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Every girl's bathroom had one. A list of all the best kissers in Hogwarts, permanently stuck to the back of the stall wall. Not even Mr. Skower's Magical Mess Remover could remove it. A girl would come, write a guys name on the back of the stall wall, and every girl who kissed that guy and thought it was good, added a tally mark next to the name.

That wasn't the part the annoyed Lily Evans. The annoying part was that James Potter's name had 8764-tally marks-8764!! Sirius Black didn't even have that many.

With a sigh, Lily Evans shut the stall door. She wasn't jealous, no way. This was Potter we were talking about. Annoying, selfish, Head Boy Potter. The bathroom door opened and a bunch of giggling 6th years bustled in. One girl walked over to the stall door and added a tally next to James' name.

Lily huffed indignantly; time to see what was so fascinating about him. She snatched her bag up and stormed out of the bathroom… time to find Potter.

The Marauders had just pulled a prank… a very large prank. They were walking down the Northern corridor. When they heard something from behind them.

" Potter! Potter!" James ignored Lily, figuring she was going to blame him for the prank his friends had pulled. He hadn't even been involved, and had taken a decent amount of points from Gryffindor.

"James!" she called. The Marauders stopped.

Lily ran up to them, " Lily," James began, " you are aware that you just called me-mmph!"

The Marauders gaped. Lily Evans had kissed James Potter, of her own free will.

She broke the kiss, " Huh!" she said, " I guess those girls were right. You are a good kisser! See you later James!" she called running off.

The marauders just stood there, dumbstruck. Suddenly James broke into a wide grin and touched his lips. He knew paying those girls a galleon each to put a tally next to his name was a good idea.