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Chapter 8---3,650 Dates

It was like a dance. When he ducked his head to her left, she ducked to the right. When he ducked to the right, she ducked to the left. In this fashion, Kakashi and Sakura traded off gentle kisses landing softly either on a cheek, a closed eyelid, or a sensitive part of the neck. It didn't matter. The spot was the giver's choosing.

"Tell me again how exactly this constitutes as a date, Kakashi?" Sakura asked between kisses.

Sakura could feel the smile on Kakashi's bare lips as he pressed them against the side of her neck.

"Because, Sakura, we've known each other for 10 years now. That's more time than most couples get to know one another. And if you consider each day we've known each other as a date, that's 3,650 dates. Most people do what we're about to do on their third, so technically, we're 3,647 dates behind schedule."

"Right…" Sakura answered vaguely, letting her eyes drift close, too lost in the sensation of Kakashi's gentle kisses to really think or care about whether or not his logic made any sense.

"You know, you never did answer my question…" Kakashi said, slowly tracing her jaw with a feather-light touch of his lips.

"What question?" Sakura asked dreamily.

"Can you say the same about me, Sakura?" Kakashi breathed hot against her ear.

Sakura's eyes immediately shot open at the familiar words, then softened knowing that she could give him her answer without the danger of being interrupted this time.

"Kakashi, I've always loved you. It's just the way that I love you that's changed and I'd like to think that it's for the better."

Kakashi smiled next to her ear, satisfied with her answer and at finally having received it, then raised her chin with his hand so that her bright green eyes could meet the gaze of his mismatched ones. Kakashi smiled affectionately down at her and Sakura smiled affectionately back up at him, then let her eyes drift shut as he slowly moved in for a kiss.

Kakashi's first kiss with Sakura was like the kisses he had showered upon her neck and the various features of her lovely face. Soft, slow, tender, and loving. In time, the pair eventually parted, if only to catch their breaths and to smile and gaze at each other before moving in to kiss one another once more.

Kakashi and Sakura were a mirror image, cupping each other's faces in their hands, tilting their heads one way and then the other, kissing slowly, and paying attention to nothing but the pressure and texture of their lips pressed against each other.

Kakashi began to walk Sakura backwards towards his shuriken-patterned bed while never breaking their kiss. When they reached its edge, Kakashi deepened their kiss into a more passionate one and began to lower Sakura down until she was flat on her back beneath him. Sakura didn't seem to mind or to notice for she continued to kiss Kakashi back without pause or hesitation.

Kakashi reached between their bodies pressed hard against each other and found the small metal fastening of Sakura's shirt. He brought it down slowly and pushed the red fabric aside exposing smooth, creamy skin and firm, round breasts behind a pale pink bra. Kakashi ran his hand across Sakura's flat stomach, up her slim sides, until they finally came to a rest on one of her small mounds. He squeezed her gently getting a feel for her size and her firmness beneath his grasp and Sakura could only moan against his mouth at the new and wonderful sensations this simple action triggered within her.

Sakura could feel the heat of his hand radiating through the fabric of her bra and she reached for the zipper of his vest, hungry to feel more of his bodily heat against her own. When she had brought the zipper of his vest all the way down, Kakashi released his grasp on her breast long enough to shrug off his vest and to pull his shirt up over his head. Sakura looked up at her ex-sensei unable to wrap her head around how perfect he was. From muscular shoulders and arms to an equally sculpted chest and stomach, Kakashi's physique was the spitting image of what the old masters had tried so hard to capture in their marble statues. The only difference was that Kakashi was flesh and blood, a living, breathing masterpiece come to life.

And he was all hers. Hers and hers alone, just like she was his and his alone. They had known each other for far too long and had danced around each other for far too long for this and everything after this to be just a meaningless fling. They were both in this for keeps and they both knew it.

Kakashi lowered himself upon Sakura once more and gave her another passionate, open-mouthed kiss, sliding his tongue between her wet, soft lips and inviting her tongue to roll and flick against his. Sakura took the invitation willingly, letting their tongues glide against each other in a dizzying dance that threw all ability to think out the window.

Kakashi moved his kiss from her mouth down to the side of her slender neck, down her sternum, down her soft stomach, always moving downwards. When he reached her bellybutton, Kakashi twirled his tongue inside causing Sakura to fall into a fit of tickled giggles. No sooner had her laughter subsided, was he pulling at the band of her black shorts and khaki colored skirt, tugging them down her toned thighs and legs, leaving her bottom half naked except for the pale pink panties that matched her bra. And then he kissed her there, through the fabric of her panties. Kakashi could feel her wetness soaked through the thin fabric and he could smell the musky scent of her arousal which only heightened the throbbing within his own groin.

Kakashi pushed the crotch of Sakura's panties aside to reveal coarse, wiry pink hairs and the soft, slippery folds of Sakura's sex. He gently kissed her mons, then her swollen clit, and finally her glistening wet slit causing Sakura to buck and tremble beneath him in impatient anticipation. He moved his kiss back up her sex and traced lazy circles around her clit with the tip of his tongue while slipping one finger, then two, then three inside her tight passage, sliding them in and out in a slow rhythmic motion. Kakashi looked up at Sakura to gage her reaction only to find her eyes squeezed tightly shut, concentrating solely on the feel of his ministrations. Kakashi changed the lazy circles he had been tracing around her clit into rapid flicks of his tongue and the slow rhythmic pumping of his digits into quick pistoning thrusts.

And then, she felt it.

Sakura arched her back high above the bed and tilted her head all the way back on the pillow as the sudden surge of mindblowing pleasure consumed every one of her senses, making her heart race with impossible speed and her body shudder and convulse in violent jolts beneath her lover. In time, her climax subsided and Sakura fell limply back onto the bed, exhausted by her first true orgasm. She smiled up at the man who was the cause of it who smiled back at her before bringing his mouth down upon hers once more, never seeming to get enough.

Kakashi slipped his hand between them and slowly brought the zipper of his pants down, releasing the bulge that had strained painfully against the fabric. The hardened member immediately fell out more than ready to enter his lover. Kakashi tugged at his restrictive pants and boxers bringing them down to mid-thigh. Then, he took himself in his hand and aligned the thick head of his cock to the slick opening of Sakura's sex. Sakura felt the head the instant it touched her and held her breath as Kakashi gently pushed himself fully inside of her. The lovers groaned as Sakura's hot inner muscles surrounded, squeezed, and clamped around Kakashi's member as if they couldn't milk the seed out of him soon enough.

Sakura lay still beneath Kakashi, immobilized by the pain his thickness and length produced by stretching and filling her up to the hilt. She had anticipated the pain, but not her inability to move. Kakashi looked down at her understandingly and held his hips still to allow her to adjust to his penetration. After awhile, Sakura nodded her head indicating she was ready for him to move and Kakashi slowly drew himself out and slowly slid himself back in. Sakura clutched at his back and gave an unintentional whimper. Kakashi stilled himself within her again and gently rained kisses on her face, letting her know that he wouldn't rush this. That they would take as much time as she needed just so that he wouldn't hurt her.

Sakura placed a warm hand on either side of his face and kissed him back deeply on the mouth. She wanted him so much. She wanted so much to allow him to just drive into her, but her body simply wouldn't allow it. So she did what she could and kissed him again and again letting him know that she did indeed want him.

Absorbed with what their lips and tongues were doing to each other, Sakura barely noticed when Kakashi began to move slowly between her legs, gently drawing himself out, then gently pushing himself back in. Nor did she notice when his motions in and out of her body began to increase in both speed and penetration. And even when she began to meet Kakashi's rolling hips with the roll of her own, Sakura didn't notice how the pain had apparently subsided. It was only until she felt her inner muscles pulsating around Kakashi's member indicating the beginnings of another impending orgasm did Sakura take notice, but by then it was too late.

Again Sakura found herself tilting her head and arching her back high above the bed, shuddering hard as her vaginal walls contracted and clamped down heavily around Kakashi's member. She screamed his name until she could scream no more, then came crashing back down to earth, sweaty, breathless, and heart wildly racing.

Kakashi stilled himself inside of her, letting her recuperate from her high. When her breathing and pounding heart both seemed to have returned to a somewhat normal rate, Kakashi began to slowly pump himself between Sakura's widespread legs once more.

His arms beneath her body, his hands wrapped tightly around her smooth shoulders, Kakashi thrusted into Sakura over and over again with all his might. All that Sakura could do was to clutch onto his back, breathe hotly into his ear in short huffs, and endure his unbelievably powerful thrusts into her. When she had the mind to tell him to stop, to tell him that she just couldn't take it anymore, Kakashi rammed his hips against hers one last time and let out a feral groan as his seed spilled deep inside of her womb. Kakashi gave a few, last futile thrusts into her, then stilled himself completely. He began to pull himself out but Sakura's legs wrapped around his waist told him to stay. So he stayed.

Kakashi pulled their bodies into a roll so that Sakura could lay on top of him. In this position, he was able to stay inside of her without crushing her with his weight. Sakura rested her head on Kakashi's chest and listened to the pounding of his racing heart, then slowly closed her eyes feeling sated and content in his warm embrace. Kakashi absentmindedly stroked her smooth back and kissed her on the crown of her head feeling sated and content himself. And as he began to drift off to sleep like his lover pressed upon him, one single, solitary thought streaked through Hatake Kakashi's mind and gave him calming peace...Mine.

The End

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