Chapter 1

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A boy with shocking blue eyes, blonde hair and whisker marks on his face was silently crying in a small and dark alley, just out of the view of people walking down the street. He had recently been kicked out of the orphanage he had been staying at just for asking for more food. The carekeeper had exploded on him, telling him he had gotten enough to eat and should be grateful that he had even got the food he had gotten, which was a stale piece of bread and a rotting bannana. The carekeeper had promptly thrown him outside telling him to go away and if he had ever come back again, they would report him for tresspassing. So he was stuck wondering the streets with many people throwing glares at him. Some had even thrown rocks and left several bruises on his body. He was rubbing his bruises when he heard shouts to "Find the Demon and to finish him off." He stood up as quickly as his weakened body could and ran in the opposite direction from where the voices were coming from. Unfortnately for him, one of the crowd member had seen him run out of the alley and proceeded to rally everyone to give chase. The chase ran by a solitary man who was wearing a bamboo hat, carrying a sword and had hand-woven basket of his back that had several items inside, including an umbrella. The man's eyes followed the boy and had made brief contact with the boy's eyes. They showed fear and pain but the one that had stood out was sadness. He watched the boy run by followed by the mob close behind yelling "Demon" and other insults. He stood in the same spot for several more seconds before continuing his path before slowing to a stop again and looking behind to where the boy and the mob had gone.

Several minutes later, in a dead end alley

The boy was scrambling around trying to climb the wall that was blocking the alley. He gave up and trying to climb the wall and turned around to see that his only escape route was blocked by a approaching wall of angry looking people. He screamed out to not to hurt then but he was only answered with a hail of rocks, bottles and dirt.

"Well, did you stop when you killed my wife, demon? Did you stop when you wrecked havoc across our lands and killed thousands of innocent people? Tonight, you pay for your crimes, Kyubbi." The man pulled out a kunai and approached the boy and brought his hand down upon the boy's head.

The boy closed his eyes knowing he was going to die. He waited for several second and when he didn't feel anything, he had opened up his eyes again and saw the man who he had run by earlier had his hand wrapped around the wrist of his would-be killer. "I suggest you drop the weapon if you don't want to have your arm broken in half." The stranger applied more pressure to the man's wrist and the kunai was dropped. The stranger then with a single fluid motion threw the assailant back to the crowd where he was caught before he hit the ground. The man had picked himself up again and pointed an accussing finger at the stranger.

"Why are you helping the demon, stranger?"

"Because I don't see a demon. What I see is a malnourished young boy that is being chased by a mob full of fools.", said the stranger.

"Well, I guess that is too bad. I guess we will have to kill you first and then we can kill the demon." And he motioned the crowd to move closer which had attracted the attention of several drunk chunnin and jounin that had heard the noise and came to investigate. One that wasn't fully drunk came over to the crowd and asked what was happening. One of the crowd members told of what was happening and the ninja promptly called his friends over to deal with the problem. They pushed their way to the front of the crowd where they saw the stranger standing in front the demon child, preventing anyone from approaching it.

The ninja that was leading the group seeing that the stranger was only armed with a sword and deduced that he wasn't a ninja thought to himself. It seems that this fool thinks he can defend this boy with a sword against us ninja and a mob...he will die along with the boy. He pulled out several kunais out of his pockets while his drunk friends did the same. They all threw their kunais at once expecting the swordman not to be able to protect himself and the demon at once. The swordman quickly pulled the umbrella out of his pack and opened it, spinning it around deflecting all of the kunais and dropping them to the ground. The ninja present all gritted their teeth and started to pull more kunais present to take out the man. They stopped in their tracks when the man had made eye contact with them and they instantly froze up. They saw the swordman's eyes were gleaming red and they instantly felt like runnning away but their bodies would not respond. The man put his pack down on the ground and slowly approached them with his sword in hand. The jounin who had led them in had managed to broke out of the man's freezing glare and rushed the swordman, hoping to stab him and finish him off. Unfornately, that was his last move when he heard a sword being unsheated and a flash of metal. Next thing he knew was his vision was being split into two before he split apart and fell into two piles of flesh and blood.

The swordman turned his gaze toward the rest of the crowd and asked in a deep voice, "Who else wants to come forward?" The rest of the mob had along with the ninja made a mad rush to escape from the alleyway but everyone was gone, one of the ninja had stayed back and said, "There will be blood to be payed. Remember that swordman." And he dashed off into the night.

The swordman resheated his sword and approached the boy, who was huddled in fear at what the man had just done. The swordman extended his hand out and the boy tenatively took the hand. The man hoisted him up and looked at the boy carefully. He saw that the boy was severly underfed, the clothes on his body were rags that were sewed together and had many small cuts on his body. The swordman stood up and moitioned for the boy to follow him. The boy followed him obidiently. He followed closely behind almost clinginh on to the swordman's legs and followed him into a resteraunt that was still opened at that time. He montioned for the boy to sit down on a chair next to him. The boy sat down and the swordman had ordered two bowls of ramen. They both waited silently and when the food had come, the swordman had started to eat but the boy just looked confusedly at the bowl. The swordman took note of this and motioned to the boy that the food was his to eat and the boy started to eat it slowly, eyes darting around in fear that someone would take his food away. The moment that food touched his lips though he felt at ease and quickly finished the bowl. The swordman had soon finished his own bowl, he bowed and said thank you to the waitress and left money on the counter. They both stood up to leave and the instant they were outside, the swordman was surrounded by several Anbu with swords to his neck.

