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"Move it!" the old hag screamed into the kitchen at a brown haired woman who cringed ever so slightly and redoubled her efforts. "We have people to feed!"

"Yes Mistress," the woman said as she finished boiling the soup and buttering the bread. "Sweetie, bring me that broth. Thank you, dear." A young girl, about seven picked up the bowl of broth over to her mother, who took it from her and added it into the soup for flavor.

"Glinda, I swear you take another minute…"

"Soup's done!" Glinda said quickly, her daughter helping her pour out the soup into the bowls and hurry them out to the guests. "Mirth, sweetie, make sure the cake doesn't burn, Oh, and stir the potatoes, a-and put the ice tea in the pitcher—no, wait, never mind, I'll do that. You can't be breaking dishes. Just go check on the cake and potatoes." Glinda said to her daughter as she served the adults their meal. Mirth, the small dirty-blond-seven-year-old, nodded and hurried to the kitchen, kneeling at the oven to peer in, then went to the potatoes.

Glinda was bombed by a thousand requests and simply nodded and hurried to finish them. She and Mirth were the only slaves in the house, so they were very busy. By the time the meal and desert was done, she was tired, and her little girl exhausted.

It was like any other day, the party had lasted until ten at night, and just as she began to clean up, and Mirth had curled up by the kitchen heater to sleep, her Master walked in. Glinda stood up straight, and her hold on the dirty cloth in her hand tightened.

"Good evening, Master. Was there something you wanted?" she asked, although she hoped that he didn't want what she thought he wanted. Her Master was kind enough, even let her have a little money to get new clothes, and he treated Mirth like his own… even if in reality she actually was. But, like any man, he was rough and perverted, and when his wife wouldn't take him he went into her room.

"Yes, there is." Her master said with a slight sadness in his voice. "As you know, my wife and I have been having a bit of a rough patch as of late."

Your own fault for not keeping it in your pants, Glinda thought, but nodded and acted like she was sympathetic.

"She wants me to sell you, and Mirth tomorrow." He said and Glinda blanched. Sell her? That would mean she and her daughter could be separated, and she couldn't bear to let that happen.

"But Master…!"

"I'm truly sorry, Glinda, you are by far the best slave I had ever had the pleasure of owning. But I'm sure you'll get renowned by a very well to do family. I'll put in a good word for you, eh?" with that he left, and Glinda was left to her shock and then to gather up her daughter and hold her in her sleep.

The next morning, Glinda made breakfast, and then she and Mirth were stripped from their uniforms and put in rags, their hands tied and their shoes taken. Mirth shivered, and sat in her mother's lap as they were taken to the market.

"Mommy, I'm scared." Mirth said with a small sob. Glinda kissed the top of her daughter's head. She had been bought and sold before, but this was Mirth's first time. "I'm really scared."

"Shh, it's alright baby. We'll be okay." Glinda said, resting her cheek on her daughter's soft hair and tried to soak up as much as she could of her daughter before they were put onto the stage. "We're just getting new owners. We'll be okay."

As much as Glinda sounded calm about it, she was terrified of being put into the market place again. But, her daughter could not see that her mother was so freighted. Mirth fell asleep after listening to her mother's pounding heart, and Glinda let just one tear fall down her cheek into her daughter's hair. This could very well be the last time she ever saw her little Mirth again.


Elphaba traveled in a black little buggy, her driver taking her to the market place for the millionth time that week. The little boy across from her played no part in her mind. His black curls were the only thing she found interesting about him, that and his blue eyes. After Glinda had given her freedom at the cost of her own, she fell into a great depression, and couldn't even remember those first two years.

Apparently, she had been with a man, and had given birth to this boy. But something in her could not believe it. She could have never cheated on her beloved in such a manner. Never! But still, the brat across from her seemed to be more than enough proof, and that damnable green birthmark on his shoulder.

