Side By Side

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Bret's POV

I never saw it coming, but he did. He jumped right in front of that bullet. He saved my life, and the bullet that was meant for me took his. It took my baby away from me. That night will haunt me forever. He died in my arms. He crumpled moments after that bullet pieced his skin. I knelt beside him, holding him tightly as he struggled to keep his eyes open. I held him close, I squeezed his hand, I watched him die.

Tears ran down my face as he struggled to string two words together. I kissed his forehead, told him it would be alright. I knew it wouldn't. The bullet pierced his lung, he could barely breathe.

"Do...n't me." he begged me.

"I won't Baby. I'm staying right here." I assured him. He gripped my hand, his face contorted in pain. Every breath was a struggle.

"" he whimpered. His eyes were glazing over, he was fading fast.

"Someone call a goddamn ambulance!" I half screamed-half sobbed.

"I l..ove y..ou." he croaked, his eyes starting to close.

"Don't go Baby." I sobbed, pressing his forehead to mine. He shook his head weakly as blood started to fill his throat and spill from his mouth. I turned his head to the side, his blood stained my shirt.

"...ret do...n for..get m..e." he choked out, taking his last breath, going limp in my arms, and closing his eyes for the last time. I sobbed my heart out, holding and rocking his lifeless body against me. EMTs pulled me away but they were too late. I collapsed next to him again as they pronounced my lover dead. 8:45 pm, I'll never forget it.

Now here I am 2 weeks later, spending another night next to his grave. I trace the engraved words with my index finger, my heart becoming heavier.

Shawn Michaels


"A life extinguished before its time."

Those words don't come close to what I could say about him. I ache for just one more moment with him. My head is filled with memories, of special times, of laughter and love. I feel empty and cold. I can't take it any longer. Its time to end it.

I lift the gun to my head. Its the same one that murdered my love. I asked for it, the police thought that I was nuts. I think I am. I pull the trigger. A moment of pain, that is all. Hardly fair concidering how much he suffered. I feel better. I feel free. I feel...and I see him. He's standing next to me, holding out his hand. I take it and I'm pulled from my body.

"Shawn." I whisper.

"I missed you Bret." He tells me.

"I didn't leave you. It just took me awhile to follow you." I told him.

"I know Bret." he whispers, kissing me softly. I wrap my arms around him and everything is bliss. I'm were I belong, by Shawn's side.

Normal POV

Two lonely graves stand side by side, almost touching. Both are rather recent but the newer of the two reads:

Bret Hart


"Side by side true lovers lie. Love is stronger than any force man can posess."

A soft wind blows through the trees, making the branches sway. Four men, regular visitors to this spot, walk over. They stand before the two gravestones.

"Do you think if Shawn hadn't taken that bullet, we'd be looking at two graves?" One of them asked. The largest of the men nodded.

"Shawn loved Bret more than anything else. Why do you think he took that bullet Sean? You can bet that had Bret died instead that night, Shawn would have followed just like he did." another man said.

"Kevin, would you do what Bret did if I died like Shawn did?" the last man asked. The large man called Kevin nodded.

"Scotty, I'd take a bullet for you." Kevin told him, hugging Scotty close.

"Hunter, would you do that for me?" Sean asked.

"Course I would Kid." the group all turned and left; the couples walking hand in hand, side by side.