Pai closed his eyes preparing himself for the pain that was about to come

Pai closed his eyes preparing himself for the pain that was about to come. He gasped when he felted the blade pierce into his… arm? He opened his eyes and stared at the sword embedded into his upper left arm and blood running down. Hanyuu was shaking as she stared at the wound caused that she had caused.

"Number-three, what are you waiting for?! Kill him!" Deep blue yelled, furious that she had stopped. She ripped the sword back out, making Pai gasp in pain and hold the blade back up near his chest to try again, though her hands were badly shaking.

"Hanyuu look in my hand!" Pai growled at her, she stared at him confused, but did so anyway and glanced around him to where his hands were bound behind his back. Pai summoned a small object; Hanyuu took it from him and stared at it, as tears began to fall down her face once more.

"You remember that don't you? Remember when we were kids" Pai mumbled still somewhat glaring at her, Hanyuu looked from him and back to the thing in her hands. It was a small rocked in the shape of a heart, most of its pink paint seemed to have worn off and it was now grey with traces of its old colour.

"Y-you kept this… all this time?" she chocked out

"This way Pai!" Hanyuu called running into one of the small caves

"Hey where are we going?" he asked as he flew after her

"I left something really cool here yesterday" she replied crouching down and peered behind a large rock. "Found it!" she grinned happily standing up and brushing the dirt from her knees. She walked back over to Pai holding something behind her back.

"Ok, close your eyes and hold out your hands" Hanyuu grinned, Pai did as he was told and felt something hard being placed in his hands. "Ok open your eyes" she said, Pai did and looked down to find a pink heart shaped rock.

"Did you make this?" He asked smiling up at her

"Yup, it kind of took a while though cause I had to find some paint to colour it" Hanyuu smiled sheepishly before continuing "I made it for you cause you're my only and best friend"

"Thank you" Pai said smiling giving for a small hug.

Hanyuu lowered the sword and gripped the stone in her other hand tighter, she stared into Pai's eyes as tears silently slid down her face, Pai gave her a small smile.

"Kill him!" Deep blue ordered again.

"…No" Hanyuu managed to say still looking at her friend. "I won't… I quit" she stated turning around slowly and glaring at the man.

"What?" he asked growling in anger.

"I'm not doing anything for you anymore" she said shakily, but gaining more and more confidence.

"But I'll kill the child!" Deep blue yelled

"No… I don't want this anymore…" Hanyuu muttered staring at her reflection in the sword's polished metal. "I don't want to be a guinea pig for you to experiment on and control anymore…" she said, changing her grip on the weapon so that the blade was facing her "…I want to end this" she stated before plunging the sword into her own stomach. Gasping in pain she dropped to the floor shaking for a moment as blood formed a small pool around her, with her hands still clutching the sword's handle and the heart shaped rock.

Pai stared at her in horror, desperately wanting to kneel down beside her and hold her in his arms, but the guard behind him with a firm grip on him, made sure that wouldn't happen.

"Han-chan!" Chie screamed crying.

Deep blue calmly walked over and bent down, taking a hold of the sword's handle, with one vicious yank, he pulled it out of Hanyuu's body and admired the blood dripping from the blade.

"What a pity" he stated blankly "Although, she was always a trouble maker" he turned to the two guards still holding onto Pai and Chie. "Take him and lock him up with the others and put the child in one of the experiments prisons" Deep blue ordered, they nodded and lead away their prisoners.

"Let go of me nyuu!" Chie wailed as she was carried along a white and plain corridor, like the ones in a hospital. "I want onee-chan!" she cried fighting against the man.

A group of people came along carrying a stretcher with a body in a body bag. The guard stopped them and asked "What happened?"

"Number-32 killed one of her carers" the nurse said glancing back at the body "rather nasty this time, she completely tore him apart, it took us a while to gather all of the body parts" she said grimly.

"Can you take this one to a cell? I might be needed if they haven't controlled her yet" the guard said as he handed Chie over to the woman.

"Oh, she's Number- 24, right?" she asked looking down at Chie who was tucking her head under the woman's chin scared, he nodded and walked down in the direction they had come from.