He was ten, which caused her even more grief, for it had been ten years since her Glinda was taken from her. Had she not even waited for some sign of the blonde before taking into her bed some random man? The boy's name was Liir, a queer name, fit because he was such a queer boy, always quiet, never roughhoused with the other children, and always did what he was told. He always looked down, as if he was the embodiment of Elphaba's sorrow. She didn't want to think of it now, not now.

She lost herself in sleep, her neck was crooked in an awkward position against the wall of the buggy, but she didn't care. Better be in pain in an escape then to be awake and stare at the child across from her. She always went to the market, but hated that she had to bring the little runt along with her.

She went to the market in hopes of finding the blonde lover she had lost, and maybe in some way, plead for forgiveness for putting her through this, and not even staying faithful to her. There were times she had thought maybe the blonde had a child of her own, and though as much as she hoped Glinda was happy, a nagging feeling ate at her that the blonde's child would have been from her current Master's seed, an idea which honestly made Elphaba turn dark with rage.

The buggy rolled to a stop, and Elphaba snapped awake from her dream and looked about. They were at the market. Elphaba kicked open the door and stepped out, ignoring the hand offered to her, and not noticing as the boy tripped and almost fell out of the buggy. The green woman dressed in all black, even in the summer. She shivered with unpleasant memories of this place, and the idea Glinda could be here, slaving her days away for scraps. She had to find Glinda and get her out of here.

The numbers were placed, and she was given a place in the front, the boy at her side constantly, but she did not grant him her hand when he tried to reach for it. The bidding started, and Elphaba kept a close on the slaves up for bid.


The slaves were all in line, and Glinda made sure she and Mirth were right next to each other the whole time, but when the time came, Mirth was up first. Glinda prayed to whatever higher power was up there that her daughter and she would be bought by the same person, hoping beyond hope.

Mirth tumbled onto the stage, scared out of her wits and wishing nothing more than to run back to her mommy.


Elphaba watched as a girl tumbled onto the stage, her eyes showed of the fear she herself felt the first time she was put onto the market. The bidding started, and the boy at her side tugged at her sleeve.

"Can we buy her?" Liir asked with a sort of twinkle in his blue eyes. Elphaba was ready to ignore him, to rip her arm away, but there was something about the way he asked, just like that way Glinda had asked her father to buy the green misfit, that one action that changed both their lives.

The bid was placed, and she raised her number. No one really wanted a child slave to start with, not unless they had been orphaned from birth, but this one had a mother, one who probably was hoping her child would be bought by a merciful Master. Her bid had little competition, and finally her bid of 900 stuck.


"And…" the thud of the mallet sounded, "sold to number 13."

Those words burned in her heart and she thought she was going to faint. Her daughter had been bought. She was going to be taken away from her. The only little piece of happiness she had left in her life was going to someone else's care. She was pushed onto the stage next after her daughter was led off, and she turned and faced the crowd, as she was instructed.

The rags she was dressed in had purposely been cut shorter then was usually there, her thighs were exposed, her shoulders, and her chest was almost not covered at all. Her blue eyes looked at the floor of the stage, for she didn't want to look into the crowd. It didn't matter, anyway, whoever was going to buy her, was going to buy her.

There were a swarm of bids, but then there was a bid that stood out, one for a very large amount, but she didn't know the number. She just heard the mumbles of voices as she was led away.


Elphaba had just ordered the little girl for her son, a term she never really used, and had a small smile on her face of how happy he looked. She realized buying slaves was wrong, but now she understood her old Mistresses wish of buying slaves, so they could have at least some form of freedom and good care. She looked up and felt her heart stop.

A woman was lead to the stage and faced to the crowd, her hair was brown, she was older, but Elphaba could pinpoint that woman anywhere. It was Glinda; it had to be. No one else could make her heart skip a beat and her breath hitch. She immediately placed a bid, and for all the years Glinda was still as beautiful as she was as a school girl, of course her bid was challenged, after what seemed like hours, Elphaba placed the highest bid, maybe in the history of the market which made the auctioneer sputter and seem like he would faint.

