Chapter Twenty-Three; Shock

When Katie woke up a few hours later it wasn't because she was done sleeping; it was because she was being shaken to life by Dedalus who had a worried expression on his face.

"Katie...?" He asked her once she had slightly opened her eyes slightly.

"What?" She asked.

"Where's Alicia?" He asked.

"She just went out; she'll be back in a second." Katie muttered on the edge of falling asleep again.

"And when was that?" He continued.

"I don't know, it was so dark." Katie said.

"It's not dark outside anymore, it haven't been for at least an hour." Dedalus said and shook Katie once again.

"What?" Katie said and opened her eyes, she sat up straight in the chair and rubbed her eyes, letting then adjust to the light. "But she left just a minute ago." She looked around in confusion. "Oh no, I fell asleep."

"Where did Alicia go?" Dedalus asked.

"I don't know, she said..." Katie closed her eyes and tried to remember what Alicia had said. "She said that she'll soon be back, that she'll just check up on something."

"Well, she's not in her room, and she's not anywhere else." He continued.

"Are you sure?" Katie stood up and walked over to Alicia's room. "Alicia?" She called out in vain because nobody answered. "But where did she go?" She asked to herself once she came back unto the main room.

"That's exactly what I have been asking myself." Dedalus muttered.

Katie stood at the spot, trying to figure out why Alicia might have gone outside. But she was unable to find any reason.

Dedalus stood up. "I'm going to check up with the muggles, see if they might know something." He paused as if the next thing would be hard to say. "Then I'm going to contact Kingsley, tell him what have happened, that there might be a breach."

Katie nodded. "Sure, you do that..." She muttered.

Dedalus looked at Katie for a short moment before he walked away.

Katie was, to be honest, very confused, where had Alicia gone? She knew that Alicia could take care of herself and everything, but that didn't mean that Alicia couldn't be hurt, or even worse... Katie shook her head; it was hard to think about that.

Katie walked into the kitchen, looking out the window which showed the yard between the two houses. She saw how Dedalus entered the other house. It was still early in the morning, but the sun had been up for a while.

It was then that Katie heard that noise, she heard the front door open and then another door shut close with a loud bang. She turned around instantly and saw that the front door was half open. She was pretty frightened, was it Alicia coming back or was it something else?

She didn't see anything once she faced the door, but when she walked closer to it she saw a half hand print of blood on it. Her heart started to beat even faster. She turned to the other door that she had heard close with a bang; the handle to the door was also covered with blood. Whoever it was that had come in through the door was covered in blood, at least their hands were. Inside the bathroom the sound of running water could be heard.

"Alicia." She called out once again, frightened. She walked over to the bathroom and knocked on the door.

"Don't come in." She heard Alicia's voice from inside; her voice was disturbed by something. "Just stay away Katie."

Katie disregarded what she had said and opened the door anyway, now there was blood in her hand, but for her it was more important to learn what had happened to her friend.

The sight that met her when she saw Alicia was not a pretty one. There was blood on her clothes, covering most of her front and back, as though she had been lying in a pool of blood. There was also blood on her hands, which she furiously washed in the running water, splattered over her face. The blood on her face had in some places been washed off by the tears that came down her face.

"I told you not to come in." Alicia said frustrated.

"Let me help you." Katie responded and walked over to Alicia, how jumped by the tough of the other woman. "What happened to you?"

Alicia didn't answer that question, she was now done with her hands and started to look down at her clothes, the blue long-sleeved jumper and grey jeans that now was destroyed by the blood on it. Katie helped Alicia take the jumped off, the blood was also on the grey top she wore underneath.

"Oh Merlin, what happened?" Dedalus had now appeared in the opening of the bathroom door, asking the same question that Katie had asked earlier and just like her he didn't get an answer.

"Turn on the water for the shower." Katie instructed him. He did what she asked of him and then left with the door closed, turning on the shower was enough hint for him to know what was going to happen. Katie helped Alicia get off the remaining clothes before getting her into the shower so that she could more easily wash off the remaining blood in her body and in her hair.

