Hermione nodded curtly at Cho, who unlocked the gates of Azkaban prison and led Draco and his wife inside.

"They've all been captured, then?" Hermione ventured.

Cho nodded. "Those that didn't die are here."

"Take us to them. I want to speak with Natalya."

Cho brought them down a long corridor. They passed Peter Pettigrew, scavenging in the corner for scraps of food, much like a rat. "Just like always," scoffed Draco. They passed Crabbe and Goyle, taciturn and brooding, and Dolohov and Nott, wearing twin expressions of disappointment and hate.

"Draco," said Pansy softly as they passed, and Hermione stopped.

Her eyes were large and mournful as she reached slender fingers through the bars. "Draco. Are you alright?"

He softened. "I'm fine. Thank you."

Hermione's heart went out. "Cho, you don't think... I mean, she did break the Trinity. She's the reason why we came out on top, after all,"

"You know she's weak," Cho whispered. "If--"

"Bellatrix is dead. She's not under a spell anymore."

Cho sighed. "I suppose..." She unhooked her keys from her belt, selected one, and stuck it in the lock.

"Are you--" Pansy's face was aghast.

"Thank you," Hermione said, taking the girl's frail hand. "I trust that you'll do the right thing this time."

Pansy nodded. Her gaze drifted to Draco, and back to Hermione. "I will." She floated right down the hallway and out the front doors.

Cho led them past Percy, looking disheveled, and to Natalya's cell.

"You have visitors," Cho spat.

Natalya rose from her seat on the cold floor. "What do you want?" she hissed.

Hermione squared her shoulders. "You were next in line, weren't you?"

"All the while," she replied with a hard glare.

"Voldemort trained you right along with Bellatrix."

"Not at the same time-- but yes." Her red eyes glowed defiantly.

"With you, it dies."

"Quite. If you manage to kill me."

Draco stared her down. "You're in Azkaban prison, and I have the entire force of Aurors at my call."

Natalya stepped closer to them, twisting her ghostly white fingers around the cold bars. "You know-- the heir of Slytherin still exists."

"Voldemort is dead," Hermione said matter-of-factly.

"Yes he is."

"Then how is there a--"

"Voldemort had a child!" shrieked Natalya. "A daughter."

Hermione shook her head and turned to Cho. "Get Veritaserum. I don't believe her."

"I'm telling the truth!" Natalya's eyes flared up, and she shook the iron keeping her back.

"Accio Veritaserum," Cho said lazily, and a tiny bottle flew into her outstretched hand. She Apparated into the cell, and made to force her mouth open.

"I'll take it!" hollered Natalya. "I'll take it, you don't have to force me. I told her I'm telling the truth." She seized the bottle from Cho and downed the potion.

Cho Apparated back out of the cell, and turned to Hermione as if to say "She's all yours."

"Does Voldemort have a child?"

Natalya flashed an evil grin. "Yes."


She said nothing.


Natalya took her fingers from the bars and gave a little wave.

"You wil tell me--"

And with that, Natalya transformed into a great caped lizard and darted out of her cell, disappearing in an instant.

"Have you ever heard of a double Animagus?" Draco cleared his throat.

Hermione shook her head, eyes wide.

"Start a search," Cho said. She stalked off, leaving Draco and Hermione starting at each other, awed.