"Sold to number 13," he said with a slur, and Elphaba quickly turned and left the auction, she no longer needed to be there, she had what she had been waiting ten years for.


Glinda was pushed and grabbed and groped all the way to the holding area, where she was to wait for her new owners. She was close to tears, but then she heard a familiar voice.

"Mommy!" Glinda looked up and gasped, her daughter rushed to her hand threw her arms about her waist. "Mommy, I was scared!" she sniffled. Glinda's wrists were released and she held her daughter close.

"Oh, Mirth, thank Oz!" Glinda breathed and she felt tears of relief come to her eyes, "Mirth, my baby."

The two held each other close, their bodies trembling from the close call of being separated, and their eyes wet with tears of happiness, fear, relief and hope. Glinda held Mirth at arm length and gave her over. She tried to look for any signs of mistreatment by the escorts, when she saw nothing she sighed in relief and held her baby close again.

"What's gonna happen now, Mommy?" Mirth asked as they were lead into a separate waiting room, were surprisingly no one else was there. They were seated and Mirth sat next to Glinda, holding onto her arm tightly.

"We're going to our new Master's or Mistress's house, baby." Glinda said softly, rubbing Mirth's back and holding the girl's hand. "It'll be alright, Mirth, I'll protect you." But as the doors open and one of the escorts walked in, Glinda felt her hold on Mirth tightened and she hoped and prayed for the strength to indeed protect her child. Then, a little boy clomped in. He was dressed in a black suit that seemed like a school uniform and knee high socks and hard shoes. He looked at them, smiled at Mirth then walked the rest of the way in.

"Hi, I'm Liir." He said to Mirth, and to a lesser existent, Glinda. Mirth, at first, looked warily at the boy, and snuggled deeper into Glinda's side. "What's your name?"

"Mirth…" Mirth answered softly, then let go of Glinda's arm, growing more comfortable in the presence of the little boy. Glinda smiled a little bit, happy that the Young Master of their new keep seemed to be nice enough; Glinda only wished his parents were as nice. She couldn't help but notice how much the boy looked like… well, like her. But, that all cleared out of her mind as the thudding of heavy boots sounded.

They stopped just short of the door, as if hesitating, and Glinda watched the door anxiously. And Mirth got acquainted with Liir. Someone took a deep breath, and let it out, then the shifting of clothes, as if they were straightening them out. Within another moment, their new owner stepped in, and Glinda's eyes widened.

"Glinda," the familiar green woman spoke in a voice which was unsteady, and her brown eyes were misty. Glinda stood, and she sprinted, her arms clamped around the taller woman's neck, attacking her with longing, passion and love. Her legs lifted, and hooked themselves around a black dressed waist. Long arms wrapped around her tightly, holding her up and close, their bodies shivered and their minds grew hazy.

Please, if this be a dream let me never wake up. Both women thought as they clawed and held each other, for it all felt surreal. When their lips clashed in a long awaited kiss, the reality sank in and their hearts burst in joy. It was hard, deep and filled with the passion that had been bundled up in all those years of separation.

"I've missed you so much," Glinda breathed as she broke the kiss to gasp for air. "By Oz, I've missed you!"

"I've missed you too," Elphaba said, stroking her love's cheek. Tears ran down her face, burning her, but she didn't care. She had regained her world, and she would never let go again. "You fool, I've missed you."

"Mommy?" two voices in unison snapped them out of their embrace, and Elphaba looked at the girl, and Glinda looked at the boy and sadness filled their hearts.

The boy who was the young Master, it was Elphaba's son. Glinda took a large gulp, and she slipped from the green woman and went to her child. Elphaba stared at the girl. The girl she had bought, it was Glinda's child. Glinda had a child, which meant…

"Oh, you have a daughter…" Elphaba managed to say, her mask coming back into place as she acted unimpressed and a small smirk. Glinda nodded and took in a breath, looking at Liir who was now by Elphaba's side.

