The Dark Lord has been vanquished.

The Blood Queen has risen.

After the downfall of Lord Voldemort, the wizarding world let out a breath they'd been holding for decades. The world, they thought, was safe; every Death Eater was dead or in Azkaban, and no Horcrux was left to bring the Dark Lord back to life.

Draco's demons had left him. No longer was he a pureblood fanatic with a penchant for dark magic; instead, he was settling into life as an Auror, a husband, and a father. Perhaps most comforting of all, he didn't have to worry about his parents corrupting young Alyssa, as his transformed mother had married Alastor Moody.

The inseparable trio who had caused so much upheaval in their days at Hogwarts had settled into peaceful lives. Harry and Hermione were both at Hogwarts; Harry taught Defense Against the Dark Arts, while Hermione presided over the school as the youngest Headmistress in history. Ron, meanwhile, worked under the new (and fair) Minister of Magic as the Junior Undersecretary.

Then, five years later, it happened. Azkaban's security failed, and the Death Eaters in captivity escaped, killing every guard in their path. Witches and wizards everywhere gripped the edges of the Daily Prophet as they read the news. Everyone wondered: now that their Master is gone, what will the Death Eaters do? Some said they would do nothing. Others predicted that a new leader would emerge. Some argued with that theory, claiming that no one would ever match Voldemort's power nor genius; no one could even try.

But everyone's fears were realized the night of the Quidditch World Cup. As France's famous broom-ballet troupe twirled daintily in the air to celebrate their nation's team, a flash of light blinded the stadium. When the audience members' sight was regained, they were met with a terrible spectacle; everyone on the field had fallen dead. Spain's team; France's team; the dancers, which had included Gabrielle Delacour; they were all dead. Above the field, the glowing Dark Mark burned in the otherwise-peaceful night sky. And beside it, in fiery red letters, read the words:

The Blood Queen has risen.