: STOP: This is not an edited version-this has sex scenes, but it can at least qualify as a very, very hard R-I think?

3rd Shot

She was dancing in the middle of his bed with only her tight black undershirt and a strange pair of very short, yet tight shorts. How she got about being in that state of clothing he can't remember, Naruto had talked him into practically inhaling every type of alcohol Sasuke had stored in his cupboard.

Sasuke found that the more he drank the more trouble he had hiding the fact that his teammates turned him on, the more trouble of ignoring the familiarity with that possessive look in Naruto's eyes as he kneeled at the edge of the bed in front of Sakura, watching every sway of her hips.

He had tried to an excruciatingly painful result to ignore this connection, Sasuke had tested it when he left for Orochimaru's, disrespected it when he had formed Hebi, yearned for it once he realized that Karin would and could never replace Sakura, that Suigetsu would not replace Naruto, or his own feelings of…

"Sasuke-kun, your sheets are very slippery," Sakura cried out, her full pink lips pouting in a way that had his mouth wanting to twitch with triumph at the fact that she was now sitting, almost bare ass naked on his bed. With her knees bent in an awkward, albeit, hot position and her delightfully rumpled pink hair brushing against those pouty lips. He managed to contain his almost full body shiver. Sasuke was very surprised at the drunken state both he and Naruto were in, that they didn't come in their pants like the schools boys from the sight.

It was then that Naruto acted, or reacted. He was animalistic as he leapt at her. Sasuke almost flinched at the ferocity of the action. His big hand jerked out, gripping her hair painfully, yanking her entire body down to his. Sakura 'harrumphed' at the sudden motion, then all Sasuke heard was a muffled gasp as Naruto erotically bit into her succulent bottom lip, his left hand sifting through her pink locks. Sasuke inched forward, not realizing he had crept to his knees, trying to get at a better angle.

The closer he got the harder he became. Those kittenish grunts that managed to escape every time Naruto let her breathe were making his eyes practically roll in the back of his head.

It was then he started noticing how many kitten grunts were surprised grunts that Sakura pushed out and then he remembered. This was new to her, not to them. "This is why I don't drink. This is why we should have taken her home," Sasuke paused as Naruto slowly made his way down Sakura's deliciously curved neck, his hand cupping the back of it, cradling gently. Sasuke could see the tip of Naruto's thumb sliding back and forth over her vein and then he pounced, biting into her neck. The force of Naruto's weight, forced Sakura to the ground, putting her face and the back of Naruto's head directly beneath his kneeling position. He panted, staring into Sakura's widened, jade, doe shaped eyes for a fraction of a second before she slammed her eyes shut, baring her teeth, and arching her neck, before her mouth dropped open into a silent cry of pain and pleasure. Naruto jerked atop of her, causing Sakura to expose more of her neck.

Sasuke held in a moan. This was too much, he thought as his hand fisted in his pants. "Oh fuck me," he growled, his eyes starting to bleed red and the more Sharingan his eyes become the more he saw something odd going on with the two beneath him.

Naruto gently extracted his teeth out of her neck, lapping at the blood that had pooled away from his mouth, once it was all gone, the licking turned into gentle kisses.

"What the hell did you do?" Sasuke asked, panting, not really caring about the answer, only wanting desperately to haul the two of them to the bed.

Still gently kissing the neck of a dazed Sakura, Naruto pulled away just enough to give a muffled answer. "I don't know. It wasn't me."

Kuuybi had surfaced briefly and because of that they should have stopped. Sasuke wasn't so far gone that he hadn't noticed, but he was too far gone to stop. It was as necessary as breathing.

Sakura smiled dreamily up at Sasuke before reaching her hand up and wrapping it around the back of his head, pulling him down. He had never kissed Sakura before, oh but had he fantasized about it when he'd been with Orochimaru and then when he and Karin had…Sakura's innocent, chocolate and alcohol flavored kisses didn't compare to Karin's. Those kisses had been need, but Sakura's were heaven.

He pushed Naruto off, then from the awkward position of leaning over her head, managed to flip Sakura from her back onto her stomach, resting on his shoulder. She squealed in surprise at the swift, almost untraceable movement and only managed to blink when Sasuke threw her on the bed.