"And you have a son." The now brunette said, her voice struggling to sound happy. The two women stood there, both thinking of how the other found a new lover and if that embrace they just shared was just the heat of the moment, of seeing their old lovers again after separation.

"We need this block for the other number," the escort said, and Elphaba turned and nodded. She left the block, Liir and Mirth holding hands as they walked out and Glinda followed behind with her head held low.

Elphaba found someone else. She must be happy with her new life, and such a beautiful boy! I wonder what her husband is like. Does she still love me? I did kiss her first, now that I think of it. Maybe she didn't want to kiss me. I hope she's happy. Thoughts like these and many more, all of them danced around Glinda's mind. She stopped from walking into Elphaba's back and the woman turned. Glinda gasped and took a few steps back.

"I'm sorry!" she stammered. She dared not look her new Mistress in the face, even if it was Elphaba.

"It's alright." Elphaba said calmly, although the little girl who stood behind Glinda made her blood boil. She opened up the buggy door and ushered them in. Elphaba sat on the far side, her face turned away from her long lost love, her bastard child and the little girl who was the form of love of Glinda's true lover.

Glinda felt her heart wither every passing second Elphaba would not talk, look, or even seem to think of her. It was like their love had never existed, and that the two were merely old enemies. Was this all that their love had amounted to? Glinda, giving the ultimate sacrifice of her freedom and title, to Elphaba, the woman she loved just be forgotten and replaced with some Lord?

In any case, it did not matter now. She was a slave, just as she had been for the last ten years, it was just that now her mistress was someone she used to know, and still loved deeply. It simply made the hurt increase.

They returned home to the Upland Manor, Erick and Ida had long since moved to another home, the rumor was Ida had become ill after Glinda went off the deep end, and was put into an insane asylum and Erick went to live in Settica.

Glinda frowned at the news, but did look forward to the possibility of seeing her family again, even if she was just serving them for a dinner party. As they walked into the main entrance of the large mansion, Glinda was overcome with memories. The sweet, the bitter, all of them were welcome.

"Elphaba, dear, there you are." A voice called which made Glinda stop and stare up. A familiar prince stood at the top of the stairs, the Prince of the Vinkus himself. "You brought a few items from the market, I see. Well, you, there, get to the library and sort the books."

Glinda was so shocked; she could only stare at him. He didn't even recognize her.

"Fae, I need to talk to you, I have wonderful news." Fiyero said, hurrying down the stairs and giving Elphaba a hug. Glinda felt a lump form in her throat as she watched the two and felt her heart begin to break. Elphaba returned the hug and let the prince kiss her. Glinda stiffened and she couldn't bear to look, she turned her head to the floor.

So, Elphaba and Fiyero were together. Somehow, it seemed oddly fitting. Both were strong, and smart and well, had peculiar skin. Fiyero looked at her and his eyes showed his annoyance.

"Didn't you hear me? I said go!"

Glinda let out a small gasp of surprise at the tone but quickly nodded and then quickly left before Elphaba could say anything. Glinda sorted the messy library, crying every now and then as thoughts of Elphaba and Fiyero filled her head.


The months passed, and Mirth and Liir seemed to like each other, the normally quiet and sad boy was laughing and playing. Mirth was having just as much fun with her new Master, and the two made a hide out of the attic with treasures and secrets and friendship.

Elphaba had given Glinda the room with the brightest lighting, and the best view, even if her love was no longer returned she still wanted the best for her.

Glinda did her chores, looked for more jobs that Elphaba would never tell her directly to do, and smiled as she saw the children run about and play. She even giggled when Liir asked to be read a bedtime story. She couldn't be angry that Elphaba had found someone new; the child was just so sweet.