"You are put under arrest for the murder of a Konoha Ninja. You are to come with us to await trial with our Hokage.", said an eagle-masked Anbu.

"I see. I will do that under one condition." He motioned with his eyes to the the boy. "He comes with me.", said the swordman with a calm voice.

"You are not in any condition to be bargining with us.", replied the eagle-masked Anbu.

"And your citizens have no right to attack and innocent young boy, who will be attacked again the instant I leave. Once again, I ask that the boy comes with me.", he countered with the same calm voice.

"Fine." The eagle-masked Anbi motioned for one of his subordinate to pick up the boy. The Anbu picked up the boy, who struggled against his holder but when he caught sight of the swordman's eyes, he stopped knowing he would be safe. The Anbu poofed away with the swordman and the boy in tow and they appeared in the Hokage's office. The Hokage dismissed the Anbu and they poofed away again.

The young boy ran toward the Hokage saying, "Ojji-sama!" and he was swept up into a hug by the old leader. The swordman gave a small smile at the scene before returning his stoic face. The Hokage put down the young boy and looked at the swordman with analyzing eyes for several seconds. "My name is Sarutobi, the 3rd Hokage. So you are the young man that saved this boy?"

"Well, I would hardly call myself young..."

"Are you kidding me? You look like you are in your early teens...", replied the old leader.

"Actually, I am in my early twenties. A lot of people tend to mess up my age becasue of how I look. I would like to know the name of the young boy that I have saved, though."

Sarutobi looked at the young boy, who had fallen asleep on the couch which he had sitted himself on. "His name is Naruto Uzumaki."

"Okay, now that I know his name, why in the world were your citizens and also several of your ninja attacking this boy?"

The old Hokage looked at him sadly and said, "It is becasue he contains a demon inside him." The swordman made to say something but was cut off. "Don't say anything until I have finished his story." The swordman nooded in response. "About 4 years ago, the nine-tailed demon fox, Kyubbi attacked our village. We battled it for days, preventing it from reaching our village. When all hope was lost, the Foruth Hokage appeared on the battlefield where he had summoned up his summon, Gamabunta and charged the demon. They clashed for a few seconds when the Fourth Hokage did a forbidden kinjutsu which defeated the nine-tailed fox but also sacrificed his life. But something of that power could not to killed or sealed into inanimate objects so he sealed it into a newborn baby. That baby is the boy you see slepping before you."

"But that doesn't explain why this boy is being hunted like an animal."

"After the 4th was dead, I was reinstated as the Hokage and after a brutal meeting with the council head, I had passed a law that would prevent the older generation from telling the truth of that night to any of the younger generation, as there was much anger toward this boy and was he had done to the Fourth.", said the Third Hokage.

"I see. I was wondering, do you have a picture of this Fourth Hokage?"

The 3rd Hokage was perplexed by the question but guided the swordman into a side room in the office. Above a small shrine, there were pictures of all of the previous Hokages. The Third pointed at the one that was the Fourth and the swordman looked at it before saying, "That boy is the son of the Fourth Hokage, is he not?"

The 3rd Hokage was taken completly taken by suprise by the swordman's question that he couldn't properly string together his words. He tried to stutter out words but was unable too.

"Hmm, looking at the expression on your face and your inability to say anything, I would assume I have hit the nail of the head. But why keep a secret of th true identity of the boy?" said the swordman.

"It is because the Fourth had many enemies at the time, mostly with Rock and also that his marriage was a secret. If word had gotten out that the Fourth had a family, there would have been assassination and kidnapping attempts to try to break the Fourth Hokage."

"In that case, what was the Fourth's name?"

"His name in Minato Namikaze and perhaps the best shinobi this village had ever produced."

The swordman stood silently for several seconds looking at Naruto. "If I could Hokage-sama, would it be possible if I could adopt Naruto and bring him with me on my travels?

"The Hokage looked at him with a supicious eye. "Why would a stranger like you want to bring a young boy with him on his journey?"

"Because he has an indominatable spirit and great potential, but it won't help if he is surrounded by people that hate his very presense." The Hokage was about to speak out against but was cut off. "You may have passed out laws preventing people from openly telling Naruto is the holder of the Nine-Tailed Fox, Kyubbi, but doesn't stop people from acting out against him. Even you the Hokage can't kill a large majority if not everyone in this village who hates Naruto, because if you did, this village wouldn't be much of a village." The Hokage was sad but he knew that was the truth.

"Alright then, swordman. I give you the rights to adopt Naruto and permission to allow him paasage out of this village, but do you plan to bring him back?"

"Naruto's path is destined to be a ninja, so I will bring him back when he is old enough to enroll to become a student. But that doesn't mean I can't teach him during his absense from the village. I would like some ninja scrolls from which he can learn from on his own. ", said the swordman with a smile.

"I see." The Hokage had pulled out several pieces of paper and had already filled out most of it already. He handed the swordman a pen and asked him to sign his name. The swordman signed his name and picked up Naruto. The hokage went into his ninja scroll libary and pulled out basic techniques, chakra control and several others and gave them to the swordman. "I will see you in several years, Hokage-sama." The swordman gave him a quick nod before he turned his back and left the room.

The Hokage looked down at the name that was signed. " Himura Kenshin, huh? Wonder how the next several years will turn for Kenshin and Naruto."

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