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Hitsugaya was happy to be in his office. For once there wasn't a load of paper work, which surprised his a lot. He was excepting to open the door and get flooded with papers. But, when he did open the door, instead of meeting paper work he meet with something...that...well almost suffocated him.

"Hitsugaya-taichou I'm so glad you're ok." Matsumoto said.

"...thanks Matsumoto but, It's not Hitsugaya-taichou any more." He said with a little hurt in his voice. "It's Hitsugaya-kun," he said with a pained smile. "That goes for you too Kurosaki-kun," Hitsugaya said as he gave an evil glare to Ichigo.

"Aw, c'mon Toushirou." Ichigo said as he rubbed the back of his neck and laughed nervously.

The day went by happily, the group had a picnic down by the lake, Ukitake brought be a hellofa lot of candy. (which Ichigo and Renji had an eating contest with, they later spent an hour in the bathroom) Hitsugaya was happy. Night came and they parted ways, Ichigo went with Rukia and Renji, he was currently stay in the 6th Division, (which Byakuya disapproved of) and he went with Matsumoto to the 10th Division. His room was the same, nothing touched or moved.

"I'll be going then." Matsumoto said as she said good-bye.

Hitsugaya lied down and went to sleep, exhausted from the fun he had today.


"Aizen!" Hitsugaya started at the man with nothing but hatred. "How the hell are you here?"

"So rude, Hitsugaya-kun."

"Shut up! Tell me what you're doing here?"

Aizen only smiled. He took a step foward and Hitsugaya took a step back. The same pattern took place until Hitsugaya's back was up against a wall.

"You have no where to go. Now be good and listen to me." Aizen said.

"Like hell I would." Hitsugaya said even though he was in a disadvantage. "Where's Hyorinmaru?"

Before Aizen can say another word he disappeared and so did the frozen waste land.


Hitsugaya's eyes snapped open. He was by the lake. That's right he came here after his migraine subsided. He was kicked out of his inner world. But how? He rose from the ground, feeling uncomfortable here. Something was wrong. He grabbed the hilt of his zanpakuto.

"Destructive spell #90, Black Coffin."

Hitsugaya's eyes widened. 'That kido!'

Before he can see who cast it, even though he had a hunch, he was engulfed in blackness and felt swords piercing what felt like almost his entire body. When the darkness lifted he feel to his knees. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion to him. He can feel his blood dripping down his body. He couldn't see clearly, his eyes were blurry. All he could see was a figure walking up to him. Then he felt like he was falling into nothingness.


When Hitsugaya awoke, he was in a bed. His body ached all over. He tried to get up, but when he did he noticed his wrists were chained to the bed. He looked down to his chest and saw bloodstained bandages, then he looked around the room. There wasn't much. Actually, there wasn't anything, only the bed, a mirror, a small table, and the door. He knew right away he wasn't in the Fourth Division, then, where was he. He wasn't able to recall anything from before. All he remembered was when Unohana said he was to stay in bed, but everything that happened in between, was a total blank.

This was bad. He needed to figure out where he was and what happened. He tried to gather up some reiatsu, but found he couldn't. The chains were sealing it off.

'Shit,' he thought. He knew he didn't have enough energy to try and pull the chains loose, so he didn't. He sat there, trying to think of a way out, but kept getting distracted by this noise. It was a sick sound, like someone's body was getting twisted from the inside out. It made a sick sucking sound. It was faint, but he could still hear it in the silence of his room. He wanted to throw up.

Before he knew it he was laying back down on the bed staring at the ceiling. The ceiling had a screen on it, it was on. That's where the sound was coming from. He watched with wide eyes. A hollow, or something was on a table, tied down. Someone was over him. Experimenting on him, moving things, removing things. All the creature could do was scream in agony. How was it still alive?

Then the screen change. Aizen appeared. Hitsugaya was still taking in what was happening to that creature to be shocked at seeing Aizen.

"That's going to be you if you don't cooperate," he said with a laugh. "Be a good boy and the pain might me minimum." With that said his face flickered off the screen and it went black. Hitsugaya just stared at the blank screen. At least now it was quiet, but he could still hear it. The screams. He just laid there. What was he supposed to do? He was in a weak state, in the enemies territory. For the first time in a very long time, he feared for his life, and he feared the pain that he was positive was going to come.


Hitsugaya bolted upright on his futon. He was covered in sweat and panting heavily.

'That dream,' he thought. He remembered that his hollow said memories would start to come back. Come to think of it, his hollow has been quiet, like he wasn't even there.

"That's because he's not there."

Hitsugaya quickly turned around and came face to face with Aizen. Before he could even say the beginning of his name a hand was placed over his mouth and both if arms were firmly grasped. Gin and Tousen were behind him holding him in their grasp.

