Title: Right Where I Belong
Fandom/Community: Naruto / kakasakudrabble
Characters: Kakashi, Sakura
Pairing: KakaSaku
Rating: PG
Word of the Week: Need

Author Notes: Here we go. . . #25. I'm sad to see this done. I have some good memories with this thing.

I don't really know if this is depressing. . . or just a little less fluff than I normally do. At least, in the situation. I like making Kakashi apologize. He seems like he'd end up being the type of man who'd make mistakes often, because he's just not used to it, but actually feels bad about it and doesn't just give you empty words.

Chapter V of Picture Trends in the works already. 3 As well as a couple one-shots. I'm trying to get my Christmas one done real soon. Should expect something from me by the end of next week.

If you could step into my head,
tell me would you still know me?
If you woke up in my bed,
Tell me then would you hold me?
Or would you simply let it lie,
Leaving me to wonder why?
I can't get you out of this head I call mine.

And I will say:
Oh no, I can't let you go,
My little girl!
Because you're holding up my world.
So I need you.

"So I Need You" — Three Doors Down

Green eyes glanced nervously about the bedroom, before she put a hand to her chest in an attempt to calm her rushing heart. Pushing mussed hair from her face, she clutched at the blanket; trying to keep her naked form covered. The house was dark, silent, and cold. The gentle hum of the heater didn't reach her.

Sakura glanced around the room before slipping out of the sheets and dashing over to the wall quickly.

The same sound that had awoken her crashed about her again and after a moment, she realized that it was coming from outside. Sakura paced quickly to the window, trying to peer outside.

It was difficult, for the frost in the windows, but she managed to spy the large snow drifts pelting up against the side of the apartment building.

Fuse box, she thought to herself lethargically, still demanding her brain to work properly and lose its fuzziness. Fuse box is in the kitchen. There was something odd about stalking naked about a house that made her almost want to laugh—but she was far too cold to even contemplate the idea.

She flipped the switches, not really knowing what she was exactly supposed to do; but remembering something about flipping switches.

Nothing turned on.

Sakura sighed and sped back into the bedroom, this time pulling the comforter from the bed to wrap around her unclothed form.

Her feet carried her to the hallway, where she grabbed a few dusty candles from the back of the closet there, and hurrying back to the bedroom. She burned herself twice before giving up.

Something slammed outside of the room. She spun as something incredibly cold grabbed her shoulder a mere second later. Shivers curved her spine.

"S-s-sakura, w-what are you d-d-doing he-ere?"

"Kakashi!" The kunoichi sighed and almost wanted to lean against the bed, relieved. "Don't do that!" She shook her head and then grabbed at the hand that had grabbed her. "Nevermind; you're freezing!"

"It's s-s-s-storm-in-ing." His mismatched eyes narrowed slightly at her but without real anger. His hitai-ate was strangely absent. "T-t-this is m-m-m, k-k-kami, my h-house." He broke off and merely stared at her.

She bit her lip amusedly, tugging him toward the bed despite the slight protests of his frozen body. Then she realized why he was staring.

His comforter had slipped in her sudden fright, and she was noticeably bare.

"I like your apartment better than mine." It was the only excuse that sounded good enough in her mind, even though he raised an eyebrow suspiciously at the response. Sakura pulled his gloves from his hands—they were soaked clean through, his skin was chilled. "Take off your clothes."

He balked. "Sakura, I though—"

"I'm not coming on to you, Kakashi," she snapped coldly, walking away from him and towards the bathroom. She glanced coldly over her shoulder—for some reason she didn't feel the frigid air against her as much. "I told you I'd stop. But you're frozen, and as a medic, I have to take command here; or else you'll lose your bits and pieces to frostbite."

The water was still on, though it wasn't as warm as she'd wished it'd be. She wetted a towel with water as hot as she could coax from the frozen tap before returning to the room. Kakashi had taken her words to heart, had stripped, and settled himself against the bed. He was awkwardly stiff, even as she pressed the steamy towel against his shoulder and chest. He flinched, but glanced up at her with embarrassment.

When he finally met her gaze, he hesitated, before murmuring, "Thank you," softly.

"What are friends for?" She shrugged.

Sakura glanced around the room, spotting her clothes strewn across the floor. She bent to pick up her sweater and then turned to walk away, spotting her jeans. His hand closed around her wrist gently, tugging her backwards—almost childlike. "Stay."

She sighed. "You can't have it both ways, Kakashi," she whispered, twisting her wrist slightly to pull it from his grasp.

He dropped the wet towel and seized her by the shoulders instead, pulling her against him. She struggled, but not before his arms slid around her, encompassing her. "I'm sorry." The words were barely spoken, and she felt herself stiffening. "But I won't say I'm not completely happy." His lips pressed gently against her neck as he dragged her slowly back, onto the bed.

"Let me start over," he whispered, pulling a hand over her head—smoothing her hair—but in a far different way than he'd done when she was little. It sent heat shuddering along her. "Please? Can I at least have that?"

"I'd give you anything," she caved, settling back against his chest. Sakura sighed and leaned into him. "I have given you everything."

She turned, sliding her hands about his neck as he pulled the covers up and over her bare back. "I'll try, Sakura." He pressed a kiss to her temple, then to her lips. "I promise you that. I'll. . . I'll try. It's not right when you're not here." Her arms tightened. "I can't stand it anymore."

"You're finally getting the idea?" She bit her lip, spying him in the dim light.

Kakashi settled his nose into the crook of her neck. He kissed the flesh there. "Cold nights make me miss you." She giggled when he teased a sensitive spot. "It's so cold without you." She returned his kiss wholeheartedly. "I don't want to be cold anymore." He stilled, forehead pressed against hers. "Tell me you hate me."

"I do not lie, Hatake Kakashi." Sakura smirked, licked her lips before pushing them against his again. "I love you."

"I don't deserve you." He kissed her again. "There isn't enough of me to love you."

She curled against him. "I like what's right here in front of me." Her viridian eyes danced as she met his mismatched crimson and obsidian ones. "I wouldn't change it for the world."