Title: Once Upon a Time

Summary: Sakura has a fairytale evening…after the most embarrassing night and morning of her life!

Pairings: Sasuke/Sakura/Naruto (possible Sai) -not a love triangle, but a threesome.

Spoiler: Time-skip, but Sasuke has come back. Possible Manga spoilers, it's probably a good idea if you read this that you're current with the Manga. If you're an anime watcher, the newest episode of Naruto Shippuuden, episode 26, starts at number 273 in the Manga. Wanna make it current? Go here: http:/ www. onemanga. com/ Naruto/ (without the spaces)

Rating: R for NC-17 for every where else (if the sex isn't too graphic I might not change anything, if it ends up being graphic there WILL be a different edited version on adultfanfiction . net. Mention of incest, M/F/M, M/M/F, Drunken sleepy Sakura! Possibly cliché! HAPPY ENDING! I don't do that angst thing!

Author's note: This was going to be a one-shot, but I think it's going to turn into four shots, one for a kind of introduction (just to get me started really,) one to get to the embarrassing night, one for the morning after, and one for the fairy tale evening. I'd also like to think of myself as a quote fiend. I'll quote songs, movies, people etc…I'll name them at the end of the story. The most prominent one in this chapter is from the song "Rough and Ready" by Trace Adkins.

-Also, I don't write Naruto fan fiction, or at least I didn't, but I wanted to try. So if I do something wrong with the suffixes or whatever, just correct it, point me in the right direction, and I'll fix it, while trying to stick with it.

This has not been beta read, proof read or whatever, so there are most likely grammar/spelling/punctuation mistakes. Please point them out, this is something I need to pay more attention to!

++1st Shot++

Sasuke had finally doused his trip of revenge, deciding to come home, and Sakura couldn't be more proud of herself. She hadn't swooned at first sight and of course, she was terribly glad that there had been no body throwing, of herself or him, which would have been horribly embarrassing and probably painful for him. Sakura was happy that she hadn't made a fool of herself, honestly she was, but what she can't figure out is why she's at a bar, staring into a mug of saké, blowing on the rim, just to see the ripples her breath made?

'What's more pathetic?' she thought. 'The fact that I'm still a virgin at twenty-one, or that I'm alone and entertaining myself by blowing into a glass of alcohol?'

Sakura frowned, could her virginity be the possible bug in her chardonnay, err—well, saké? She didn't know what to do with herself, Sakura had only ever wanted Sasuke, loser that she was—no—is! Perhaps it was time to set her sights elsewhere, to get out of the loop, or rather back into it, only not Sasuke, and absolutely no one with black spiked hair, or a 'what are you looking at' asshole smirk, no deep penetrating eyes that always managed to make her shiver, nor could the guy have blond hair and blue eyes—or a really sexy body. A delightful chill went up her spine.

'Oh terrific,' she thought, 'one more problem added to my list is just what I needed.'

'Course, she'd known for some time her feelings for Naruto, those stupid things snuck up on her and bit her in the ass. Her new feelings appeared on a mission. Naruto had died. He had been dead for five minutes, and in that five minutes, she had felt the world fall from her feet. What Sakura had felt for Sasuke when she was younger had just been lust, it was nothing compared to the pain of what real love felt like. And it was painful, more agonizing, more frightening, and ten times more of an impact than when Orochimaru had made her believe that she'd died, more heart breaking than when Sasuke left. That was the moment it had hit her, because to her, Naruto's life was just simply more important than her own. She had cried more tears that night than she ever had, and she wasn't completely sure if it was because Naruto had died, however briefly it was, or because she'd finally moved on from Sasuke. Of course, when Sakura saw Sasuke standing in front of Tsunade's desk that Monday morning a couple of months ago, she'd realized that she had not moved on as much as she would have liked. Sure she hadn't made an imbecile of herself when he came back, but that doesn't mean she wasn't all gooey in the inside.

Sakura lifted her eyes and scanned over the crowd, some were familiar, others weren't, but none were ugly enough—it seemed almost everyone had attributes of either, Sasuke, Naruto, or both.

"Aren't there any ugly men in here?" she cried out, more loudly than she anticipated followed by a tiny hiccup escaping her lips.

