Born a Genius

Chapter 2

Ryoma swung his bag on his shoulder as he stared at the entrance of his new school. "Seishun Gakuen…" he whispered, still unable to believe the luck that had came over him after his uncle's death. He had never imagined his life would suddenly take a 360 degrees turn in a split of a second. His parents did care about him. The only problem was the selection of the person who should have taken care of him. His Uncle Kudo had taken advantage of the money that was supposed to have been used for his comfort. No wonder his uncle called him his 'money machine.' His uncle had lived his life out of his inheritance and his winnings. Ryoma sighed as he shook his head. Everything had passed already. His uncle was dead and he was back in Japan where his parents had lived before they migrated abroad. Suzumi-san had really taken care of everything, his transfer papers, his apartment, and other matters. So all he could do now was to enter the school gate, and finally experience what it would like to be an ordinary and carefree student… to experience the life that he was denied for so long.

Carrying his transfer documents, he surveyed the area and came to realize that he had somehow gotten lost. He had came early so most of the student haven't arrived yet. As he was trying to find his way, he heard some voices coming up ahead. Finally, he could ask someone for directions towards the principal's office.

Following the sounds, he found himself standing in front the one thing he hated for more than half of his life… the tennis courts. Inside were two teenagers playing tennis. Ryoma turned his head to walk the other way when a shot made by one of the players caught his attention. Slowly, he walked closer and observed the practice game between the two.

'They're good…' he thought as he sat on a large stone to watch the game. His eyes followed the ball as continued to move across the court. A high lob from brown-haired guy gave the other guy a chance for a smash.

"Hyaaa! Here comes my dunk smash!" the spiky haired youth yelled out loud as he jumped high and smashed his racket on the ball, rocketing it towards the bottom. But the opponent seemed to have anticipated the move and rushed towards the front. As soon as the ball bounced, he hit it hard sending towards the left side corner.

"Gaaa!" the spiked boy dropped to his butt on the floor as he continued to pant. "Still awesome as ever, Fuji-sempai!"

"You weren't bad yourself, Momo," the boy named Fuji said.

Nostalgia filled Ryoma as memories when he was playing tennis fired back at him. No wonder he loved tennis back when he was still small, it seemed that it was in his blood. Suzuki-san had told him about his father who used to be a professional player before he retired early, then died together with his mother during one of their trips. It just so happened that he was sick at that time that he was left with a babysitter, or he could also have been part of the tragedy. But then, even knowing all that didn't change his current feelings regarding his father's sport. He still hated it. Tennis had caused him a lot a pain while he was growing up - abuse whenever he lost a game, caused him to miss school events, and denied him the time where he should have been having fun with friends. He hated tennis... really hated it.

"Really hated it..." Ryoma muttered as he stared at the two boys playing. Then what was he doing sitting in front of the tennis court, watching this game? 'I'm just curious at the players' skills,' he thought defensively.

His reminiscing was halted when he felt someone standing beside him.

"Impressed by what you see, Chibi-chan?"

Ryoma jerked his head at the voice and saw an older boy with his red hair curling out from his face. "Chibi-chan?" he asked, a little confused.

"You look like a freshman, right? I like calling them chibis," the boy grinned.

Annoyance crept on Ryoma's expression as he stood up to his full length and looked down at the older boy.

"I'm taller than you if that wasn't obvious," he muttered as he swung his backpack to his shoulder and turned to leave. He suddenly stopped when he realized he didn't know where to go. He turned his head back to the boy and asked, "Do you know where the Principal's office is?"

"So, Chibi-chan's a transfer student, eh?" the boy asked with a goofy expression. "Don't worry, leave it to your sempai to help you out."

Ryoma held himself to snap back a retort as he listened to the boy's directions. After that, he said thanks and proceeded to walk ahead. He faintly heard a call from the tennis court addressed to the guy he had just met.

"Eiji-sempai, you're late! Didn't you say you'll be here at…."