"Oh yes," Sakura panted, licking her lips and once again getting to her knees, swiftly extracting her tight shirt, revealing that she wore no bra. She slowly laid back down, stretching out her body; her boxer panties still slung low on her hips.

She can't have known their reactions to that tiny scene.

"What?" Sakura frowned, cocking her head to the side, and then she glanced down at her naked form, her chin touching her collar bone. "Well it's not like I actually need a bra…would you stop, the both of you! I know you guys aren't virgins anymore or else you'd understand why I'm so tired of being one, now get the hell up here," she snapped, reaching one arm up over her head and then beneath the mattress, contorting her body in only the way a very flexible ninja could do.

She came back with a huge bottle of whiskey, popped the cap off, and swigged it carelessly, dribbling some on her chest.

"Hey-hey, Sakura-chan, no more of this for you, it's bad, bad!" Naruto scolded as if she were a child. He leapt on the bed and grabbed it out of her hands. True to the role, she pouted.

"How the hell did you know that was there? That's my private stash, we've already drank everything else in the house. That's mine," Sasuke murmured more to himself than to his teammates.

"Quit talking to me like I'm a child," Sakura continued to pout, and then suddenly gasped. "We could always play a kinky game, like in Jiraiya's books. I could get on a school girl uniform. Or maybe I could be some badass that kicked both of your asses and am going to take advantage of you. Sasuke, I know you have rope around here somewhere."

Naruto's mouth dropped, and then quickly took a sip of the alcohol in his hand. "Damn…"

Sasuke blinked three more times before reaching for the whiskey, to take his own drink, all the while bringing Sakura's attention back to the accursed drink.

"Sasuke-kuuun! Can't I have it back?" Sakura whined, swiftly getting to her knees, her black boxer panties riding up as she crawled over to him.

"I am going to come in my pants," Naruto growled, adjusting himself.

Sakura turned her upper body to give Naruto a pleased smile, giving her bottom an extra wiggle before she continued to advance on Sasuke, who'd still been standing towards the edge of the bed.

She stuck out her lower lip and gave him puppy dog eyes, which caused him to raise an eyebrow. "Hn."

"Please Sasuke-kun? I'll make you really happy," she tried to persuade.

Sasuke's eyes noticeably darkened, causing Sakura to bite her lip. Thinking she'd won, she made the last bit of movement towards him to reach for the neck of the booze, which was just in her reach, only to have him pull it away. He slowly bent down, his eyes menacing, as he placed his lips against her cheek bone. "You're already going to make me really happy," he whispered, then, right in front of her face, took a huge drink.

Sakura growled and slowly sat back on her knees. "That's not fair—Naruto—give it to me!"

He nodded, his blue eyes, staring intensely at her back, as he advanced forward, instantly sitting directly behind her, his hands slowly sliding up her arms, then around to her front to gently squeeze her breasts.

She gasped in surprise. "I-I didn't mean that," she managed through panting breaths before her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She surrendered her weight completely onto Naruto, causing her legs to flip out from under her, and extend towards Sasuke. "Oh Naruto, this is completely different from touching myself," she mumbled, biting her lip harder than Sasuke would have liked.

Naruto liked the rim of her ear, his hips bucking against her ass. "I wonder how someone who looks like you could stay a virgin for so long?" he mumbled against her neck.

"It was easy—first it was only Sasuke that could have it, I wouldn't have it any other way and then stupid him! He left, after I promised him that I'd make him happy that he could have me, and then he rejected me. That was a real self esteem booster you know," she added sarcastically, staring at Sasuke pointedly. "So then I wasn't good enough, I went through everything that was wrong with me. It took me awhile to get over the fact that I just wasn't good enough for Sasuke…then I wasn't good enough for you—"

Naruto's shoulder jerked, causing Sakura bounce off of him. "Wait what? When did you ever want me? I've—I have always wanted you, more than wanted you, Sakura, since we were kids…"

"Don't get your panties in a twist," she said and then clucked her tongue. "I still love you. It just took me awhile to figure out what had been in front of my face."

She turned towards him, placing a gentle kiss against his lips. "I love you Naruto. I—" Naruto didn't let her finish as he dropped his forehead down to hers, kissing her at the same time.