Oh who was she kidding, it was probably her imagination-Sakura knew she'd be a light weight when it came to alcohol, what was even worse is that she'd only taken three gulps of it, forcing it down each time, and each time it tasted a little better, well, not enough for her to do it regularly.

Sakura noticed a swift movement, only her reaction time was lacking, so she didn't have time to do more than knock her chin onto the rim of her glass, knocking it over, onto her shorts, the whizzing sound of the object that had flown towards her barely grazing her ear.

"What the hell?" she mumbled and just happened to glance down.

Buck, yellow tinted teeth, brown hair with a come over style, normal, non-penetrating brown eyes, and dingy clothes—how keen, an alcoholic, he would do-just as soon as she took her shorts off, she hated having wet clothes on.

"Where's Sakura-Chan?"

Sasuke glanced up from his now newly sharpened kunai, shrugging. "She mumbled something about getting smashed."

Naruto shook his head. "Did she look pissed to you?"

Sasuke shrugged nonchalantly. "Not yet."

"No, I didn't mean it that way," Naruto growled. "You know teme you should be kissing our feet for allowing you to come back, instead of just shrugging like you don't care!"

"The day I kiss anyone's feet dobe, is the day…Hn - there'll never be a day I kiss someone's feet!"

"You have no idea what you put us through! You can't come back and think things can go back to being the way it was, things change, people change."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, almost warningly, but only managed a grunt.

"You've only been back for a month, you were gone for six years, there's still a lot you need to catch up on.

"No, seriously, shut the fuck up! Don't piss me off dead-last, you wouldn't want to do something so stupid," Sasuke said, his face showing no emotion, placing the tip of his finger on the black metal kunai, and twisting.

"Can't you just admit you were wrong? That going to Orochimaru didn't help you that almost killing him didn't work-I mean you didn't even come close to killing Itachi! Sasuke, you were wrong. You were wrong!"

The corner of Sasuke's lip curled. "I had Itachi on his knees in front of me."

Naruto frowned, searching for a visual. "I don't think Itachi was begging for his life," he snorted.

"Did I say he was begging?"

Naruto paused. "I guess being a snake's bitch for those first few years made you pick a few nasty habits." He shook his head, "Now, will you help me find Sakura?"

"Why do you care where she is?"

"I haven't seen her for more than ten minutes since you've been back. She's either with baa-chan or on a mission—" Naruto paused, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. "I guess I just miss her yelling at me."

"Dobe," Sasuke mumbled, bouncing the reflecting sun off of his kunai and into Naruto's eyes.

Naruto sighed. He was happy Sasuke was back, but in gaining a friend he kind of lost one. Sakura had barely even spoken three words to Sasuke, but Naruto didn't think it was because she was mad at Sasuke. No, it couldn't be. She probably just didn't know what to say. He'd been gone long enough. She possibly didn't view Sasuke as a friend like Naruto did.

"Just get up and let's go find her! I'm worried."

Sasuke stuck his foot out, tripping Naruto as he started to walk away, but before Naruto could get angry Sasuke stood and started walking towards town. Naruto growled softly as he stood up and brushed his clothing off.

"I just don't think Sakura-chan would be in a place like this," Naruto grumbled, staring warily at the roughed up crowd of drunken men and loose women. "Let's go to the-"

"She's here," Sasuke interrupted, his eyes search the crowd.

Naruto growled his eyes flashing with irritation as a smelly and very clumsy old man crashed into him. "How the hell do you know?"

Sasuke continued to walk, then suddenly stopped, causing Naruto to smash into his back.

"She has a very distinct smell of flowers that no one in Konoha has except for Kakashi's mutt. I figured you'd have noticed this by now. You do have a beast in you."

Naruto, choosing to ignore the last comment, raised an eyebrow. "Mutt? Pakkun?" Naruto snorted. "Don't let him hear you say that."

"Who is that?" Sasuke asked, keeping his eyes straight forward, but turning his head towards Naruto.

"Who's who? What? Where?" Naruto scrambled to look over the slightly taller male in front of him, curious to see who'd caught his attention. He finally just stepped around the side of Sasuke.

"He seems familiar."

Naruto frowned as he looked at the person almost directly in front of Sasuke, with his back turned to them. "Fuzzy brows?"

