I love my nii-nii Kishu

Chapter one- Green Bandana

'Tokyo-bound express now arriving on Track 8' the announcer voice said over the large speaker that was fitter to the wall of the train station.

'For your safety, please stay behind the yellow line'

A woman sitting on a bench stared at the two girls standing dangerously close to the edge of the platform, noticing that they both had large weird elf ears, she shrugged this off, guessing that they were most likely cosplayers for something.

The pair were both blankly staring a head and the smaller seemed to be crying lightly. The younger small girl had long emerald green hair and her companion seemed much older and had short blood red hair.

"We lost again" the green haired child whimpered rubbing her light blue eyes with the back of her hand. The older girl took her hand in her own, holding it comfortingly and gave her a small sad smile.

"We'll try harder next time" she stated.

The woman to the side turned her attention back to her newspaper that she had been reading, smiling to herself looking at the date. Friday thirteenth of June.

'It's almost the weekend! I can finally go get drunk with my friends!' she thought merrily to herself. A soft rumble began as the train approached, even though it was slowing to stop, it was still large and fast.

The two girls looked at the train and then without a word they both jumped down onto the track awaiting the impact.

The woman, hearing screaming suddenly looked up from the article she had been reader about Tokyo Mew Mew. The train was breaking strangely and had past her but blood was splattered all over the tracks, to her horror she spotted a small arm of a child that had been torn from the body and throw across the track with the once light green bandana wrapped around the wrist now covered in blood.

"What's the matter koneko-chan?! Too strong for you?!" Kish yelled at Ichigo as she and the other mews fought a spider Chimera Anima, that had been destroying the park.

"Shut up!" Ichigo screamed back, furious that she had been called away from her date with Aoyama to fight, and to make things worse there was no point to this, there was no Mew aqau to be gained here, Kish just did it to annoy her, she was sure.

"Kish! Stop messing around!" Pai yelled as he and Tart teleported behind their friend both looking rather annoyed.

"Aw, but their so fun to mess around with!" Kish whined with a mischievous grin plastered on his smug face.

"STRAWBERRY SURPRISE!!" Ichigo called turning the Chimera Anima into a normal spider. Ichigo glared heatedly up at Kish who simply smiled and blew her a kiss in return.

"NII-NII!!" A girl's voice screamed before Kish was tackled by a blury white and green thing that latched itself onto him. Crying into his stomach. Kish was almost thrown backwards and fought to keep his balance in the air. It took his mind as few moments of blank staring before he realised what he had been tackled by, or rather who.

"Nii-nii why haven't you come home yet?! You promised you would be gone for only a little while! You promised! You did! Why nii-nii?! Why did you have to get chosen to come here?! Nii-nii!" The little girl clinging onto his cried, Kish picked her up, with her legs around his waist and arms around his neck. She held onto him as if the secound she let go he would disappear.

"Shh, Anju it's alright, calm down" Kish said rubbing her back comfortingly with one hand and the other arm wrapped around her.

"Who's this?" Tart asked floating over staring at the small girl in suprise.

"My little sister" Kish replied not taking his eyes from the girl in his arms.

"You never said you have siblings" Pai said with his usual uninterested expression.

"You never asked" Kish retorted, which was true, Pai had concentrated on the mission the whole time and not really bothered to find out about Kish's family.

"Aw she's so cute na no da!" Pudding squealed happily. "She looks just like Kish!" she wailed finding Anju completely adorable, Ichigo glared at her slightly, though she stared up at the little girl as well.

'She really does look like him though, when they're together like that Kish looks somehow different... probably because he isn't smirking evilly like her usually does, he looks so much more kind like that..." the pink haired, cat eared girl thought to herself.

"Lets go back, there is no point in staying here any longer" Pai stated turning to Kish and Tart and teleporting to their ship, shortly followed by the other two.

Kish gently lowered Anju to the ground, Pai looked her over, memorising her apperance, the first thing he noticed was that she looked like she had lived on the streets for quite a while, he never knew Kish was homeless, maybe that was why he was always so lazy, enjoying the luxuries that came with their space ship home, after being deprived of them for so long, Pai reasoned. He glanced back at Anju, who was looking around the meeting room they were currently in.

She had long waist length matted and tangled emreld green hair, light blue eyes though they were somewhat hidden beneath her hair since it was in such a bad condition. She wore simply a plain but filthy white mid thigh dress with no arms, a light green but also dirty bandana tied around her left wrist. She wore no shoes, and she was worringly thin and appeared very malnutritioned she also looked like she hadn't had a bath in ages. The last thing was that she was cradling a raggy looking back cat soft toy in her arms.

Anju noticed Pai watching her intently and shuffled behind Kish clinging onto him.

"Anju, why are you here… hold on how did you even get here?" Kish asked looking down at his small sister "I told you to stay with Pancake"

"Pancake-chan died nii-nii… he got sick…" Anju mumbled with her face muffled in his waist, though he could feel her beginning to cry against his skin.

"Oh god… when?" Kish chocked out his mind feeling completely numb, shit, his best friend was dead, what the hell was he going to do?

"'Bout three months ago" Anju replied not moving from her clinging position, or even looking up at him.

"Was it Geostigma?" Tart asked with an look of sympathy and understanding on his face, Anju glanced up at him and nodded with tear filled eyes.

"How did you get here?" Kish asked again.

