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Chapter One


"Morning Manta."

The human opened his eyes. He was standing alone in what seemed to be a deserted field. The moon was high above his head and though there were no clouds, little light came down. And though he could see nothing to cause the shadows, there they were. He heard a slight noise coming from the shadows in front of him. He tried to move his legs to run, but they stayed rooted to the ground. And when he tried to move the rest of his body he found that he couldn't. It was as if invisible chains were tied around him.

He heard another noise coming from the shadows and with fearful eyes; he waited for something to appear. And it did.

"The way to the truth is unclear; I cannot seem to uncover the lies that have been told."

A figure appeared out of the shadows, a boy with messy hair and dressed in dark clothing. His gaze was lowered towards the floor, hands clenched tightly.

"Time will stop as will Space. Gravity will disappear taking life with it."

The shadows behind the boy shivered and pulsed, as if they were alive. And a slight breeze, which the human could not feel, began to blow. The wind got hold of the boy's hair making it messier than before.

"The lunatic becomes sane with love, as the lover becomes crazy with jealousy."

Lifting his head, the boy held the human's gaze.

Black met black.

"And a poor soul caught in a net full of lies and betrayal. His mind confused by velvety voices, but do not listen to them. Still he is to be caught in this battle."

The boy's eyes were so fierce and cold that it pierced the poor human's soul. This made the human shudder in fear, and seeing this, the boy broke eye contact with him. The human couldn't help but smile, perhaps this seemingly cold-hearted boy actually cared. But as he began to think this, the boy stiffened.

"The battle will have only one victor, and will cause nothing but grief, but perhaps the smiles of those who must watch and pray can bring it to a happy ending."

The boy fell to his knees, his hands clawing the earth. His face was contorted with pain and his body shivered harshly. Was he having a seizure? The human could only look on in worry. Please! He thought desperately. Please let my feet move!! Tears of frustration poured down his face.

"I must journey to find the truth, but how shall I do it?"

Finally the invisible chains that prevented the human from moving fell loose and as a bullet, the human raced toward the fallen boy. But as he drew nearer to him, the shadows pulsing behind the boy erupted. They flung towards both the boy and human. The human shrieked as the shadows wrapped around his feet. He glanced at the boy, and to his surprise, found him untouched.

"But how will this end?"

He was still on his knees and shaking, but not as bad as before. He glanced up towards the human and let a small grin. The human didn't know how to read the expression on his face. And as the shadows began to swim up the human's legs, the boy began to speak. And though his mouth moved, no words came out. The human tried to read his lips, but it was hard due to the fact the shadows were now surrounding his neck and spreading to his mouth. And before the shadows reached his eyes, he quickly read the boy's lips.

"Only the shadows know."

"…Only the shadows know."

Then the human fell to the darkness.

I'm falling

I'm falling…



Manta opened his eyes, sweat pouring down his face and his pulse beating rapidly. It took him a while to figure that he was indeed awake and that the nightmare, that had been so terrifying real, was non-existent.

'I'm not drowning?' He thought somewhat calmly.

"It was all a dream? But then…Why did it feel so real?'

He pondered on the thought till something began to tickle his cheek. What was it?

He stiffened as he remembered his dream. Could it be the shadows had come back to make sure he was dead? Manta was prepared to jump up and run till he heard a familiar voice mumble, "Mmm. Stop moving Manta…" The voice was both soft and soothing. It could only belong to somewhere with a kind heart. The only one who had ever stood up for him, his best friend who always had his back.


As if summoned by the sound of his name, the brunette opened his soft chocolate eyes. Seeing his friend, he smiled happily.

"Morning Manta."

Chapter 1 End.

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