Ryoma sighed as he wandered inside the building. He thought he understood well the directions given to him, but now he seemed at lost at where he was. He was walking along the corridors when a door suddenly burst open smacking him on the face, causing him to fall on his butt.

"Oh no! I'm so sorry. Are you hurt?"

'Like hell!' Ryoma wanted to yell at the person who caused his pain. Holding his injured forehead, he pushed himself up with his other hand. He lifted himself and found himself staring at a pair of brown eyes.

"I'm r-really sorry…" the pretty girl with long brown hair sincerely apologized, while holding a box of tennis balls on her arms.

Ryoma dusted off his uniform and took his backpack that was lying on the floor. "It's okay," he replied returning a polite smile back at the girl as acceptance for her apology. The girl, on the other hand, seemed awestruck at his smile.

"By the way, do you know where the principal's office is?" Ryoma asked.

The girl blushed, finding it awkward to give him directions while holding the box. "Ahm… j-just go s-straight, then turn… ahm… right… after the library. It's the farthest room. You won't miss it."

"Thanks," Ryoma said, then walked ahead.

Sakuno Ryuzaki's eyes followed the form of the boy as he walked away. 'He's cute,' she thought as she felt her cheeks redden again. She suddenly jumped when she felt her hair being pulled.


"Really Sakuno-chan… what are you doing here just staring at some empty space? If you don't hurry up, you'll be late," Tomoka Osokada said.

"Ahm… a guy who seemed to be a transfer student asked for directions to the principal's office," Sakuno answered her best friend.

"Really?" Tomoka asked as she accompanied her friend to the tennis locker room. "Well that's pretty easy as long as he turns left after the library."

Sakuno suddenly stopped and turned to her friend, her eyes wide. "L-left?"

Tomoka's brows furrowed. "Yeah, left. Why?" she asked, confused at Sakuno's reaction.

Sakuno considerably paled as she remembered the directions she gave the boy. 'Oh no…'

Ryoma was a little irritated at the turn of events. He meant to arrive early in school so that he won't have to come in late and be introduced to the whole class like this. But because of that girl, he got lost and it took him some time to finally locate the principal's office. The introductions and processing of his papers took more time, and by the time everything was finished, classes had already started. Now, he had to bear the stares of his classmates as he stood beside the teacher for the introductions.

"Class, we have a new transfer student starting today. Hope you'll welcome him and make him feel at ease in his new school," Tanaka-sensei announced, then turned to the boy at her left. "Echizen-san, please introduce yourself."

"Echizen Ryoma," Ryoma simply said. "Yoroshiku.'

The teacher sweatdropped at the newcomer's introduction. 'Not much of a talker, eh?' "Well Echizen-san, please take your seat at the vacant chair at the last row."

Ryoma nodded, and walked towards his seat. Some of the girls whispered at each other and giggled as he passed by. 'Damn,' he cursed silently. He was uncomfortable at the stares his classmates were giving him. He was more used to being ignored in his previous school because of his coldness and unfriendliness.

When he finally reached his seat, a boy at his right smiled at him and reached out his hand.

"Hello there. Echizen-kun, right? I'm Horio Satoshi," the boy introduced himself. "Since I'm your seatmate, you can go to me if you have any questions or problems."

Ryoma heard the boy in front of Horio groaned. "Here we go again…"

"Echizen-kun,' Horio called his attention again. "Why did you transfer to Seigaku High School? Ah… I think I know." Horio grinned at him. "You like tennis, don't you? Seigaku is famous for its National level tennis team. Just to let you know, I'm part of the tennis team. And I have 5 years of tennis experience! Do you know that…?"

"Horio-san," the teacher interrupted him. "It's okay to start a conversation with the new student, but do that after I've finished my discussion."

Horio clamped his mouth shut and turned his attention back to the board. Meanwhile, Ryoma's brows furrowed as what Horio said finally dawned on him…

'Did he just say that this school is famous for its Tennis team? Damn luck… Don't tell me I'm surrounded by Tennis freaks here…?'

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