For the first time in his life, Sasuke wanted Sakura to look at him like that, for her to tell him that she loved him too. When had he started feeling this way about her? He'd always felt something for Naruto, and since he's been back he's noticed how much more Sakura was to him and still is to him. He's admired her from afar, lusted her in the privacy of his own rooms, but love? His breath caught suddenly as she pulled away from Naruto and turned those jade colored eyes towards him.

"I love you too Sasuke. You're my boys," she smiled gently.

Sasuke felt like he'd been punched in the gut and it never felt so good.

With her innocent smile still in place Sakura continued. "Don't get so mopey you guys! Because now we can have steamy hot sex so the virgin can be no more! Hey is it weird to day dream about giving blow-jobs? I've always wanted to! For awhile I always kind of figured I'd like to try on Kaka-sensei."


"Did I forget to mention that I had a thing for him for a little while there too? Oops, my bad!" she giggled, pushing her nose into Naruto's neck. "So who wants to be my lab rat?"

"Beg pardon?" Sasuke managed to choke out.

"Who says that?" Sakura scoffed at him. "I think I need to lie down. I've read in Ichchoo," she sneezed, "Paradise that it's possible to do this lying on my back anyhow."

She twisted out of Naruto's way and fell unceremoniously on her back. She wiggled her hips, trying to get in a comfortable position, punched the pillow beneath her head a time or two and stopped to raise an eyebrow. "Isn't one of you going to come and sit on my chest?"

Naruto turned to Sasuke, his eyes widened as Sasuke started to volunteer. Naruto quickly jumped up, raising his hand. "I'll do it!"

Sakura nodded. "Okay then."

Naruto leapt up, ripping his cloths off before Sasuke could even begin to protest, or rather process what he was about to see.

"Don't shove it in her face dobe. Sakura likes to inspect things, let her take her time," he growled as he finally sat next to her form. His hand spread out across her stomach, sliding down to her thighs, causing her to squeal.

"Wait Naruto let me take off my underwear for Sasuke…"

"No, leave them on," Sasuke demanded, in his usual monotone voice, his eyes never straying from the movement of his own hand as it slid over the hem of the black material.

Naruto swiftly straddled Sakura's upper chest. She instantly struggled. "You locked my arms down baka! Oh forget it! We'll just skip the written and go straight for the oral," she smirked at her joke.

"Well, if that's your logic…" Sasuke mumbled, positioning his upper body between her legs, and then gently pushing aside the main cover of her bottoms.

She jerked in surprise as she felt his tongue dart out against her hot skin. "No! You can't do that down there. STOP!"

Sasuke, sighing, did as the pink haired girl insisted. "Why the hell can't I do it?"

"Because I—I won't like it!"

Naruto chuckled. "Says the virgin...believe me it will be next to the best damn thing you've ever felt."

"An experience you'd care to share?" Sakura smiled up at him before allowing her tongue to dart out and lick the bead of moisture seeping from his cock. Naruto jolted forward, forcing the tip of it deeper into her mouth, and it was a domino effect from there. It caused Sakura to gasp, which made her mouth open further, allowing Naruto to slip deeper. Sakura panicked as she started to choke, her hips jolted forward trying to get away, causing Sasuke's mouth to once again collide with the area between her thighs.

Naruto quickly lifted up. "Sorry."

Sakura was panting. "You choked me," she accused.

"I'm sorry."

Sasuke was the only who didn't say anything as pulled his mouth just slightly away from her mound, separated her lips with his fingers, and inserted his tongue.

Sakura gasped in embarrassment, her checks turning an even brighter red than they'd already been. "No Sasuke. You have to stop this is-this is—" her eyes widened as she stared up at Naruto, her mouth dropped open in shock. "Oh my God," she panted.

It was then that Naruto felt the movement. Sasuke smirked into her as her hips rolled up into his mouth, gaining a gentle, but quick rhythm. Sasuke lapped at her juices, growling at the taste of her.

"Oh my-" Sakura slammed her eyes shut and bit her lip, unconsciously reaching for Naruto's hands.