"Chie no wannas go in the prisons nyuu, Chie will be loney in there nyuu" the little girl wailed "Chie wanna go with friends nyuu" she said clinging onto the nurse.

"I can't let you go back with the others but I could let you stay with me" she smiled back at the girl in her arms.

"Okies Nyuu" Chie sighed resting her head on the woman's chest and she was carried along a few corridors and up a set of stairs until they came to a small office room. Chie was set down on a leather swivel chair and she watched as the nurse walked over to a closet and returned with a Anju's black cat toy. Chie took the toy handed to her and stared at it.

"Kitty-chan is An-chan's nyuu" she said looking confused.

"The little girl with green hair told me to give it to you before they took her away" the nurse explained. Chie's eyes filled with tears that slowly slipped down her face and she hugged the toy to her body. The nurse watched her helplessly, not knowing what to do.

"Hey… please stop crying little one" she soothed rubbing Chie's back comfortingly.

"Let me out! I'll give you all the toast you want!" a voice cried from inside the cupboard.

"Who's that nyuu?" Chie asked sniffling, wiping her wet eyes and nose on the back of her hand and rubbing it clean on her dress.

"It's the toaster you were carrying when you were captured" the older woman replied, Chie's eyes widened, her eyes pricked up and her whole face brightened.

"Get him out nyuu!" Chie ordered, pointing to the cupboard, the nurse nodded and walked over, opening the cupboard.

"Whoa finally! Its really horrible in there, you should clean it out" Talkie Toaster said as he was lifting into the arms of the nurse and carried over to the little girl. Chie took the toaster and gave it a small hug. Then she had something she didn't usually have, an idea. She stared at the toaster, then at the nurse.

"Chie is sorry nyuu" Chie said looking up at the woman.

"For wha-" before she could even finish, Chie threw Talkie right at her face with a lot of strength, giving a loud screech she fell to the floor clutching her head in pain. Chie picked the toaster back up and forced it down onto her head again.

"For that nyuu" Chie said, holding the toaster that was now slightly covered in blood.

"I refuse to be used as a weapon!" Talkie Toaster yelled angrily.

"Aw, but we make a good team nyuu!" Chie whined grabbing a key card she had seen on the nearby table before walking out of the room with Talkie in her arms, leaving the barely conscious woman lying on the floor moaning in pain.

"Nii-nii! Nii-nii!" Anju whimpered as tears ran down her cheeks, she had no idea where she was, since she had lost her eyesight again and now everywhere she looked all she could see was darkness. Whenever Anju tried to move she found that she couldn't and that she was strapped down onto some sort of table.

"Nii-nii save me" she cried straining against the straps holding her down.

"I believe that you will find that your beloved 'nii-nii' won't be able to save you this time" a dark voice, who she instantly recognised as Deep blue, cackled.

"You're wrong! Nii-nii will come!" Anju yelled, her fear evolving into rage, she winced when he placed his hand against the side of her face. "Where's Nemuri-sama?! And why can't I talk to the other one you mean girly bastard?!" Anju snarled at him angrily, she screamed in pain as a knife stabbed into her arm.

"You shouldn't talk to your master like that!" Deep blue seethed, pulling the knife up and plunging it back down.

"Y-you're not my master!" Anju growled trying to resist the urge to cry out for her brother knowing he would just laugh at her.

"I soon will be master of everything, and the part of the creature inside you will not come because I have the crystal with me" the man stated moving the knife around making the stab wound bigger. Deep blue stared at her face, tears of pain silently rolling down her face with her teeth clenched and her eyes shut tightly. "Aren't you going to scream for your precious 'nii-nii'? Doesn't it hurt?" he asked.

"I know nii-nii can't come, I wanna show him I can do things for myself" Anju stated.

"You're way too cocky you little bitch" Deep blue growled, lifting the knife and plunging it down into her wrist. Anju gasped in pain but did no more.