As the little boy crawled into Mirth's bed, his blue eyes trained onto the brown haired woman, who was once the young Mistress of this house, who smiled and told an elaborate, colorful, fantasy. With princesses, princes, magical dragons and wizards and knights, and where everyone lived happily ever after. As children do, they fell asleep before the ending.

Glinda smiled at the children and tucked them in. She saw no harm in letting the two friends sleep together, and placed a kiss on Mirth's head, and without thinking placed a kiss on Liir's, as if he was her own.

She climbed into her own bed, which was the pull out cot, and promptly fell asleep.


Elphaba paced her room; it had been five months since she had bought Glinda from the market, five months of not a single moment alone together. It seemed every time she tried to get close the blonde would shy and shrink away, hurriedly doing a job of this or that Fiyero had ordered her to do.

Elphaba sighed as she sat down, rubbing her temples in frustration. Did Glinda really change that much, had she forgotten that Elphaba had loved her? The green woman groaned, and hit the pillows as she threw herself back. She missed the blonde so much, or should she say brunette? Their last night together played in her mind, how they were so devoted to each other, how she felt, how Glinda felt… sounded… tasted.

She shivered, and a thirst was placed on her tongue, one she could not quench even with a thousand cups of juice or wine. There was only one taste that could satisfy it, and it was the one thing she could not place upon her pallet. Her hands moved of their own accord, reenacting her lover's movements and touches, as she had done many times before. But the fact that the woman in question was in her house, in the very house she was in made it even more enhanced. She imagined going into her room, pulling her into a tight embrace and telling of her undying love, to which the woman swooned and kissed her with such force it swept her off her feet. Then, and then, they went into the bed, breathing heavy and hearts pounding against their chests. Breasts against breasts, lips upon lips, hands grasping at clothes, with legs entangled.

She let out a moan, her back arched as the fantasy became intense.


Glinda awoke to the dryness of her lips, the scratch of her throat, and heavy eyes. She sat up and yawned, then looked at her daughter and young Master fast asleep. She decided no one would be awake now, and so would be a good time to get a drink and maybe a midnight snack.

The small woman lit a candle and walked down the hall towards the stairs when she heard a familiar moan. Her face turned red, and her heart skipped a beat, and a long since dead fire lit up with a heat rival of hell. Against her will, her feet moved towards the sound, and before she knew it she was standing in front of the door where the source of the sound came.

How many times had she longed to make love to the green woman in the past ten years? It would have been impossible to count the number. It must have been as many stars there were in the sky. That would be the only way to explain it. She raised her hand to the door; it felt hot, like the heat from her new Mistress had set the entire room ablaze.

It wasn't cold, but Glinda shivered.

The dryness in her mouth may have been what caused her to swallow and lick her lips, or, more likely, it was the fact she could tell Elphaba was close, even through the door. She could feel it. She heard the footsteps of another, and dived into the shadows. Two maids, who had been hired by Elphaba and Fiyero, not bought walked past the door, when they heard the noise they giggled and spoke to each other in hushed tones.

"Master Tigular and Mistress Upland are at it again, I see."

"Yes, they're just like a few rabbits. I'm surprised we don't see more children around here. They must use some type of protection or something."

They giggled again as they walked past and Glinda sunk down the wall to her knee's, and keeled over in pain and disgust. Fiyero was in there too? He was fucking her Elphaba? Was it really her old childhood husband-to-be who caused her precious green love to moan and scream like that?

Her stomach hurt so much, she felt so sick, she began to cry. She didn't care she was in the hallway, where she probably shouldn't have been, didn't care that the pictures on the wall seemed to glare at her with her pathetic and annoying sobs. She wanted to just die, for it hurt so much to know the love of her life loved someone else, it hurt so much to know someone else was in that room, doing to her Elphie what she had been waiting and wishing and hoping to do for ten years.

"Why must I love her still?" Glinda pleaded to the walls in a whisper. "It hurts so much, why must I love her?"

