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We turn the car towards Nancy's. In the back seat May is wrapped up in Cliff's new coat. Next to me sits Cliff. He doesn't seem to have as much innocence as before, but he doesn't look worse. He looks more like someone who just had their cherry popped then someone who has committed murder for the first time. I don't know if thats a good thing.

"You said you wanted for them to watch?" I ask him.

"I thought they would enjoy the show," he answers.

"Whose they?" I ask.

"Cliff worships pagan gods. Thor, Odin..." May pipes up.

Thought the kid looked like a Viking. "You know your dad was a Catholic," I tell Cliff.

"Yeah, and he thought he was going to Hell too. I prefer to believe that the cosmos is not that fucked up," Cliff answers. He turns to the back seat, "You alright May?"

"Yeah. Better than I have been for a while. Thanks for saving me. Thank you for stopping them," she answers calmly.

When we pull up, Nancy is waiting outside. Even in the suit of a defense attorney you could see the angle form. Damn that woman looks beautiful no matter what she wears. As soon as May gets out she runs into Nancy's arms. Then we step out soon after. Nancy looks over me and Cliff. Cliff is still holding Gladys... "Heathcliff what did you do?" she asks him.

Cliff doesn't raise his eyes from the ground when he answers, "I killed some very bad men. No one else will be coming after May again."

Nancy throws an accusing eye at me, "What? I certainly couldn't have stopped him, so I went to make sure he came back from it in one piece. Besides it needed to be done."

Nancy sighs and looks down at the gun in Cliff's hand, "Is that your father's gun?" she asks. Cliff nods. "The police will be looking for that," she shakes her head slightly, "come on inside, we'll talk."

"I promised that I'd go see mom again. I have go do that first," he explains.

Nancy glares at him. The kid who had single handedly defeated Miho, is now shaken to his bones by the glare of a former stripper half his size. She points a finger at him and says, "You. Have. Better..."

"Ddddon't worry. I will. I'll be back here so fast you'll...You know, I'm going to be in the car. Dwight as soon as your ready we can go, so that we can get back," with that he hurried back into the car. Leaving me alone with Nancy great.

She turns her death glare on me, "Make sure he gets back here," she orders.

"Sure," with that I turn back to the car. Something stops me though, "Marv was my friend. You could have told me he had a son," I say.

"Yeah Marv was your friend, now that he's dead. You never thought twice about using him when he was alive though," she calmly tells me. You know it wouldn't hurt so much if it wasn't true, the voice tells me. I hate that its right. "Bring Cliff back to me, and watch him when he leaves, and maybe I'll think better of you Dwight. Come on May," with that Nancy and May go inside.

Before they leave though, May wordlessly hands me Cliff's Trench. "He always wanted one," she says.

With that I get into the car, throw cliff his coat, and start our way back to Old Town.