Renji's Point of View

Author: Gabby0214

Title: Surprise Chapter 28

Pairing: Main; Renji x Ichigo, Toushirou x Karin, Rukia x GrimmJow, other minor pairings; Yumichika x Ikkaku, Orhime x Ishida, Matsumoto x Shuuhei

Warning: Rated M, for Mature. Yaoi (Boy on Boy hence Homosexual Sex), Language, Sexual Innuendo

Summary: Ichigo's 20th Surprise Birthday Party. Ichigo and the others are in store for more than just a birthday SURPRISE! Shocking revelations about themselves are revealed, as the group reacquaint after a two year separation.

Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach, wish I did! All persons written in my stories are above the age of 18. This is a fan fiction based on fictional characters that have grown older, and are of legal age. Ichigo in this story is 20.

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Additional Information: Karin in this story is 18; I know that she wouldn't be this age in the Anime.

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Brief Recap: Ichigo is revealing his feelings about that war. GrimmJow recalls the night that started all this in the first place, and then comforts Ichigo's turmoil. Renji is shocked about what is taking place.


Chapter Twenty-eight

Then the next thing GrimmJow knew he was on thrown onto the ground while Renji lashed, "Don't cha funkin touch him!"

Renji's Point of View

Renji had had enough! First Ichigo had accused him of abandoning him, and then he watched on as Ichigo broke down in front of him and the others. Renji knew that he couldn't step in to try to comfort his friend and love. Since Ichigo blamed him, he blamed all of Soul Society for what had happened. God, how he wanted to go over to him and hold him! To tell him that he was here for him that he was always there for him, but it wasn't the right time for that. But damn it, if he was going to stand there and watch GrimmJow do it. Ichigo was his!

"Nani? Renji, why did ya?" sputtered Ichigo.

Renji spun towards him, and close the small distance between them. He grabbed a hold of Ichigo's kimono and got right into his face. "No matter what you say, no matter what the hell is going on between you and GrimmJow, or went on between you. You get this one thing clear! I fuckin love you!" He rasped.

Renji suddenly let go off Ichigo's kimono and took a step back, he gazed towards the ground then back to Ichigo. When he met the chocolate orbs, he continued but in a softer tone, "I have always loved you. I just didn't know you felt the same way." His crimson eyes searched the ones in front of him for understanding. "Did ya ever think how hard it was for me to be around you? Huh?" He sighed almost pleading to his love to get what he was saying.

Renji step back towards him, "Ichi, you had enough to deal with, at such a young age, I couldn't tell ya how I felt. And God Dammit, hai, I went back to Soul Society, as you so frankly put it, with my tail between my legs, but I wasn't runnin from you, I ran from myself. Cause I knew that if I'd stayed I woulda told ya, and you didn't need that on top of everythin else. I thought, no convinced myself, that it was for the best. You needed a normal life; you deserved a normal life after all ya had been through. And I didn't fit into that. But now I realize that," he paused for a second, "I was a damn fool!"

"Ren, I … I didn't …reali-," sputtered Ichigo with tears in his eyes.

Renji captured Ichigo's chin in his hand stopping him from saying anything else. "But, and ya better get this straight, I never woulda left you if I knew ya needed me! If I had known, if I had realized, and dammit if ya weren't such a stubborn jackass that tried to handle everything on his own, it wouldabeen different." He then seized Ichigo's mouth in a fierce, passionate kiss that left not only Ichigo stunned, but everyone else too. He put everything he was feeling into that kiss, he wanted to, needed to, had to show Ichigo what he meant to him.

Ichigoafter a moment of complete stupor, reciprocated likewise; he answered back with his own feelings instilled in the kiss. Ichigo once again let his emotions loose, but this time it wasn't the pain he had felt for so long. It was stronger than that, so much stronger! It was the admiration he always held for the man that held him in his arms. It was the absolute unbridle joy he felt knowing Renji loved him, and it was, it was, the all consuming love he felt for that man. His friend, his lover, his heart and soul, he gave himself completely to the other.

Renji released him suddenly, and Ichigo stumbled backwards. His eyes were one two sizes too large for his face as he stared back at his boyfriend. He tentatively reached his hand slowly to his lips, and gently touched them in wonder. "So there!" Renji gasped, his breath panting from the heated exchange.

