Every year at Hogwarts, many people loved the last feast they had a school before the Christmas break. The food was amazing, the decorations were breathtaking and… every year James Potter did something extravagant for Lily Evans and every year… she turned him down.

This year was different. James Potter had not asked Lily Evans out once.

As each of the houses sat down and began to eat, many of them were sneaking glances at the Gryffindor table. James Potter was laughing and joking around with the Marauders and Lily Evans was calmly chatting with her friends.

Professor Dumbledore stood up and waved his hands.

"Everyone. Now that we are all fed and watered, I wish everyone who will be leaving tomorrow a safe trip. Now if there is no other business?"

All eyes turned to James Potter. He stood up and walked over to Lily.

"Lily, every year I ask you out in some extravagant way and each year you turn me down. So I'm here to say that I am sorry. I'm sorry for pranking you and asking you out every three seconds. I hope we can get along for the rest of the year."

The hall was silent; everyone (minus the Slytherins) was waiting for Lily's reply.

She looked up at him.

"I forgive you James."

James smiled and went to go sit back down.

"James?" Lily called again.

Everyone had been resuming their conversations but at the sound of Lily's voice- they all stopped.

"Yes Lily?" James asked.

She smiled, "Would you like to go to Hogsmead with me?"

The entire hall was silent for a moment. Even the teachers were stunned.

James's eyes widened.

"O-of course Lily!"

There was silence once again and Sirius Black stood up.

"Three cheers for the love bugs!"

Sirius Black's comment was met with laughs and two spoonfuls of mashed potato, courtesy of Lily Evans and James Potter.

Lily and James had their first official date on the 30th of December and Lily never looked back. After the date, James asked her if she regretted asking him out and this was her reply…

"I don't regret asking you out, I regret saying no when you asked me out."