'This is just like that time' she thought, remember the time when Kish had left her and her father had tortured her to death, though she hoped this wouldn't have the same outcome of her being disembowelled. Although, if she died and went back in time again, she could just try harder the next time. Anju knew that Deep blue wouldn't kill her, instead her would rejoin her with the real Nemuri and then steal her powers and kill everyone. She wondered if she forced her neck upwards could she strangle herself with the strap around her neck and kill herself, yes she would try harder next time, and not let Hanyuu betray them.

"Oh, by the way, that stupid friend of yours turned against me, and killed herself" Deep blue mentioned wondering if she would cry if she thought Hanyuu was dead.

"Han-chan died?" Anju whimpered as more tears slid down her face. She remained silent for a few minutes while thinking, and Deep blue simply watched her fascinated. Anger swept over her again as she yelled, "You're lying! I can sense Han-chan! I can sense all the experiments, they're really sad cause you and everyone here is mean to them! I won't give up so I can save them all, all my friends and nii-nii and Ichi onee-chan! So I'm gonna be strong for nii-nii!"

"You're annoying me now!" Deep blue yelled stabbing the kinfe back down into her wrist and twisting the blade around, watching as blood pored out. When she didn't react as he wanted he moved to her face and began slicing her cheeks.

"…N-nii-nii, are you watching? This is how much stronger I have become… no matter what happens I won't give up" Anju whimpered.

"Is anyone here?!" Hanyuu cried looking around, she found that she was standing alone in a seemly never-ending field of flowers. "Hello?!" she called again, beginning to get scared.

"Hello Hanyuu" a soft voice said, Hanyuu turned around to see, a girl around the same age of fifteen standing a small distance away, she had long blood red hair that reached her waist, blood red eyes that shimmered with happiness, and she wore a plain black knee length dress and a red ribbon wrapped around her neck.

"Onee-chan…" Hanyuu gasped, staring in awe at the girl she had been cloned from, Nerine. She ran forwards to embrace her sister, but found she couldn't, she ran even faster through the flowers but it was if she wasn't moving at all. Nerine gave her a small smile and explained.

"You can't reach me yet, you're still in the world of the living and I am not"

"I'm not dead?" Hanyuu asked, with a confused and saddened expression on her face and Nerine nodded. "Then why are you here?" she asked, as tears slowly slid down her face.

"I know that you wanted to free your siblings but betraying your friends wasn't the right way" Nerine scolded in a gently tone, knowing that Hanyuu was already deeply hurt by what she had done.

"What do I do then? I really want everything to stop I can't take this anymore. I want to come with you" Hanyuu cried.

"Han-chan you have so much to live for, just try your best ok and help save Nemuri and Anju" Nerine said still smiling.

"But I can't save Nemuri, that will make Anju disappear" Hanyuu muttered rubbing at her stinging eyes.

"Just promise me that you'll do your best for Anju ok? Its her choice what happens"

"Ok…" Hanyuu said, her eyes widened in horror as Nerine began to disappear, she ran forwards again but tripped over landing on her stomach.

"No! onee-chan take me with you!" she screamed reaching out her hands.

"I'm sorry, you can't come with me you have a place to return to, I love you Hanyuu" Nerine smiled as she disappeared.

Hanyuu felt as if she was lying down, and she was aware that her stomach badly hurt. She forced her eyes open with a lot of trouble and found that she was lying in a bed.

"Oh good, you're awake" a woman's voice said kindly, Hanyuu blinked slowly in confusion then turned her head to face the voice's owner. Her eyes met a woman, probably not that much older than herself sitting on a chair beside the bed, she had long dark blue hair tied up into a plat and light green eyes watching her from behind a pair of glasses. She wore a white lab coat over a pale green strap dress.

"I'm alive?" Hanyuu chocked out trying to sit up a little, she screeched as pain flared up all over her lower body.

"Don't move, lay still otherwise you'll disturb your wound" the woman said gently lowering Hanyuu back down. And taking a soaked cloth out of a bowl of water that was sitting on the bedside table. "I need to check you're wound, I think its bleeding again" she said carefully lifting the bed covers off of Hanyuu. The red haired girl glanced down at herself and found that she was completely naked and that bandages had been wrapped around her lower body and they were soaked with blood.

