It really is amazing the ideas you come up with when listening to ABBA and doing your homework at the same time.

Doctor Who and all that paraphernalia are not mine, they belong to the BBC. Same with the lyrics. They belong to ABBA.

And this has gar nichts (zilch) to do with the record room series.


Sarah Jane was bored, an unusual feeling for her. She was going out for lunch with Harry that afternoon, but there was quite a time to kill until then, and all attempts to stop being bored remained futile.

In desperation, she flicked on the radio, and was greeted with ABBA singing their latest hit. It seemed that Benny, Bjorn, Agnetha and Anni-Frid were singing about her and the Doctor. Six months had passed, and he showed no sign of returning. Sarah was angry and worried. Had he been killed?

I don't wanna talk

About things we've gone through

Though it's hurting me

Now it's history

I've played all my cards

And that's what you've done too

Nothing more to day

No more ace to play

Sarah turned up the volume. Were the Swedish pop group singing about her...and him?

The winner takes it all

The loser standing small

Beside the victory

That's her destiny

"Well, that's what I had to do," said Sarah. Still, it was not a particularly good destiny anyway.

I was in your arms

Thinking I belonged there

Thinking it made sense

Building me a fence

Building me a home

Thinking I'd be strong there

But I was a fool

Playing by the rules

The gods may throw a dice

Their minds as cold as ice

And someone way down here

Loses someone dear

The winner takes it all

The loser has to fall

It's simple and it's plain

Why should I complain

She had a right. Those Time Lords forbade humans from setting foot on Gallifrey which was why she had ended up in Aberdeen instead of South Croydon in the first place.
"Their hearts must be like glaciers" Sarah said, stretching slightly. And because of them, she and her best friend, her very best friend, had been separated.

"He probably has a new companion now," she muttered, feeling sick at the thought.

But tell me does she kiss

Like I used to kiss you

Does it feel the same

When she calls your name

Somewhere deep inside,

You must know I miss you

But what can I say

Rules must be obeyed

The judges will decide

The likes of me abide

Spectators of the show

Always staying low

The game is on again

A lover or a friend

A big thing or a small

The winner takes it all.

Kiss him? Not likely. Though she'd wanted to. The fact was, she loved the Doctor, especially his fourth incarnation. And it wouldn't (she hoped) feel the same, when his new companion said his name. It certainly wouldn't sound the same as Sarah's Liverpool accent.

The Time Lords set his fate. And she had to accept it. While the UNIT crew, namely, Benton, Yates, Harry and the Brigadier, had remarked on none of it, at least not while she was away. She still remembered the shock and surprise, and delight in Harry's voice when she had called him after (finally) arriving back in Hillview Road. It had taken the best part of a day to get from the back end of Scotland to south of London.
And as for the Doctor, he had had to choose between his race and his friend. Well really it was a Hobson's choice. "But it was so bitterly unfair," she hissed, angrily.

I don't wanna talk

If it makes you feel sad

And I understand

You've come to shake my hand.

I apologize

If it makes you feel bad

Seeing me so tense

No self-confidence

But you see

The winner takes it all

The winner takes it all...

Wasn't that what Harry had said to her when they first met up again? If it made her too sad, she wouldn't talk about it? Before long however, her barriers collapsed and everything had spilled out.

Except what she felt about the Doctor, of course.

That would be her little secret.