Chapter One

George Weasley and Alicia Spinnet have always got better along than Fred Weasley and Alicia Spinnet. So that was probably why some people didn't get surprised when the two of them were going to the Yule Ball together. But when they walked out of the Great Hall that night they were a little bit more than just friends. But they weren't a couple. They were just two people that liked to snog each other.

They usually sneaked away from their friends to find an empty classroom to snog in; George didn't tell Fred about what was going on between him and Alicia. But he didn't have to, cause Fred knew somehow. Their encounters with each other continued for about four months till they were discovered. It was the end of May. Everybody were in the Great Hall having lunch except for Alicia and George; they were more likely having each other for lunch.

George had Alicia pushed up against the desk and his hands were all over her and his tongue deep down in her throat. They were as close and intimate as two fully dressed people could be without actually shagging. And then, out of nowhere… Professor McGonagall came in. Saw the two of them, who literally jumped away from each other, and then she lost it.

Yelling at them that this is not an appropriate behavior for students, she had not expected this from two of her own students, and especially a prefect (Alicia). Still angry she gave them two weeks of detention, banned them from the next Hogsmeade trip and 20 points from Gryffindor. And that is the story of how George got his first detention without Fred.

Maybe the detentions weren't so fun, but they sure still had fun when everybody else was in Hogsmeade, they spent the most of the day being in George's bed exploring each other. None of them knew how much a simple touch could make your partner feel. That day they weren't just snogging and touching each other, you can say that it took a great while before it became nice, but when it became nice it wasn't just nice it was… amazing and wonderful.

Later that day when they sat down in the common room and when their friends came back from the trip they asked what they had been doing, they just looked at each other and answered that they had been studying. Yet again George didn't have to tell Fred what had happened, Fred somehow knew by one look from his brother.

A couple days later when Alicia and George had decided that it was time to tell their friends that they were together, everybody were like; "Duh, what do you think that we are, retarded?" aka, "We KNOW."

Then the summer came, and George and Alicia had to spend two months away from each other. But then a surprise came to Alicia when she arrived home. Her dad John Spinnet, who was an Auror, told her that their plans for the summer had been changed. Since Harry Potter had come back after the third task with Cedric Diggory's dead body and said that You-Know-Who were back, the Order of the Phoenix was gathered again. So that explained to Alicia why she found that her ex professor the werewolf and an escaped convict was currently staying at their house. Her dad also explained to her that she was going to spend the summer at the Orders headquarters in London and be a part of Mrs. Weasleys cleaning patrol.

"I hope that you don't have anything against spending the summer with the Weasley kids. Don't you have the twins in you class?" he asked her.

"Anything for you dad." She smiled, she didn't tell her dad that she and George was shagging, because if he knew that he would probably make her spend the summer with her three year older sister Cathy. George was also very happy that they were going to be together for the whole summer, even though they were locked into an old and very creepy house. They had made a silent agreement that they were not going to tell their parents about the two of them, it would just complicate things.

As you all know, George and Alicia are two 17 year olds with hormones pulling them into every possible direction. So it didn't take long until they wanted to spend the nights together. It was around the time that Hermione came to the headquarters that they saw their chance; Alicia had offered herself to move out of Ginny's room so Hermione can sleep in there since there was only room for two beds in every bedroom.

Around midnight when they were sure that everyone in the house had gone to sleep, George apparated into Alicia's room and stayed there until the morning hour when everybody started to get up. The first and the second night did everything go smoothly, so did the third and the fourth, but on the fifth everything didn't.

George had fallen to sleep too deeply when they were snuggling in the afterglow of their lust together and unfortunately he didn't wake up until the morning after and Mrs. Weasley walked into the room to wake up Alicia.

"What the Merlin is going on in here?" She bellowed when she saw the two of them sleeping (obviously not wearing so much) close on the small bed.

Alicia woke with a start when she heard the voice, but George just shifted a little and muttered that he needed five more minutes, but Alicia pushed him hard and he realized where he was and why. He flew up from the bed, standing next to the bed only wearing his trousers. "Mum." He said panicking knowing that his days as a free man were over.

Half an hour later were both Alicia and George sitting by the table in the kitchen. Alicia was leaning back in the chair, staring at her left knee with her arms crossed. George was sitting opposite her, but he was sitting straight in his chair, staring at the burn mark on the table. At the end of the table were three adults standing, both George's parents and Alicia's dad, but of all the three adults was only Mrs. Weasley looking angry.

"Before anything else is said." Mr. Weasley started. "Have you been safe?"

But when none of them answered or even looked up. Mrs. Weasley said, very angry. "Well, have you?"

"Safe as houses." Alicia muttered.

"I hope that you are aware of that even magical protections have its flaws." Mr. Weasley continued, keeping his calm.

"I can stand with Weasley's Wizard Wheezes and the no-stop magic, but this…" Mrs. Weasley could for once in her life time not find the words. "…so irresponsible."

"Are you mad?" Alicia asked, looking up at her dad that had so far been silent.

"No." he answered her simply. "I'm disappointed, disappointed that you're acting so immature. Both of you are having a year left in school."

"What if something would have happened?" Mr. Weasley joined in. "What if Alicia would have gotten pregnant by accident, taking care of a child is a lifetime commitment."

"I love both you and your sister." Mr. Spinnet continued. "But taking care of a child is the hardest thing I've ever done." Alicia's mum had died when Alicia was just a little baby, so he had to take care of the two girls by himself. "I don't know if George would bail on you or not, but your life would be ruined. No seeing the world, no career thinking."

One hour later Mr. Spinnet had arranged with his oldest daughter Cathy so Alicia could stay there for the rest of the summer. And when the school started again Alicia and George for some reason started to avoid each other, so it went on for the rest of the year. Alicia spent more time with Daniel Tempered, the male prefect and now head boy, they had always been friends so she told him about what had happened and he understood.

Quidditch was getting awkward also; Alicia had started to avoid Quidditch practices if it was possible, but if she went she was the last one to come and the first one to leave. She was actually the only one that was a little happy when George and Fred were suspended from the team.

It was after Christmas something actually happened; George had become jealous of the fact that Alicia and Daniel were so close, mostly because Daniel was one of the better looking guys in school. But George didn't admit to himself that he was jealous. So he got the idea that he should talk to Daniel about his and Alicia's friendship.

It was a Monday evening; the most students were at dinner when George found Daniel alone walking down a hallway toward the Great Hall. George saw his chance and walked up to Daniel.

"Are you shagging her?" George asked, not caring if anyone heard.

"What?" Daniel responded turning around toward George. "Who are you talking about?"

"You know sure as hell who I'm talking about. Are you shagging her?" George continued, he started to get angry, and was now only standing a foot away from him.

"Alicia and I are only friends." Daniel said and tried to walk away, but George stopped him. "What do you want me to say Weasley? That I'm shagging her senseless when she's crying about you?" Daniel had started to become annoyed. "Is that…" But he didn't come any longer on that sentence because George had hit him the face with his fist, breaking his nose.

"Don't talk about her like that." George said angry. But the moment that George said that did the hallway fill up with Gryffindor students that had finished dinner and was on their way to the common room. Among them were Alicia and Fred, all of the students stopped when they saw Daniel and George.

When Alicia saw Daniel, who was on the ground covering his drastically bleeding nose, both she and Fred ran over to the scene. "Did you do this?" she practically yelled at George when she was helping her friend to stand up. "Grow up George." She snapped angry at him and then walked with Daniel up to the hospital wing.

Both Fred and George stood back at the place until Alicia and Daniel had disappeared and the most of the students had left. "What do you think your doing?" Fred asked his brother angry and pushed him. "Your acting like an idiot, you know."

"Fred, it's not like you'll ever understand." George snapped back and then left.

It didn't take long until probably every student in Hogwarts knew what had happened between George and Daniel and unfortunately for George, Umbridge also found out about George and Daniel and that was the story about how George got his second detention without Fred.

Last time George ever saw Alicia was among the students who was witnessing 'The Great Weasley Escape'. Even though she still was mad at George for hitting Daniel, her face was smiling with excitement as she cheered them on.

It wasn't until one year later that she heard from George or Fred, it was actually Fred that came to her. He was waiting on her outside her flat. She was carrying groceries and her heavy bag which was containing a dozen different books she needed for the Auror Training that her dad had pushed her into, but it wasn't like she didn't want to be an Auror. She had always been very talented when it came to using Magic practically, and Alicia had always been very similar to her dad. Except for liking and playing Quidditch, John Spinnet had been much known for his opinion about Quidditch, every time that Alicia or somebody else mentioned Quidditch; he just frowned and muttered "Savages", it actually had something to do with Oliver Wood's father, who had been in the same year as John at Hogwarts.

Her father had also been known in the Wizarding world for being the only one that thought that it couldn't be Sirius Black who was behind the ranting to you-know-who about Lily and James's location. But the evidence was just too heavy for anyone to take him seriously.

"What are you doing here?" Alicia asked Fred when she saw him leaning toward the wall next to her flat.

"Here let help you." Fred said and took the bag or groceries from Alicia, who looked at him suspiciously.

"What did I tell you in the hospital wing after our first Quidditch match against Ravenclaw?" She asked him because she knew that only the real Fred would know the answer to that.

"'You are wrong Fred Weasley; George is so much cuter than you'." Fred smiled at the memory. "And also… 'Please Fred could you sneak into Davies's bedroom and kill him in his sleep.'"

It was the second statement that Alicia was after. When they had played against Ravenclaw that day, Davies had grabbed her face with both his hands and kissed her up in the air when Angelina was passing the Quaffle to her. She didn't like that memory, mostly because Fred had sent the bludger toward Davies when he kissed her, so that both Alicia and Davies had fallen off their brooms and ended up in the hospital wing. Davies had smiling said that it was worth it.

Alicia unlocked the door to her apartment and walked into the kitchen with Fred after her. "Why are you here? Is it on sacred business, anything changed?" Alicia meant the Order. Alicia had become a member in the Order of the Phoenix when she had left Hogwarts and started her Auror training. She was hoping that it was something about the Order, you see, her father had gone missing two months ago, she just hoped that she could get any sign about what had happened to him.

"No, the scarred mission is still unchanged." Fred said and Alicia knew that he meant the plan they had to extract Harry Potter from that Muggle house. Even though that George and Fred also were members of the order Alicia had found a way to avoid them, but Fred and George wasn't at so many meetings they had, they probably got to know the most important stuff later by some of the other members. She suspected that the joke shop took up the most of their time.

"Then what is it?" Alicia looked at Fred with a bit of concern, as she started to unpack her groceries.

"It's about George."