He smiled down at her, watching her face curiously, threading his fingers through hers. "Sakura," he whispered nudging her mouth with his finger. When she opened her eyes, he knew he wouldn't last long. "Don't you remember…"

She tried to smile through her kittenish grunts, before slowly opening her mouth, her arms still bound beneath Naruto. He groaned as she starting licking the tip of his cock like a Popsicle—that alone would be enough with the way she was withering and trying desperately to concentrate on her task at hand.

Nartuo's upper body dropped forward, his hands bunching on either side of her head. "Suck it," he growled, a little more forceful than he'd wanted.

Her eyes widened, but she opened her mouth none the less, sucking him hard.

"Oh yes, that's it baby," he moaned, closing his eyes, his hips making short pumping motions, trying to be as careful as he could so as not to choke her again.

Naruto knew he wouldn't last long, from the very beginning. He wanted Sakura not drunk, but when she was drunk she was by far ballsier. So when she got an arm free and cupped his balls it was all he could do not to scream as he came in her mouth.

"HMmmgh," she managed to muffle around his cock, her eyes never leaving his face as the liquid spilled down her throat.

He dropped to his forearms, pulling his hips away, allowing them to slide down her chest, hearing a popping sound as she released him. He reached for her face, pulling her mouth towards his to kiss her deeply and then to lick the corners of her mouth clean.

Sasuke pulled away from between her legs to look at the scene and it was hot. So hot that he—he was just going to have to make the most of Naruto's ass in the air. He stood on the bed, and then slowly knelt down before slowly position himself to push into Naruto.

"Hey teme-Sakura can't handle both our weight."


Sasuke hadn't expected that. He'd expected Naruto to struggle, but he found it rather easy, tight, but easy to slide into him. "You've done this before," he stated.

"So have you," Naruto grunted. "Though it hurts with no prep work Teme!"

Sasuke jerked forward, thrusting his hips hard, his balls smacking into Naruto's ass. "Fuck," Sasuke panted.

Sakura stared up at them curiously, grunting every time Sasuke pushed against Naruto, forcing Naruto to collide with her stomach.

Naruto growled at the feel of Sasuke at his back, and Sakura's smooth, yet toned stomach brushing against his cock. Naruto could feel something strange suddenly happening…what the hell was… "Sasuke- Kuuybi's chakra—"was all Naruto could get out as his eyes shifted red.

Sakura squeaked in surprise as Naruto grabbed Sasuke's hand and bit deeply into his palm. Sasuke jolted the shock of the pain and the amount of pleasure collided within him causing him to orgasm. He bit Naruto back on his shoulder, biting as hard as Naruto did.

Sakura flinched as spurts of Naruto's semen splattered against her upper abdomen and a bit on the curves of her breasts. "Hey can you get off me?" Sakura pouted. "Both of you had an orgasm, I've had nothing. What the hell is that?"

Sasuke pulled out of Naruto and collapsed on his back on one side of Sakura, Naruto fell to the other side of her.

"Sorry love," Naruto whispered, turning to his side to wrap an arm around her stomach, pulling her closer to him.

Sasuke started to do the same, but it was then that Sakura grabbed his hand. She slowly turned her head to stare at him as she slid his hand down beneath her underwear. "Please Sasuke, make me come," she whispered, placing a kiss against his lips.

She pushed his finger inside of her, coaxing him with her hips to move. She then, with her other hand, pushed Naruto's hand over her breast, forcing him to squeeze it tightly.

"Oh yes," Sakura moaned.

Sasuke stared at her, drinking in her expression, noticing that she hadn't been this wet before. He pushed his finger in deeper, he thought about pushing another one in, but then realized just how tight she was. He grinded the palm of his hand against her clitoris, her hand reflexively squeezing his wrist, and he smirked as he felt the small tremors of her orgasm shake her gorgeous body. She bit her lip hard trying to keep her cries and he made note that tomorrow, he and Naruto would make her scream.

She panted as she came down from the soft, but brilliant orgasm…it hadn't been mind blowing, but it was enough to make her alcohol induced brain lull her to sleep. She smiled, humming softly to herself, slipping down slightly so that her thighs were in between the boys entwined legs.

The three of them fell asleep in that position, Naruto's hand covering her breast, Sasuke's hand down her underwear, cupping her, and Sakura snuggled between both of them.

To Be Continued…