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Chapter 19: 3 on 3









Yusuke, Genkai and Kuwabara walked towards the middle of the ring to meet head on their opponents.

Ahead of Kuwabara was a small fighter maybe the same height as Hiei but since he was wearing a hooded cloak his face couldn't be seen.

Ahead of Genkai was a big fighter literally big, tall and fat. And like the other fighter that was all that could be distinguished.

Ahead of Yusuke would be an average size fighter. But what was different about him was that he had a sheathed sword on his left side.

"Alright fighters," Juri said as she raised her right hand to signal the start. "Begin!"

The middle fighter took off his cloak. He was build like the right hand man of Yomi before but it looked like he had more experience. His sword was just as long as Hiei's katana and he had a blue band tied around his for head.

"No way!" Koenma said.

"You know him?" Kuwabara wheeled around and asked Koenma.

"Of course he would if he shouted like that idiot." Hiei said.

Before Kuwabara could talk back Koenma said, "That's Lieutenant Hinagou. He's like that third one in command."

"Hinagou? But he's useless." Kaira said.

"Well apparently we don't know much about him," Koenma said.

Hinagou looked passed Yusuke and down towards Koenma and Kaira.

"Humph, looks like I'm stuck with the small fry's." Hinagou said.

"Why I oughta—″ But Kuwabara was cut off by Yusuke.

"We'll just see about that."

Hinagou smiled. "A tough guy huh? Well little kid you may be Raizen's descendant but I've got other people with me."

"Yeah." Kuwabara said sarcastically. "A big fat guy and little runt that's as tall as Hiei."

"He, let's see who's the winner after this fight is over." Hinagou said as he motioned his two teammates to remove their cloaks.

Yusuke and the others couldn't believe who they were fighting well except Kuwabara who was totally clue less.

The big fighter was Enki and the short one was Shura. Both had lifeless eyes.

"Uhhh, Urameshi who are these guys?" Kuwabara asked.

Yusuke just stared. "Man, I can't fight one of my Dad's friends. Heck I don't even know how strong he is," Yusuke thought.

"Urameshi?! Hello!!"

"Let me explain you idiot," Hiei said. "The big guy is the current ruler of Demon World and the short one is Shura, Yomi's son. If you don't know who Yomi is then you by far hold the title of Dumbest Spirit Detective in the history of Spirit World."

"Hey stop with the chatter and fight already!!" One demon from the audience said.

"Yeah, we want to see you take Urameshi down!"

"Well the people have spoken," Hinagou said. "And when they do, I can't possibly let them down, now can I," he said smiling and facing his opponents.

"Why don't you two warm u first," he said to his teammates. And like dogs being released to cats, Enki and Shura charged towards Yusuke and the others.


In the once VIP rooms of the teams owners, Fuzen was getting bored.

"General, your subordinate is sure taking his time," Fuzen said to General Ashi.

"Do not worry, my lord, he is just having a bit of fun," General Ashi said. But deep down he was thinking, "If you lose Hinagou, you can kiss your ranking and your life good-bye."

"What did you do to them," Elder Toguro asked.

Fuzen grinned. "I have actually no clue to that matter. You should ask Shima," motioning his second in command when it comes to his team.

"Hmmm, it was just a simple mind controlling medicine that I've developed. It's not as powerful as the ones I've used with Zed and Zai but it'll give you a run for your money," Shima said as coolly as he could. He wanted to show the new comer that he was the weakest of the group and that he was there because Fuzen couldn't find any one else.

Fuzen shifted in his seat. Enki was fighting both Yusuke and Genkai while Shura had his foot one Kuwabara's face.

"And here I thought Koenma's ex-spirit detectives were strong."


Kuwabara faced planted on the ground. "That little runt is annoying as Hiei," he thought.

Hinagou was just standing at the center of the ring doing nothing. Enki was pushing both Yusuke and Genkai to their best. Yusuke couldn't bring himself to fight Enki.

Suddenly Kuwabra heard some kind of crackling sound. He turned to Shura and saw that he was preparing for one of his fire attacks.

Kuwabara stood his ground and summoned his spirit sword.

Shura released his fire balls and shocking as it sounds, Kuwabra deflected each one of them.

The gang was dumbfounded.

"You guys don't actually believe that I wasted my time studying while you guys go off to Demon World do you?" Kuwabra asked as he played with his Spirit Sword. "Let's see what this brat has to offer then."

Genkai and Yusuke were still on the defensive.

"Yusuke cut the jokes and let's finish this guy." Genkai said. "That Hinagou is just standing there like this is some kind of show for him. He's waiting for us to tire one this two then he'll attack."

"I know that grandma, I just can't bring myself to punch this guy in the face," Yusuke said.

"Well then, I have a plan," Genkai said as both them continue to dodge Enki's attacks.

"What is it?"

"Let's switch partners." Genkai said.

"Sounds like a plan to me," Yusuke, ten he turned to his teacher. "Are you sure you can handle this guy?"

"Like they say: the bigger they are the harder they'll fall." Genkai smirked.

She made an offensive stance and motioned Enki to continue his attack.

When Enki tried to punch her, Genkai grabbed Enki's arm and light flowed from Enki towards Genkai.

"Looks like Genkai is absorbing energy from Enki, now that's a fine trick," Koto said to the audience.

At the center of the ring, Yusuke stood in front of Hinagou.

"Hate to rain on your relaxing time, but you're about to get your ass kicked," Yusuke said.

"Hmm, whatever detective," Hinagou said.

Yusuke charged towards him but when he was about an inch away from punching Hinagou Shura and Enki came and blocked Yusuke from attacking Hinagou. They attacked him and he was thrown back.

"What the—″, Yusuke said as he lifted himself up. Kuwabara and Genkai joined him on the opposite side of the ring.

"You see detectives, you can't touch me unless you finish these two first," Hinagou said. "But I don't think I even have to fight, Shura and Enki will finish the three of you."

After saying this, Hinagou of course laughed.


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