"After you left, Pancake-chan started getting ill, so I had to go get food and cause I'm small some older kids kept beating me up and stealing it so we didn't have any food at all so we didn't have anything to eat and Pancake got worse, the he told me to get the doctor but he was so busy cause tons of people are sick he couldn't come and when I woke up one morning Pancake was dead. Those kids who stole from me one day came back and said sorry and all but I started crying cause it was too late so this girl 'bout your age, nii-nii took me with them and they gave me some of the food they stole then I told them I wanted to see my nii-nii so they took me to that big teleporty thingy then I got here two weeks ago"

"We have to hurry and destroy all humans, so that our people can live here" Pai stated, feeling rather sorry for this little girl, she had obviously been throught an awful lot. Anju stared up at him and gave a small smile.

"We're gonna live here? Yay! I like it here! Tons of pretty flowers and animals and lottas other super stuff" she cheered letting go of her older brother and spining around happily. Kish knelt down and wrapped his arms around her small frame, gently picking her up.

"I'm going to give her a bath" Kish announced walking out of the door and heading towards his room.

"She's really cute!" Tart said happily, "Can we keep her?" He turned to the older alien.

"Well we can't just leave her, can we? especially one of our own kind, but I don't think Deep blue is going to like this" Pai sighed, guessing that Deep blue would see a small child such as Anju useless to the misson and have her sent back to their home planet.

Kish carried Anju through his bedroom and into the small connected bathroom, which was rather simple but had all the necessaries, and there were light green floor and wall tiles.

He lowered his little sister to the floor and walked over to the bathtub. The tap gave a short groaning sound as he turned the knob and hot clear water pored out, filling the tub. Anju pulled her dress up over her head and removed her underwear, she climbed in to the bath tub, plopping down into the water taking the cat toy with her and submerging it under the water trying to wash off all the flith that had clung onto it from being dragged around with her all the time. Kish picked up a nearby cloth and bar of soap and began scrubbing at her face with the now soapy cloth.

"It's hard to believe that my adorable baby sister is hidden somewhere under all this mud" Kish chuckled and smiled as clean pale milky skin began to show. He grabbed a bottle of conditoner, sqeezing some into his hand and rubbed it in Anju's long hair.

"This will make you feel tons better" Kish grinned, watching over her shoulder as she played with her toy, splashing in in and out of the foamy water.

"Hanyuu-chan is happy too cause she's all clean now" Anju giggled smiling up at her older brother.

"Hanyuu?" the green haired boy asked confused "I though it's name was Kitty" he stated while in deep thought about the toy.

"Hanyuu-chan isn't like Kitty-chan" Anju replied patting the toy on the head fondly. Kish noticed that she was still wearing the green bandana wrapped around her wrist

"You know you can take that off" Kish said while rubbing more conditioner in to her long hair and then rinsing it.

"But mama said that if I don't take it off I can use my magic" Anju whined staring at him with her large eyes

"You can when your washing" Kish explained, knowing that their mother had only told her that so she would leave that weird birth mark on his wrist alone, he reached down to removed it but Anju shoved his hand away and cupped her right hand around her wrist.

"Don't wanna take it off!" she wailed bearing her tiny little fangs, Kish grabbed her wrist and pulled it up towards him roughly but not enough to cause her pain and yanked the bandana off. Long bright red cat like scratches were reviled along her wrist, Kish grabbed her shoulders forcing her to turn around in the bath tub to look at him and glared at her furiously.

"Anju!" he yelled grabbing her chin and lifting her face to look directly at him "What did you use this time?!" Kish asked staring angryly into her eyes.

"… My fingernails…" Anju admitted staring down at the cat toy in her arms rather than the angry boy in front of her. Kish swiftly stood up and walked out of the door back into his bedroom, Anju didn't look at him as he came back in holding a small pair of scissors and took one of her hands into his own and began cutting her claw like nails to a short and safe lenght.

"Why do you keep doing this?!" He asked in a annoyed tone, as he began to work on the other hand, Anju looked up at him sadly.

"Sorry nii-nii…" she uttered quietly, Kish's eyes softened and he rubbed his hand over her hair gently.

"Time to get out" He said watching her espectantly, Anju reached out her small arms towards him with a pleading expression on her face, Kish sighed knowing that she wanted him to help her and sat down on the edge of the tub and placed a towl over his lap. Lifting her out of the water carefully he sat her on his lap and wrapped the towl around her wet body, gently rubbing her dry.

Anju silently rested her head on his chest and hugged the soaked cat toy to herself tighter. Kish could hear small sobbing sounds coming from her as if she was trying very hard not to cry, he ceased rubbing her arms and instead wrapped an arm around her little waist and pulled her closed to his body and with the other hand stroked her damp hair.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you, ok?" he apologised holding her tightly, Anju nodded slightly and gripped her hands onto his shirt so hard that her knuckles turned bright white. Kish carefully stood up still holding her and carried her through to the next room and sat on the rather large double bed with clean, dark green sheets and black pillows cradling his baby sister closely resting his head ontop of hers.

"I really, really missed you nii-nii" Anju whispered quietly, so quiet that her brother could hardly hear, but his strong ears picked up her small voice.

"I missed you too" Kish replied, trying not to cry. He had missed her terribly and worried about her everyday and now having her back so unespectantly made a wave of different emotions wash over him and almost make him lose controll. Anju snugged up to the warmth of his body a small smile of content slowly making it's way across her face as she began to dift off to sleep. Kish noticed this and gently, as not to wake her, laid her down on the bed and pulled up the covers up to her neck and tucked her in.