Just an Ordinary Day

Seven a.m. The alarm goes off and Rose takes a moment to glare at it, willing time backward a few hours, or even better forward to her next day off. Knowing such thoughts are futile, she rolls out of bed and rushes through her morning routine. Get dressed, wash face, brush teeth, brush hair, put on makeup. She skips a trip to the kitchen for breakfast even though she knows she shouldn't. A quick kiss to her mother and she takes off, bag slung over her shoulder.

Down the dingy concrete steps, across the yards, down the street and around the corner to the bus stop. She nearly misses the bus and has the run at full pace to make it in time. Any later and she'd be stuck waiting, the minutes ticking by until she's inevitably late for work. As it is she hangs near the exit to hop off as easily as possible and run inside.

Once the hectic stress of getting to work is over, time slows to a standstill. Fold hoodie, move to different rack, assist customer, ring up a sale, go back to refold hoodie that customers have already tossed in a heap in the wrong section. She can honestly stay within the same ten feet all day and never run out of work.

Lunch with her boyfriend offers a brief reprieve, but even that is rushed by only a 20 minute break. Run down the street and grab a sandwich, make a few calls on the walk to the square, meet up, chat, eat, share a kiss or two and off they go in separate directions again.

She takes some heat from the manager for getting back late, then gets shuffled off to pull some inventory to restock the shelves. Box of shirts, box of tanks, box of belts. Finally done she makes a beeline for the door but is held up by the security guard who reminds her that it's her turn to bring down the lottery money. With a sigh she grabs the bag and marches off to the lift.

She hits the button and stands back, letting the lift bring her down. She'll hand Wilson the lottery money, smile awkwardly at an inappropriate joke, then head out, catch up with Mickey at the pub, watch TV with her Mum, go to bed and repeat the days events again.

She doesn't meet up with Wilson. She skips the pub with Mickey. She refuses to watch the telly with her Mum. She's barely able to get to bed.

Seven a.m. The alarm goes off and the day is anything but ordinary.