She became angry, and stood, and yelled into her hands, "I don't want to love you anymore, because you don't love me! Why do I have to love you? Why? Why? Why!"


Elphaba was so close; she could feel her body edge closer and closer to the cliff of ecstasy. She felt Glinda's fingers inside of her, she felt her lips on her breast, she could feel the thrusts become hard and deep, and the hot breath, hardening an already painfully hard nipple. She came, but not as hard as she longed to, and screamed a mumble of a name, then regained her breathing. She heard a sob, and all of her fantasies shattered, the high of her orgasm literally faded as she heard soft muffled words.

"Why must I love her?"

"Why must I love her?"

Elphaba sat up and looked at her door. She heard sobs, and hitched breathing. Her legs swung over the bed and she held her black robe tight around her as she walked to the door and pressed an ear against it.

"I don't want to love you anymore, because you don't love me!" She heard Glinda say loudly, and was confused. Who was she talking to? Was it her lover? Elphaba thought a moment with a silent gasp. Did she know Glinda's lover? Who was the bastard? Elphaba scowled and listened closer. "Why do I have to love you? Why? Why? Why! It hurts… so much, Elphie."

Elphaba's heart stopped, and her eyes widened. She jerkily pulled from the door, staring at it in disbelief. Glinda still loved her? Is that what it meant, or was she calling for her friend to help in a situation? Why was it so hard to tell?!

She heard the thump of a body and slammed open the door, seeing a hunched and shivering brunette a few feet from her door. The smaller woman jumped at the sound and spun her head about to her. There was a love, and hurt feeling in her eyes, and then it changed to fear, as if realizing that there could be a punishment for being in the hall this late.

Glinda had stood up and stumbled over herself to apologize and leave. Elphaba wanted to stop her, to hold her and kiss her but she could only watch as Glinda ran away, tripping over her nightgown and skidding at the turn. The green woman stood there, and tried to think of what had just happened. She had just terrified Glinda with her very presence. This wasn't the way it was supposed to be, and she fell to her knees, and she began to shake with sealed tears at her weakness.

She could never cry, even if she had wanted to.


Glinda sobbed into her pillow when she reached her room, the children blissfully unaware of her pain. She was convinced she had given herself to the wolves, what was she thinking, staying by the door to cry? Why hadn't she the sense to leave earshot before balling her eyes out?

That night she couldn't sleep, it just caused the thoughts and images of Fiyero and Elphaba together more detailed and uncensored, and caused her stomach to turn and her eyes to tear.


The next week passed with Glinda avoiding Elphaba and Fiyero as much as she could, although she did what she was told and did her chores, even if one of them was in the room with her, or even both. She was a slave, after all, what else could she do? The woman's blonde roots had begun to show, and Elphaba refused to allow her to get hair dye.

Glinda still could not sleep, and the black bags under her eyes proved it. Elphaba began to worry, and told Fiyero not to make her do anything, but, the prince being the prince made Glinda clean and cook and move boxes and furniture and work in the garden. Glinda worked, and worked, and worked, until finally, when she was washing the windows, she collapsed on the chair and her head hit the back.

"I'll just rest my eyes for a moment, just for a moment." Glinda murmured to herself and her eyes closed and she fell asleep, she sponge fell out of her hand and to the floor, and the suds on the window streamed down and caused horrible white streaks. As the beautiful slave was shipped off to dreamland, a certain green woman walked in with a box, all wrapped up with a bow. She saw the sleeping woman, and then to the half finished windows and narrowed her eyes. She would have to beat Fiyero later for making the tired Glinda work.

Elphaba placed the present down on the side and walked over to Glinda, she brushed back some of her curls and gazed upon her face. Elphaba's eyes became compassionate, and the sadness and frustration she had felt over the week vanished.

The green woman couldn't help herself; she began to lean forward, her eyes slowly closing, and her body anticipating the kiss, a kiss she had longed for months, years. Their lips met in a gentle lock, Glinda's eye's fluttered under the lids in their dream state, and the kiss sent shiver's up the smaller woman's spine. Elphaba pulled back, before the other woman would stir awake, and gently caressed her face.

