A Stronger Kind of Addiction

By F. W. Bourdillon

The pain he gave him, the touches he received; he hated himself for it, but he loved him still.

Warning: Shonen-ai / Yaoi

Word Count: 538

Disclaimer: Kishimoto owns all Naruto characters

A/n: My pitiful attempts at anything serious


The pain that he felt was unbearable.

The feeling of a hard body thrusting into him roughly, of strong hands entwined with his own, heated bodies, strangled moans, cried gasps…It was all too much for him to take.

Why can't I stop loving you…?

Why can't I stop wanting you…?

He didn't want to, and he hated himself for it, but he so loved this pain. He was addicted to it, he needed it, without it, he felt as though he would break.

If I were broken would you still want me?

If I were broken would you still need me?

Slowly his mind and body would give into this feeling, he would beg for more, tell the other not to stop, try to close the distance between them so that they were so close he could feel his heart beating against his own chest, so he could feel those ragged breathes on his neck.

He hated himself for it, but he loved this feeling that the other made form within the very depths of his being. He loved everything about him, every stitch that held him together, every word he said, he loved that low deep voice that he made when they were making love, though words that held so much meaning, he loved everything that made him.

He loved Kakuzu.

Their bodies rocked together as if they were one, "Please…don't stop…" he begged, "Please…" a small whimper escaped his lips feeling the other increase his speed. The thrusts came so fast he could barely keep up before he was lost in the feeling of pure euphoria.

Hidan was sure Kakuzu was the only one who could make him feel this way.

And as they held onto to one another, as if they let go they might never be able to feel this sensation ever again, Hidan found himself whispering to Kakuzu.


And as if reading his mind, Kakuzu replied, in a low tone that Hidan had never heard before.

"Because you're addicted…"

Hidan whimpered out Kakuzu's name, pulling him as close as possible, their lips met, the kiss softer than it had ever been before, as if something had changed within the very being of each other.

The exchange of saliva was a beautiful thing and Kakuzu nor Hidan would ever have it any other way.

And while their tongue's and lips met…Hidan was sure, that there was one more thing they both wanted to say to one another, but it was unfair to ask, it just wasn't right.

But even so, through touches and unspoken words they knew what all those countless nights of soft caresses and light kisses meant.

Will you stay with me always…?

A week later Hidan found himself trapped in a stone prison, he could vaguely hear Kakuzu's voice, as if it were so far away in a distant land where Hidan could never reach, the voice was quiet an held a saddened tone.

I'm so sorry that you're alone…I'm so sorry.

And Hidan could only hate himself that the only one he had ever loved, the only person that had ever made him feel like he was needed, the only person that he could ever be with…was alone to.