"I've come to check up on you. The process seem to be well." Aizen said as he placed a hand on Hitsugaya's chest, causing Hitsugaya to flinch. "Just a little something I wanted to tell you. The hollow is not real, and neither is your hollowfication that should take place. Those were only distractions, to keep you from disturbing the process, but now it's to late to disturb." Aizen explained. "Now I will tell you something. When the ice melts and spring comes, you will die." Aizen turned his back to Hitsugaya. "Let's go." Aizen said, Gin and Tousen let go, Hitsugaya fell to the floor.

"Oh, and Hitsugaya-kun, the next time we come back, your coming with us. I'll let you enjoy your freedom a little more." Aizen said, then he was gone.

He was frozen where he was. Everything Aizen said kept repeating over and over in his mind. He didn't even see Aizen leave, Ichigo come in with Rukia, Renji, and Matsumoto. Everything Ichigo said to him was nothing but noise. What was it? Was it the thought of death that petrified him, since when was he so afraid of death. No, that wasn't it. It was this empty feeling he felt that frightened him. Yes, that was it. He felt alone. He wondered though, why did that frighten him more then death?

He noticed he must've fainted because he opened his eyes and found himself on Ichigo's back, being carried.

"Put me down," he said in a weak voice. Ichigo immediately slowed down and placed him gently on the ground. Renji, Rukia, and Matsumoto came around him.

"Hey, you ok? What happened back there?" Ichigo asked a worried look on his face. Hitsugaya pondered on the idea if he should tell them Aizen came or not, by the way they were acting it seems they had no idea.

"It...was nothing. I just...got up to quickly and got a little dizzy that's all," he lied. He could tell Ichigo was about to protest, when Rukia placed a hand on his shoulder, shaking her head. They knew he was lying. The surrounding shinigami just stared at the small group huddled around him until Matsumoto shouted orders to them to continue walking. Hitsugaya rose from his sitting position, when he looked down at himself his face redden. All he had on was his white night robe (like what Rukia wore during the execution) and his feet were bare. He immediately started walking back to the Tenth Division.

"Oi! Where're you going?" Ichigo cried out at his retreating form. Hitsugaya didn't answer, he just quickened his pace.

"Leave him be Ichigo." Renji said. "He still needs time to clear his head."

"Wow, saying something other then nonsense, impressive." Ichigo said as he started walking in the direction of the Tenth Division.

"What's his deal?" Renji said with a pout on his face.

"He should know he's not the only one worried about Hitsugaya-kun," Matsumoto said crossing her arms.

"Please don't be like that," Rukia said.


"This is sort of private and I probably shouldn't tell you. Last night I had a talk with Ichigo. He told me that Hitsugaya was like a little brother to him. He said that Hitsugaya was like part of his family." Rukia explained feeling a little uncomfortable.

"But, Ichigo barely knows Hitsugaya-kun, why would he seem like a brother to him?" Matsumoto asked.

"He said that as well. He didn't know why, he just said he felt like he need to protect him, after seeing him so afraid the day he came back."

Renji and Matsumoto said no more. The three stood there a little while, all in their own thoughts. They soon departed.


Hitsugaya just finished getting dressed when he heard his door being opened. He was startled, but when he saw Ichigo standing there he settled down.

"Kurosaki-kun," he greeted. Ichigo just stood there with a serious/worried face on. This made Hitsugaya feel uncomfortable. "Is there a problem?" he asked.

"What really happened?" Ichigo asked. Hitsugaya knew what he was talking about.

"It was nothing."

"Cut the bullshit!" Ichigo shouted as he pushed Hitsugaya against the wall. Hitsugaya was stunned by the sudden movement and just stared at Ichigo. "I want to help! Don't block me out, Toushiro. Please, I want to help." Ichigo said as he looked Hitsugaya in the eyes, to Hitsugaya, it looked like Ichigo wanted to cry, but he didn't. Instead, he cried. Ichigo was shocked to see the proud, white-haired boy cry so easily.

"It was Aizen, he...came and...said, told...me, I don't...know...I-" Hitsugaya said between hiccups, he clutched onto Ichigo's robe. Ichigo caught 'Aizen came' but the rest was just Hitsugaya blabbering.

"Aizen came?" Ichigo whispered, he could feel Hitsugaya's head nod up and down on his chest. Ichigo pushed Hitsugaya away, knelt down, and embraced him in a hug. Ichigo thought he would pull away, or resist, but he didn't. They were like that for about 5 minutes until Hitsugaya stopped sobbing and muttered something into Ichigo's shoulder.

I'm afraid, was what Ichigo heard.

"I'll protect you. I promise." Ichigo said. Soon enough Hitsugaya was asleep in his arms. He lifted him and placed him on his futon and covered him with a blanket. Ichigo could see the tear stains on the young boys face. Ichigo left, unable to look at the broken boy anymore.


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