"Where are my cloths?" Hanyuu muttered irritably

"We had to remove them to treat you" the nurse explained as she untied the knot in the bandages and gently began unwrapping them, Hanyuu mumbled something unintelligible and rested her head back on the pillows, glaring up at the white ceiling above.

"You're very lucky to be alive" the nurse said softly, Hanyuu looked down at herself again and grimaced at the bright red, painful looking wound, it had been sown up but was large and still bleeding. "I'm sorry but this will hurt" the nurse said, taking the cloth and gently pressing it on the wound. Hanyuu screamed in pain and tried to sit up again, the nurse pushed her back down and held her arms firmly so that in her struggling she wouldn't hurt herself even more.

"Its ok calm down, you're alright" she soothed gently releasing her and wrapping fresh bandages around Hanyuu's body.

"You call this being alright?!" Hanyuu snapped angrily "Why couldn't you of just left me to die?!"

"…Deep blue wanted you to watch with the others when he rejoins the little girl with the alien" the nurse said quietly, starring down at her lap.

"Is that why he hasn't killed them yet? He wants to gloat about winning?!" Hanyuu asked miserably.

"I don't know…"

"I should of just died! I don't want to live anymore!" Hanyuu muttered glaring at the woman, forcing her body to sit up and ignore the pain.

"You have to rest!" the nurse ordered grabbing Hanyuu's arms, she pushed her away, and manages to get out of the bed, standing up shakily.

"Why? I'm going to die anyways" Hanyuu growled, "I have to save Anju!"

"I can't let you go!" the nurse yelled in a threatening tone, blocking the way between Hanyuu and the door.

"I have to save Anju, and I will kill anyone who gets in my way!" Hanyuu muttered staggering towards the woman. The nurse backed away slightly, becoming scared. She ran towards the door to call for security. Hanyuu looked at the wall to her side, staring at the lead piping that ran along the wall, she moved towards it, grasping onto it and with one vicious yank, she ripped a long piece from the wall. She ran after the nurse not caring for her state of nudity. Hanyuu caught up with her and smashed the pipe against the woman's head, the nurse gave a scream of pain and slumped down to the floor. Hanyuu raised the pipe above her head before forcing in back down onto the woman's head, blood splattered as Hanyuu repeated beating the helpless woman to death.

Hanyuu dropped the pipe and leaned against the wall, panting heavily and she growled in pain as her wound began bleeding again.

"We have to get out of here" Ryou sighed pacing around the small room trying, and failing, to think of a plan to escape. Pai had been returned but he hadn't told them about what had happened to Hanyuu, he looked sadly at the heart shaped rock that the guard had kindly picked up for him, seeing us at it useless.

"I just wish something would come, anything!" Ryou wailed, he didn't head the door behind him open, or noticed the excited looks of everyone.

"Chie!" Ichigo cried happily running forward and pushing past the blonde.

"Yeah, even Chie, I wish she would come" Ryou sighed.

"Chie you have a key card!?" Pai asked astonished.

"Yeah Chie with a key card would be useful…" Ryou muttered then he realised, he spun around to see Chie standing in the doorway, holding the key card in hand and the cat toy and Talkie Toaster in the other arm.

"Chie I'm so happy you're ok!" Ichigo exclaimed happily hugging the small girl.

"Heehee, Chie is happy she found you all, it took forever nyuu" Chie sighed tiredly, handing the key card to Pai who looked at it with great interest. Kish noticed the cat toy.

"Where's Anju? When did you get that?" he asked worriedly gesturing to the toy.

"Dunno nyuu, a nursey gave Chie An-chan's kitty, she said that An-chan tolds her that she wanted Chie to have kitty" Chie explained sadly.

"We have to find Anju!" Kish exclaimed

"I know where the little girl is" Talkie Toaster announced. Everyone stared at the small machine surprised.

"You do?! Where?!" Kish asked hopefully.

"Oh no, you don't get it that easily, I'll tell you if everyone eats ten slices of toast each" the toaster bargined.

"Alright!" Kish agreed.

Ten slices of toast later

"So where is Anju?" Ichigo asked finishing her last slice.

"Well I overheard two women and a man talking and one of them said" the toaster explained.

"Said what?" Kish asked impatiently.

"Eat twenty more slices each" Talkie Toaster announced, everyone sighed.

Twenty slices of toast later

"My tummy can't take anymore na no da" Pudding wailed, rubbing her fully stomach.

"Me either" Tart moaned

"Well?!" Kish asked getting rather annoyed now.

"Well I overheard two woman and a man talking and one of them said that Deep blue had taking the little girl to the dead alien which is…"

"Which is where?!" Kish asked angrily.

"Eat thirty more slices each" the toaster announced, Kish yelled out in anger, summoning his dragon swords and grabbing the toaster.

"Look you stupid little bastard, either you tell us where Anju is or I'll turn you into scrap metal!" he threatened.

"Ok, ok! They took the little girl to the centre of the lab! Its apparently on the bottom floor!" Talkie Toaster wailed, Kish, pleased with this information handed the toaster back to Chie.

After wandering around some corridors the group heard a loud scream, they rushed to where it had sounded from and found Hanyuu standing over a woman's body. She was now wearing the pale green dress she had stolen from the nurse she had killed before.

"Hanyuu, you're alive!" Pai exclaimed happily, though the rest of them glared at her. She simply glared back and turned to walk away.

"Hanyuu, where are you going?!" Lettuce asked

"I'm going to rescue Anju! I promised onee-chan I would!" she stated not looking at them. "I'll even if I have to kill Deep blue by myself! I'll rescue her!" she turned around glaring at them all with a psychotic expression. "That's right, I'll go kill him right now!"

"Hanyuu please calm down…" Ichigo pleaded, the way her friend was behaving scared her.

"While you guys cry about how helpless you are, I'll go take care of Deep blue and save Anju. I'll go find him right now and kill him" Hanyuu muttered.

"No you won't" Ichigo stated walking towards Hanyuu "You'll just get yourself killed, we need Nemuri. But if you die that will only make defeating Deep blue less likely to happen!"

"I know how much pain Anju has been through!" Hanyuu yelled back at her, backing away. "Her mother died, her father believing that it was her fault and trying to kill her and made her lose her eyesight, bullied by the whole city and blamed for the Geostigma, Pancake and her aunt Mayu dieing and her only brother being sent away to fight on a planet so far away… and despite all of that, I know that she tried her best to be strong without giving in! I won't let such a good girl suffer anymore!" Hanyuu yelled turning away, but Ichigo grabbed her arm.

"Hold it right there" Ichigo stated, tightening her grip on Hanyuu who glared back hatefully at her.

"Let go Ichigo" Hanyuu muttered

"If you attack Deep blue, you'll be killed"

"I'm prepared for that, I don't care if I live or die anymore" Hanyuu stated trying to pull away from her.

"No, what you really want is for everything to go back to normal and that everyone can live happily again, you don't want to die" Ichigo said calmly.

"Out of my way!" Hanyuu yelled furiously raising the blood covered, lead pipe above her head. "If you get in my way I'll kill you first!"

"Lets see you do it then" Ichigo persisted smirking back.

"You think I'm kidding, don't you?" Hanyuu asked glaring "I will do it you know, I'll kill anyone who gets in my way"

"Then do it!" Ichigo said

"No Ichigo! Hanyuu is serious!" Kish yelled moving forwards, but Pai grabbed his shoulder, the younger alien stared confused at the older one.

"Ichigo will be fine Kish" Pai stated, knowing that Hanyuu wouldn't kill her friends.

"I hate you!" Hanyuu screamed smashing the pipe into Ichigo's head, she yelped in pain as a little blood dripped on the floor.

"Are you better now?" Ichigo asked staring at Hanyuu wiping the blood from side of her face with her hand, guessing that she would calm down after hurting someone. Hanyuu took a few deep breaths and dropped the pipe on the floor.

"Are you alright Ichigo?" Kish asked concerned as he walked over to Ichigo and checked her head.

"Yeah, I'm fine" she answered "A little bruised but I think I'm ok"

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