"Gabriel, please stop purring."

"I can't help it."

"It tickles."

"Sorry, nothing I can do."

Daniel rolled his eyes and turned his attention back to the quiet ceremony. It was almost hard to believe that it was actually happening. After the ordeal with Stenson it had taken another month for Jack and Sam to finally get their act together. Healthy once more Ishta was presiding over the affair.

Now nearly six months pregnant Sam's round belly was an unavoidable fact. Although the simple multi layered flowing dress she wore made it look as though this was how she was always meant to be. Gabriel purring became so loud that Daniel could hardly hear what Ishta was saying to the soon to be wed couple.

"She is beautiful." Daniel admitted.


"Jealous?" Daniel chuckled.


Daniel smiled. The center garden was in full bloom today adding to the beauty of the scene. Luckily Gabriel had a good handle on Daniel's allergies and he was able to enjoy the brightly coloured garden without going into shock. Daniel tried to listen to the pair exchange their vows, but it was hard to pay attention with the emotional Gabriel around. As the ceremony ended Daniel furrowed his brow and reached up to brush away a tear.

"Hey, I thought you promised we wouldn't cry."

"I lied." Gabriel snickered.

Shaking his head in mock sorrow Daniel sighed. When he stepped up to congratulate his friends he was caught off guard by Jack throwing his arm over his shoulders and roughly pulling him close.

"You know, Daniel, all my years in the military, fighting aliens, what have you," Jack said "I have to admit that the past ten minutes have been the most terrifying of my life."

"You're stuck with me now, Sir." Sam teased.

"So...the terror has just begun?"

Sam shoved Jack's shoulder playfully. Daniel noticed the odd look that Teal'c was given them from his stoic position a few feet away.


"I still do not understand your kind."

"We're not exactly good representations of 'our kind', T." Jack laughed. "So don't feel too bad."

"I will simply be pleased if you are."

"Tickled positively pink."

Teal'c raised a questioning eyebrow, but did not as for further clarification.

"Sam," Gabriel smiled as he took her hands in his "I honestly never thought I'd live to see this day. Thank you."

Sam laughed and drew Gabriel into an affectionate hug. She pulled back suddenly and put her hands on her stomach. Jack instantly put one hand under her elbow and the other on her lower back as though she was about to fall.

"I'm alright, just a muscle spasm. Ishta says they are nothing to worry about."

"Sounds like Braxton Hicks." Jack noted.


"Braxton Hicks, kinda like a practice contraction. It's normal."

"Jack," Daniel said in surprise "how do you know this stuff?"

"I've done this before...well not personally." Jack smiled and ran his hand over Sam's belly. "Do the Hicks happen a lot?"

"Every few hours or so."

"In that case this could get interesting."

"Interesting?" Sam asked nervously. "How so?"

"Because that's usually a sign of twins."


NOTE from the PHOENIX: Well that's it for the first book of Exile! I hope you all have enjoyed reading it as much as I have writing it. As for Sam and her little one (possiably little ones) you'll have to wait for the next book. There may be a bit of a pause because I think I'm going to work on my Original writing next. It has no place here, but you can find my original sci-fi 'Aurora', and my fantasy 'Phoenix Born' and the WIP sequel 'Phoenix War' on my home page. (end of blatant self promotion).