Off to the side GrimmJow, still on his ass, gawked at the two. First of all he was a little, well more than a little, shocked that Renji got the drop on him. Second, Renji had finally showed some fuckin balls and told the Berryhead how he felt which surprisingly made him happy for not only Ichigo, but also for the damn redhead shinigami. Out of no where, and not really realizing why it happened, he burst out laughing, not only at them, but also at himself.

Everyone turned their attention to him in shock, but that didn't stop him. He just couldn't stop, he laughed so hard tears started running down his face. Finally, after a minute or two, gasping to get back the breathfrom his overly exerted lungs, he finished with his hysterics. "It's about fuckin time, ya dip shit," he rasped looking straight at Abarai Renji.

"HUH?" was all the red headed replied.

GrimmJow just shock his head back in response.

This didn't end the looks that he was still receiving from the group around him. If anything, the looks became a bit more confused except, of course for Karin, who had a small, but noticeable smile on her face like she knew where this was going even though he really didn't have a clue. "Ya guys," he chuckled, "What the hell are we doin? We sound like some cheesy romance novel, or even better like a yaoi fan fiction story" GrimmJow pushed himself up off of his elbows into a sitting position.

"What is a fan fiction story?" softly questioned a perplexed Rukia to the grinning Karin.

"I'll tell ya later," replied Karin still smiling.

GrimmJow first looked at Renji, "Abarai, I think ya have the right idea for once." Renji stared at him like he had grown a second head or something. GrimmJow smirked, "An I know I just gave ya a compliment, don't let it go to the small pea sized brain of yours." He waited for the inevitable growl from the dimwitted red head which of course came mere seconds after the insult which he took as his cue to continue, "But however, unlikely it is, I think I'll follow suit." He stood up to face those around him. "Let's get the record finally straight, I do love Ichigo." He stated and waited for the responses from the others.

Renji: "I knew it!"

Ichigo: "Nani?"

Karin: Smile widens.

Hitsugaya: Just stares, and ponders, What have I gotten involved in, and why do these things always happen around me?

Rukia, sounding heart broken: "Grimm?"

Grimm cringed once he heard the hurt in Rukia's voice. "But only as a friend!" he added quickly while looking directly at Rukia. He then broke the eye contact and peered off, looking at their surroundings. He took a deep breath and then hesitantly began to speak. "But I have to admit I find him very attractive, he's everything I use to look for in a mate, but that was then. This is now." He once again met Rukia gaze, hoping she would understand what he underlying meant. The compassion that he saw reflected back to him helped him to continue, "I was also very confused about how I felt about him, especially when Ichigo and Abaraigot together. But with a little help," glances over at Karin, "I realized I was just jealous because I thought Abarai was gonna to take my friend away from me." Confessing his feelings was one of the hardest things he had ever done. He smiled sheepishly at Rukia. Rukiasmiled back, crossing over to him to stand by his side. She playfully nudged his side with her shoulder. He looked down at her and tentatively reached for her hand which she took without a moment's hesitation.

GrimmJow then focused his attention to Ichigo who was now slightly leaning into Renji's arm that was wrapped around his waist. He noticed that Ichigo had a dumbfounded look on his face, but at the same time a slight smile too. "Ichigo, now ya know how I feel so I don't have to repeat it. But just like Pineapple here we need to get some things straight. First, I never really lied to ya. But I'm sorry, I did mislead ya. I just didn't want to lose my best friend." He stopped and stared down at the ground in front of him. "And when it comes to my sexuality," he muttered.

Ichigo quickly responded, "GrimmJow, ya don't have to go on. I was an ass! I…"

"No, I have to do this, Ichigo." GrimmJow interrupted as he glanced down at Rukia.

She met his gaze and smiled reassuringly. From their previous conversation, Rukia understood now how GrimmJow contemplated a sexual relationship. It was different, very different, than how she perceived a relationship to be, but it only made sense that the Espada would see sex in that kind of way. They had to fight for their survival; their whole existence was a competition of who was stronger. And of course, that same thinking process would follow through to their natural desires, but she also realized that GrimmJow was not the same as he was. Like he had stated, 'That was then, this is now.'

