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Circus of the Damned

By Circusriddle


There was a deep burning, something so consuming and shattering that it did not make sense for me to have any sense of self. And yet, as the pain roiled and rioted through me, I did have a sense of being. The fact that I could even contemplate my existence showed that there was indeed, someone home in my body. But none of that matters, except that I burned.

It came in shifts of course. One second there was blissful abandon of simple nothingness. A reaction that only occurs when the mind has chosen to retreat from a horror it cannot fathom. And in a way, I suppose it was a horror.

Because within a period of three days, I would be a vampire.

It took a while for me to register any of my surroundings. At one point I began to wonder, if I was burning then why did I not smell any smoke? And I began to hear voices.

"Edward, she'll be fine."

"Bella honey, don't worry, it'll all be over soon."

"Hang in there Bella."


I tried to focus on who was speaking to me, but it was like listening to a badly tuned radio underwater.


And there was no more.

Voices again. Only a little more clearer now. And I could see blurred shapes to accompany them.

"Well, she's stopped screaming. That must be a good sign."

"Shut up Alice."

"I'm stating a fact, Edward. We all know she's in considerable pain, I'm just saying that she's gotten better. Which is better than I can say of you, you miserable twit."

I heard a soft sigh and some movement. A strawberry blonde figure was tucking something more securely around me, and I had a moment of realization as I identified the weight around me. A blanket. I was wrapped securely in a blanket. I focused a bit more and recognized a bed under me. No, no, something hard as well. Ah, yes, Edward. He'd wrapped me up in his arms on the bed, curled into my body as though by sheer physical presence he could chase away the burning.

I sank into the awaiting darkness, wrapped up in Edward's arms.

It wasn't so bad now, being incased in this burning warmth. The fire had receded from my veins into a simmering heat in my blood. Other than that I felt nothing. A nothing so profound it was like silence screamed out and the slightest of noises was a world of discovery.

I frowned and kept my eyes closed. I was not use to this new alien world, and I wanted to prolong the moment I would have to face it.

"Shh, Bella. I'm here, I'm always here. Sleep love, sleep." A soft kiss on either eyelid, and I was out.

There was never a moment where I hesitated in being with Edward. Nothing would deter me from spending forever with him. I had no idea the kinds of things that awaited me as a vampire. A world in which my human sensibilities might have recoiled from. But then, it was me we're talking about. I can't very well say what I will and won't freak out about.

All I know is how I reacted after the fact.

And it all began as I opened my eyes.

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