The day was perfect, the grass was still sparkling with dew, and the leaves glowed green as the sun shone through them, dappling the forest floor. Moving silently through the branches of the trees was an elfling. Well it was as silent as one could expect from a child, but the look upon his face was one of such concentration that the elleth who stood under the tree merely pretended not to see him. After all this was her perfect child. She knew that one day he would grow into a great warrior, but at the moment she was content to let him play. She sighed, remembering the conversation her and her husband had had that morning, it was almost time for her little Greenleaf to grow up, soon the swords he wielded would be real, deadly steel, not blunt twigs. Sensing her mood the elfling dropped from the branches and landed gently by her side.
"Don't sigh, Naneth" he said, a solemn look upon his face ' I will always be with you"
"I know, darling, I know" she smiled, love filling her, as a butterfly landed on her son's hair. Laughing he clambered back up the tree
" My Legolas"