Title: Show Me A Garden
Fandom/Community: Naruto / kakasakudrabble
Characters: Kakashi, Sakura
Pairing: KakaSaku
Rating: PG-13
Word of the Week: Growing

Author Notes: Well, nobody has actually updated the kakasakudrabble community since like March. But they have the Weeks listed in the information, and there are 25 weeks. And seeing as they're drabbles, I totally just wanna do it. While the community wants drabbles between 100 and 500 words, mine will all be 1,000 words. As I don't plan on posting them in a community that is dead.

Sakura arched her back like a cat against the reclusive man's chest, practically purring. Her bubble-gum-pink hair was mussed and slightly damp from sweat, but she merely ran her hand along the bedside, relishing the cool feel of the freshly laundered sheets beneath and on her naked form. Her long legs tangled in the duvet that had half-fallen off the bed. She turned her head slowly until she was peering over her shoulder at her lover.

"You are insufferable, Hatake Kakashi."

"Ah," he murmured, burying his face into the curve of her shoulder, "but you love me."

His left arm curled underneath her form, wrapped possessively around her slim waist and held her against him. His other hand had previously rested heavily on her thigh, but now finger-walked ticklishly up her side as he trailed open-mouthed kisses on her shoulder.

The young woman giggled slightly, her eyes still pressed closed as she shivered from his ministrations. Then she sighed and opened her jaded eyes, gazing at the smoky sheet the side of her face was pressed against. "I think this completely defeated the purpose of washing the sheets. We made them dirty again."

The man pushed his hand over the swell of her hip, splaying his fingers on the contours of her stomach. His teeth nibbled at the junction between her throat and her shoulder, already rosy with upraised blood. He licked at the lightly bruising skin, smirking when he heard her gasp.

"I prefer it this way," he murmured, shifting upwards slightly and pulled the arm underneath her back a bit, to lift himself up on his elbow.

He draped himself more fully over her, laying kisses against the side of her face and along her jaw, before pressing his lips against her own.

Sakura closed her eyes against the emotions that swirled around in her gut, elicited by the gentleness her lover was using with her. With their busy lives, she had few opportunities to merely bask in the love that he could pour on her when given the chance. When he finally removed his lips from hers she smiled indulgently. "You enjoy sleeping on dirty, sweat-soaked sheets?" she asked in a breathy voice.


Her eyes flashed open and glanced down at what she could see of the side of his face that wasn't kissing her chest. "Say what?" She tried to turn away from him, to prevent him from kissing her, and received a strained grunt that came from deep in his chest when his strong arms held her down. She lifted an arm up instead and tugged at a lock of spiking silver hair. "But, you just said—?"

Kakashi kicked his feet from the duvet, now turning her, and pressing his knees on either side of her legs, hovered above her. "You always use fabric softener," he says, as though it explained everything.

Sakura pressed her hands to his bare chest and pushed him up, ignoring the fact that he seemed more than happy to curve his back sharply and observe her exposed form in better light. She barely registered that his mismatched eyes narrowed approvingly. "Excuse me?"

He gently took her wrists in his hands, slowly removing them from his chest as he lowered himself down, smirking excruciatingly arrogantly in front of her as he kissed her nose. He guided her hands above her head before finally lacing his larger fingers with her slender ones.

"You use fabric softener and my bed always ends up smelling like something I'd wash my floor with," he elaborated, lifting his eyes to meet hers; peering from underneath the curtain of silver hair that fell in front of his face. "I much prefer when my bed smells like sex." He punctuated his words with kisses along her jaw and throat; up to breathe heavily in her ear or down to lick at the sweat that lingered against the hollow of her throat. "Because then it smells like you." He groaned appreciatively when she lifted her head to meet his lips with her own. "I hate when you're not here. I hate when I'm not looking at you. When I'm not kissing you. Not touching you. Not making love to you. I would keep you chained to my bed if I could, but you'd break out and cut my balls off."

"A bright, shining, romantic moment," she murmured, releasing his hands to slide up his chorded shoulders and wrap around his neck; one hand tangling in his thick hair. "And then your mouth."

He grinned roguishly and nipped at her neck.

"Kakashi." She tugged reproachfully on the hair at the back of his head and gazed up at him meaningfully. "One tree?"

He groaned and slumped against her, but she enjoyed the heavy, protective feeling she received when their bodies were pressed completely together, and it was hard to tell where one of them began and the other ended. "Why are trees so important to you?"

Sakura smiled slightly and closed her eyes, reveling in his warmth. "I'm named for one?" He made a strangled chuckle into her hair. "I don't know. My mother used to tell me that her and my dad went out and bought a tree and planted it the first day they got married. So it could grow, like their marriage grew ever from that day."

She grew quiet and waited for his response.

When he said nothing, she caved. "Plant one tree with me in the training grounds and I will take all next weekend off."

His head rose and he forced her mouth open, tongue incessantly sliding against hers forcefully. He devoured her mouth, completely ruling her before he pulled back and chastely kissed her slightly open and swelling lips. "Make it all week and I'll let you have two trees plants."

Sakura groaned. "Kakashi, you really are insufferable."

"Yes," he murmured and leaned his forehead against hers, staring so directly into her eyes she almost felt uncomfortable. "But you love me."

I enjoy writing KakaSaku so much, it's not even funny.
I owe so much to Alaina for pointing this out and introducing me to it. -hearts-

- Hiko Mokushi