"Glinda, I still love you." Elphaba whispered, "I only wish you would see that." Elphaba gently took the woman into her arms. She still felt the same as she used to, Elphaba noted with a smile. The green woman then carried the sleeping beauty to her room, which was closer then the brunette's, and set Glinda down in her bed. She gently tucked her in and removed the apron Glinda had worn for working, and the gloves, and the tie in her hair. Elphaba then placed the gift in Glinda's lap, and gently kissed her once again.

"I love you, Glinda. I always will." She said again, with a voice as rare and sweet as the berries in Frottica in the summer. Glinda would have swooned at the voice, had she been awake. Elphaba stood and gazed at the woman in wonder, even after years of hardship and exhaustion, she still looked beautiful—dazzling, even.

Elphaba sat in the chair next to the bed, and watched her love sleep. In what was meant to be just a moment turned into half an hour, and then, lead to sleep as well.


Glinda stirred, and she rubbed her head. Her lips felt tingly, as if someone had kissed her, someone special. Her heart beat was fast, fluttering and her body felt warm, the kind of warm she had not felt since her beloved Elphaba slept beside her.

Familiar heavy breathing shocked Glinda into sitting upright, but wait, when did she lay down for that matter? Where was she? She looked down at the blankets she was covered in, then, horrified to the room around her. She was in Elphaba's room.

Elphaba, her Mistress.

She was in her room.

Glinda came to a horrifying question, had she really slept walk all the way to Elphaba's room to lie in her bed? Those thoughts calmed slightly as she turned her head to see said woman in question asleep in the chair, and even more scared thoughts entered.

Elphaba was there, why was Elphaba there? Why was she here, what was going on? Glinda quickly turned to climb out of the bed but a small box clanked to the floor which made her cringed, than stop. The box was pretty, nicely done up with a bow and everything.

Had that been on her or did she knock it over? Glinda was confused and didn't know what to do. She had never been in a situation like this before. Elphaba stirred, and raised her head from its resting place on the back and opened her eyes. Glinda gasped and froze. What was she supposed to do now?


The sound of a clank made Elphaba stir from her sweet dreams and into the harsh reality of the world. Her eyes were greeted by terrified, confused blue ones. She glanced down to see the box she had put on Glinda's lap on the floor, and the woman trying to sneak from the bed—which was quite an interesting sight for Glinda's thigh and leg were exposed from the covering of her dress, which caused Elphaba to turn a slight soft shade greener.

"So, you're up." Elphaba spoke first in an attempt to calm the poor slave down. Glinda turned her head to the side, as if trying to think of the perfect answer to a pop quiz. Elphaba couldn't help but smile at the expression Glinda used to think, and the way even the most simply and non-interrogative questions were analyzed and answered. "Have a good rest?"

"No, Mistress," The smaller woman finally answered, putting her head down and her hands in front of her, "I did not, I apologize for my behavior."

"Stop, stop, stop," Elphaba moaned, her head shook to side to side violently at the honorifics, the just slave nature of it all. She stood up, and this seemed to frighten her old lover even more, and she put her hands firmly on perfect shoulders and shook her slightly. "Do you forget who you're talking to?"

"N-no, Mistress, I don't!" Glinda said quickly, but this caused Elphaba to become angrier and more hurt, and she pushed Glinda back onto the bed and tears formed in both their eyes.

"It's me, for Oz sake, Elphaba, Elphaba, your Elphie! I'm not your Mistress, I'm the woman who loves you, and I would never harm you! Why can't you see that? Why?" Elphaba's tears, which had been sealed up, flowed freely against her burning skin. The pain was intense, unlike anything she had felt before. This hurt more than whips against her back, bullets in her side, a rain storm; it hurt like her heart was breaking. "What is it about me that you fear? