Something New

by Grendle1853

I own NOTHING!!! Well I came up with one of the charracters, but the setting and most of the really good charracters are Frank's.

I'm in Old town again. Who knows why? You know why your here Dwight. Gail. I tell that voice in my head to just shut up for once. I keep walking, trying my best not to head in her direction. I look up every now and again to the roof tops. Deadly little Miho. Maybe not little anymore, she's... what in her mid twenties by now. Really a beautiful young woman. Dirty old man. Damn it I didn't mean it that way...really...and I'm not that old!

I sense something coming up the street. Every girl on the block is checking someone out. I turn to see what they're all excited about. This guy... he's weird. He stands slightly taller than me and he's built like Conan. Shoulder length dark blond hair hangs off his head, and he isn't a looker... his forehead runs strait down juts out into a nose, with deep set eyes on either side. He almost looks familiar, I just can't quite place him. Every girl looking at him looks kind of scared, they all make sure they're concealed weapons are close at hand.

"What's up with that guy?" a voice from behind me asks. Of course she would show-up. Damn it. I turn to look at her. She takes my breath away. Through all of the years she hasn't changed a bit. No that's wrong, she got even more beautiful. Damn it!

I try not to let too much show on my face before I turn back to the newcomer, "I don't know, but he doesn't seem like he's looking for a good time," I answer.

He certainly didn't. His eyes are serious as he scans the streets, but they hold no malice or fear in them. He isn't looking for a party, but he is looking for something.

Suddenly he stops. His posture straitens and his head slowly turns to the roof tops.

"Miho," I let her name whisper past my lips, as Gail follows my eyes. Miho's eyes are locked in a death grip with the stranger's. His face still doesn't hold any fear or malice. Just curiosity...

Miho's on the other hand...

"He's pissing her off. He's a dead man if he doesn't wise up and look away," Gail says. I start to step towards the guy, he might be weird but nothing I've seen means he deserves whats about to come down on him. Before I can even finish a step Gail grabs my arm and stops me, "Don't lover, it's safer for you to stay out of it," she tells me. I look back at the guy and size him up. He looks like a brick wall, carved to mostly human proportions and dressed in a baggy shirt, jeans, and steel toed boots. He could probably take on most of the thugs in Sin City, but Miho...poor bastard.

Miho takes out one of her throwing stars. "Its that swastika shaped one, she likes that one," Gail says.

"Its called a 'manji' actually," I tell her, she gives me an arched eyebrow. I turn back to the dead man, "Bye buddy."

Almost on cue, she lets the throwing blade fly. It spins through the air towards the stranger's throat. Then it suddenly stops...between his fingers. Me, Gail, and every girl on the street look at him in shock. I can't believe he just caught the thing out of thin air. I look back up at Miho, and she looks surprised. Miho NEVER looks surprised.

The stranger looks at the weapon in his hand, then up to deadly pixie who tossed it. His head cocks to the side, and a wicked grin curls on his lips.

Miho's face quickly turns from shock to murderous intent, then she jumps down to the street. She slowly draws out one of her swords and grips it in a steely two-handed grip. In answer he points the throwing star at her. I feel Gail begin to stir behind me. I place my hand on her's, the one that is holding her machine-gun. "Lover, I think it's safer for you to stay out of it," I tell her.

Miho silently rushes forward and swings her katana in a downward cut aimed for his head. He catches the blade between the prongs of the manji, then turns the throwing blade to the side and pulls, ripping the weapon from her hands. In the same movement he sends his left elbow into Miho's stomach with just enough force to knock her on her ass.

She quickly rolls back onto her feet, unleashing a handful of shuriken at him as she springs off the ground. The throwing stars, in all shapes and sizes, whistle through the air at the stranger. Using speed almost unimaginable for one of his size, her target uses the blade in his hand to deflect most of the deadly weapons. One however does manage to embed in the side of his skull. Without even a flinch, he calmly pulls the blade out of his head and drops it on the street.

"Yeesh," Gail and I say in concert.

Miho draws her other sword and holds it straight forward, pointing at her opponent, with her right hand. Her left takes hold of something at the small of her back. The stranger cracks his neck and waits. Miho charges, swinging her sword upwards at his face. I suspect him to dodge...he doesn't. He catches the blade of the sword with his bare left hand and uses his right bring the manji to bear on her throat. He stops right before cutting skin. Miho now has a nasty looking knife in her left hand, but that arms pulled way back ready to stab. He has her dead to rights. He has just single handedly defeated deadly little Miho. Defiantly a first.

The man looks deep into her beautiful eyes for a second. Then he lets go of the sword, drops the throwing star, turns his back, and begins walking back up the street. He doesn't get to for before every Old Town girl around aims a gun at him. He stops and heavily sighs, "Ah come on!" He feels the tip of Miho's sword tickle the back of his neck. He turns back and looks down at her...just before she pulls him into a passionate kiss.

"Whoa," is the only thing I can think to say. That makes it two firsts so far today.

"Looks like he found a good time," Gail remarks next to me.

Miho breaks contact, collects and sheathes her weapons, then quickly hops back into the darkness, leaving the guy stunned in the street. Gail's voice breaks him out of it, "What'ya looking for stranger?" she asks. He turn around and sizes me up. Then he slowly looks Gail up and down. I don't blame him: with the mohawk, the fierce eyes, the barely there get up, the body under the barely there get up: I slowly took that all in too. Her gun was surprising looking too. "Watch out how long you stare at me handsome, you might piss your new girlfriend off," she says.

"I'm looking for Wendy," he tells her. We both know who he's talking about.

"Why?" Gail questions him.

"She has something I need," he answers cooly.

"Yeah and what makes you think she is just going to give it to her," she fires back.

"I'm Cliff...her son," he says.

The remark makes Gail bursts into laughter, but it makes something click in my head. Now I know why he looks so familiar. "What was your dad's name," I ask him.

"Marv," he says. He looks proud of the fact and he says the name in reverence, like he was speaking the name of some epic hero.

"Marv," Gail giggles, "the Marv! He only met Wendy once and that was only..."

"A little over 12 years ago," I cut in.

Her eyes widen, "Your only 12 years old!" she yells in disbelief.

Cliff shrugs, "I'm almost 13," he says.

Gail just looks at me. "Lets take him to Wendy," I advise her.

We both lead him down the street. I glance at him over my shoulder, "Where did you learn to fight like that Cliff," I ask him.

"Don't know, that was the first real fight I've ever been in," he says nonchalantly.

Me and Gail share a look, "Must be in the genes," I mumble under my breath.

Gail smirks, "Was that your first kiss too?" she asks. Cliff blushes and looks at his feet.

Soon we make our way to Wendy's apartment door. Gail knocks. "I'm busy," Wendy says through the door.

"Its important," Gail says opening the door.

Inside Wendy is standing running her hand up and down the tie of a man sitting on her bed. She looks over, "What is it?" she asks.

"High mom," Cliff 'explains'. Wendy lets go of the man's tie and jumps back, shocked. The man on the bed looks over at Cliff. Then, shaking in fear, he begins to slink towards the door. Cliff stops him with a glare, "...thats a fine looking coat your wearing there," he tells the man. The man quickly strips, throws Cliff the trench coat, and bolts out the room. Cliff for his part casually slips the coat on.

"Like father like son," I say to Gail.

"Heathcliff what are you doing here," Wendy asks as she bandages the cuts on his hand and the side of his head. She really did look like a mother now. "Your supposed to be at your grandmothers."

"Grams died two years ago," he tells her, "and I need Gladys."

Wendy slowly goes to her dresser and pulls a gun out of a drawer. Marv's gun. She gives it to him. Cliff looks at the gun. He closes his eyes and holds the side of the barrel to his forehead. Then pockets it and looks back at his mother. Wendy is looking at him with tears in her eyes. In the coat he really does look like his dad. Cliff hugs her close. "I'm so sorry," she sobs.

"You don't have anything to be sorry about, mom. I love you," he kisses her forehead and looks down at her, "I'll see you again. As soon as I'm finished with this little thing I have to do," he promises.

With that he's out the door. Gail goes over to comfort her friend, and I follow Cliff out the building. "Where are you going?" I ask him.

"Got something I need to do Dwight," he answers. Funny. How does he know my name.

"Need a ride?"