjects and they bowed to their royal family.

Jak spoke up loudly. "I now present to you my heir and future son-in-law… your future King, Prince Leon." When he finished, everyone cheered. But a soft voice spoke that only Jak seemed to hear. A ray of sunlight fell on the elf and he felt his father's presence again.

"Well done, my son." The voice of King Damas said, and Jak smiled to himself. "We are one."


LES: Question. Should I do Lion King 1 ½? It would be fun to do Daxter and Brutter's story, and also Jak as a teenager. I'd only have a problem with the