"Lee? Where is the green spandex and yellow leg warmers?"

Naruto shrugged, rolling his blue eyes towards the ceiling. "What do I look like his wife?"

Sasuke turned his head slightly to stare Naruto up and down. "It could work."

With his face turning red Naruto barely sputtered out a 'fuck you, teme' before he saw green eyes peeking at him from behind Lee's shoulders. Naruto felt his breath catch and his heart beat faster.

Even after all these years, she still has that effect on me, Naruto thought to himself, feeling his knees weaken to jelly. He could drown in those beautiful, innocent, almost verging on erotic, green eyes.

Naruto sighed and noticed Sasuke still staring at him. "What?"

Sasuke raised his hand to itch the back of his neck. "Hn."

"Lee, my boys are here!"

Sasuke and Naruto casually looked up, both not really expecting Sakura to call either one of them hers considering the cold shoulder she'd been giving them.

Sakura nearly leapt over Lee, slamming herself in between 'her boys' so that her right arm was slung over Naruto's shoulders and her left over Sasuke's hugging both to her soft body.

"Sakura-san, the wild blossoms of youth that encircle your beautiful essence is warming, but my love, you are drunk, and I insist on taking you—oh! It's you guys. She's been doing similar things all night," Lee said drolly, then beamed. "She hugged me and called me her favorite green beast!" A tiny trickle of blood slid out of his nose.

Sakura threw her head back -and her back, causing her legs to bend, catching Sasuke and Naruto off guard. Both struggled to keep her from falling, only seconds later to realize she'd been laughing. She jerked up letting go of both men, stumbling towards Lee, reaching up to hug him again, but when she pulled away she didn't completely let him go, her free hand trailing his jaw before she dropped her head to his shoulder.

"Lee, do you know why I love you so much?"

"Okay—" Sasuke started to interrupt, taking a step forward to pull her away.

"No-no let her finish," Lee grinned, staring down at where her head rested on his shoulders. "Yes, my green-eyed angel?"

"Because you're totally and completely one of the girls, you're my Lee shaped friend."

Lee frowned.

Naruto bellowed with laughter, but Sasuke gave a casual smirk keeping his eyes firmly on Sakura and Lee.

A puff of smoke appeared bringing forth Kakashi.

"Look another one of my boys! Sensei!" Sakura cried, practically falling at him.

Kakashi jerked forward, catching her just before she hit the floor, gently pulling her up. "Hi Sakura," he smiled with his eyes. He sniffed her. "Are you drunk?"

She hiccupped a 'yes', before smiling up at him. "So since I have most of my boys here what should we do? Me I feel like dancing! Sensei, will you dance with me?"

"No. You should go home and get some sleep, you're going to feel horrible tomorrow," he spoke softly, and then nodded his head in Naruto and Sasuke direction. "Why don't you two take her home, make sure she doesn't pass out along the way."

Sakura stuck her bottom lip out, pouting. "I don't want to go home. I want to have some fun," she grinned, swinging her other arm to the other side of Kakashi, her arms wrapped loosely around his neck, raising a suggest eyebrow.

Kakashi jerked her back, his visible eye widening. "Sakura," he cried out, his voice sounding panicked.

"Oh-please don't shake me like that again," she whispered softly, dropping her head down to breath.

He shook her again for good measure. "Go home. This isn't a place for drunken women."

"Oh, I don't feel so good papa bear," she mumbled, dropping her head onto Kakashi's chest.

He snorted. "Who's papa bear?" he asked highly irritated. "Ugh…I'm not that old."

Lifting her head a little, she shook her head, "Oh no, you're really, really, sexy! A lot of us girls have sex dreams about you," Sakura chuckled, staring up at him.

"What? Really?"

"Okay pervert, release the green eyed angel and no one gets hurt," Naruto cried out.

To Be Continued…

Following quotes used:

"Lee, do you know why I love you so much?"

"No-no let her finish,"

"Because you're totally and completely one of the girls, you're my Lee shaped friend." Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Episode Title: Witch

'What are you looking at' asshole smirk, – Song: Rough & Ready, Artist: Trace Adkins

"I don't feel so good papa bear," Veronica Mars, Episode Title?