Rukiahad instantly decided when he looked at her withthat sweet smile earlier, a smile of a lost child that she would help him and stand by him, the one that she cared for. She squeezed his hand that was intertwined with hers to let him know in a wordless gesture she would be here for him.

GrimmJow squeezed back softly, and looked back to Ichigo. "I guess in all reality, ya could say I'm Bi, but I just don't look at sex the same way as humans do. That night we were bothdrunk and depressed, when things got heated between us, and when I pulled away ya assumed it was cause you were male. I went along withit, yeah it was a lousy thing to do, but I just didn't want anything to ruin our friendship. You mean a lot to me, a hell of a lot." His blue eyes stared directly into Ichigo's brown ones withutter conviction. And for the first time in quite a while he was met with one of Ichigo's genuine smiles.

"And since we are comin clean, I need to tell ya what happened later that night after I got ya into bed." He suddenly felt Rukia stiffen beside him and at the same time he received a menacing glare from a very pissed off shinigami taichou. Oh, I guess I sort of phrased that wrong."Shit, I meant after ya fell asleep. Not that for cryin out loud!" Grim spat. He saw Renji relax his shoulders, and heard Rukia let out a sigh. "Even though it was tempting," he smirked. Rukia instantly dropped his hand and proceeded to punch his arm while Ichigo stood in front of an enraged Renji blocking him from coming over to pummel him.

"You just can't help yourself, can you?" Ichigo said over his shoulder still with a tinge of laughter to the statement.

"Old habit I guess," shrugged the teal haired vaizard while he rubbed his arm to get back some feeling. "I had forgotten that you can deliver one hell of a punch, my little snowflake." He smiled down at Rukia. Rukia couldn't stop the smile that crossed over her face upon hearing the endearment he said.

"My little snowflake," mumbled Renjiwho looked upon the two over Ichigo's shoulder withan arched brow which was promptly met with a glare from Rukia of impending doom if he muttered another syllable.

"Oh, how cute!" giggled Karen to Toushirou who rolled his eyes back in response.

GrimmJowglared at their antics, but with a softened look in his eyes, like he really didn't mean it. "Gettinback to the damn subject, I was totally shit faced and a little, how can I put this delicately," he said with a plastered grin on his face, "oh yeah, horny as hell! That would be the correct way. So bein the brilliant one I am, I stop off at a bar to have more to drink. Then all I can remember is wakinup in some hotel room with a guy. Let's just say I got out of there as quickly as I could, and leave it at that. But ya, can't really blame me for wantin to get more fucked up not after what I seen when I arrived to your apartment? Ya, still haven't told me why? Why were ya like that… you were, you were…"

Ichigo pulled away from Renji, his eyes harden "Don't! Don't you fuckin say another word, Grimm!"

"Why not, he needs to know, they all need to know how bad it was! What you tried to do to yourself."

"Ya, don't understand, Grimm."

"Then explain it to me ya, ass!"

"Uh, Grimm, what are ya saying?" asked Rukia beside him.

"Ichigo tied to, he was…he was covered in blood when I arrived."

Ichigo, who now stood in the middle of the group, snickered harshly, "You think… you really think I tried to," he laughed even harder, "to kill myself! Like that could even happen. I can't believe you haven't figured it out yet, ya stupid fuck!

"Stupid Fuck, I'm the stupid one, when you tried to kill yourself!" GrimmJow shouted as he advanced on Ichigo. Once again the others stood there in a daze listening on to their friend's adamant conversation.

Ichigo didn't back away, he stood his ground and answered his fuming friend, "Yeah, ya heard me! Stupid Fuck! I mean you were a damn Espada, now a Vaizard, and you of all people should know the different abilities a hollow can possess. Or was it my imagination you had lost an arm, and now you have two!"

"But that was Orihime's doing," Ichigo looked back at him with a split ass grin plastered on his face, "and … oh … motherfucker you can-"

Ichigo and GrimmJow were so fixated on each other that neither one of them saw a very aggravated Karin approach them before she swung her fist and punch her brother right in the face.

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