"What happened to her?" Dedalus asked Katie first thing when she came out of the bathroom carrying the bloody clothes.

"She didn't tell me." Katie answered. "And I think that it'll be a while before we get anything out of her. Whatever it was must have set her into shock."

Katie was right; Alicia continued not to say anything about what had happened to her, why she was covered in blood. An hour after she had come back she lay in her bed just staring at the wall. Dedalus decided to take the safe way and inform Kingsley about the incident with Alicia.

Two days passed and Alicia still hadn't said anything. She still lay in the bed staring at the wall; she had also barely eaten anything which to be honest worried Katie even more.

The day after that a visitor came, George, he told them that he had overheard Kingsley and his dad talking about her, and he just needed to see her, know that she was alright. He brought with him an answer from Kingsley; they were to more Harry Potter's relatives to another safe location that was being fixed as soon as possible, which was two day from now.

George knocked on Alicia's door before entering and softly speaking her name.

She didn't move. He walked over to the bed, took off his jacket and shoes before crawling onto the covers and putting his arms around her, who now started to cry.

"I knew that it was only a matter of time that you showed up." She sobbed. "It only makes it worse because you're not really here."

"I am here; I'll always be here for you." He answered her.

She turned around in the bed to look at him. "I never meant for him to die, he didn't have to, there was so much blood and I couldn't stop it." She was crying even more now.

She told him what had happened through her sobs. Apparently the wizard that had appeared outside, watching the house was not a Death Eater, but Spanish wizards who worked for the Spanish ministry and sent to figure out why such a massive amount of magic was used at this place and what was going on there. They had captured Alicia and taken her away so that they could question her, they had spoken Voldemort's name and Death Eaters had shown up, fighting had broken out and both of the Spanish wizards and the two Death Eaters that showed up had been killed.

The blood on Alicia's clothes had come from on the Spanish Wizards who was not dead yet but seriously injured, she had tried her best to save him, but failed. Covered in the innocent man's blood she found her way out of where they had kept her and found her way to the safe house.

George saw easily that this war was on the verge of taking its toll on Alicia, this was the first time that she failed to save somebody, she felt as though she might just as well had killed him with her own hands, it was her fault that they had spoken the name and therefore the Death Eaters had shown up.

The tears kept coming down her face, it was hurting him to see her sad and destroyed like this; he wanted to take it away, make it all better. After she had told him what had happened, he tried to get her to sleep before he left her side. It didn't take long before he had calmed her down enough to get her to sleep. He held her for a few moments after she had fallen asleep; it was nice to hold her again, smell her, he had missed the way she smelt, as stupid as that sounded.

Once he was sure that she was sleeping he let go of her and quietly left the bed. When he walked out the door to her room he was met with two pairs of curious eyes. He told them what she had just told him, he couldn't look into their eyes as he told them, he didn't want to see how they reacted to what had happened to her.

The events that had occurred three days ago still haunted Alicia's memory and her dreams, she kept dreaming about it over and over again, how things could have gone different, how she could have saved that man's life. When she woke up she woke with a start, for the first few moments she couldn't move, she tried to breathe, but found herself unable to, she was paralyzed. After a few moments it released her and she turned around to her back, she was completely alone in the room. It must have also been a part of the dream that George had come back, a part of the nightmare.

She sat up in the bed, trying to avoid the sun shining in through the sole window, her head was pounding and her hair was a mess, she felt like shit.

Two knocks came on the door; she thought that it was Katie coming in trying to get her to eat something. She felt better today and hungrier since she had barely eaten something during the past days.

It wasn't Katie; it was the boy she had thought was a part of her dream.

"George." She said his name.

"You're up." He said with a smile. He was carrying a tray with some food on it; he walked into the room and placed the tray on the bed beside Alicia, while he himself sat down in front of Alicia on the side of the bed.

"You're here." She said; just to be certain she placed on of her hands on his cheek, it felt real enough. He tried to answer her but got interrupted by her mouth pressed against his. She ignored the food on the tray since the only hunger she currently felt was for him and nothing else.

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