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Chapter One:

'Books Build Better Brains'

"You know, I don't think that school starting up again is all that bad. In fact, it was even more boring without homework over the summer!" Sam declared, making Tucker look at her strange.

"You are completely nuts, Sam--well, I guess it is good that I was nominated for a role on the Student Council," Tucker beamed,"It's great that I've finally been noticed for all my hard work."

"Hard work?" Danny asked, a sarcastic tone in his voice that normally came from Sam,"They only let you in because you claimed to know about a lot of people in the school!" Sam nodded in agreement.

"What's with you always taking her side?" Tucker asked ina pleading voice, turning on Danny.

"I don't always-- wait! Do I?" Danny looked confused. Sam thought about it for a moment, and then answered,

"Actually, I think you do. I can't remember one time that you and Tuck were both against me on something..."

"See?!" Tucker pointed out. Sam and Danny glanced at eachother, but looked away as their eyes met.

"Well, I'm sure it's just because we both know who's always right...which would be me, of course!" Sam laughed. Tucker found the perfect moment, and then commented,

"Well, I think you both just think alike, that's all--" he was cut off at the end by a loud 'beep', that was followed by a PA that announced Tucker had been elected to the Student Council, and was to report to their meeting room as soon as possible. He immediately started jumping up and down like a little girl that had just found the prize at the bottom of the cereal box. He ran off, leaving Sam and Danny alone, leaning against their locker.

"Well..., I think Tucker was happy he got into the Council," Sam smirked, trying to break the silence.

"Uh, yeah, heh...so, anything going on with you?" Danny asked nervously, trying to keep up the conversation. Not thinking of anything to say, Sam reduntantly replied "no".

But luckily, she was able to avoid anymore uneasy silences; the loud, warning bell rang for the first class. Sam escaped, using her time wisely. She reached her seat, sitting down as the bell echoed again through the halls.


Okay, hopefully I waon't get too many flames from this one...and I'm REALLY sorry that this chapter is so short, but it's really more of an introduction than a chapter...you know, like a prologue? Anyway, I promise to update soon! ...for real this time! I usually wait another month before starting up again, but I've already started and I PROMISE it will be up before another week is through!

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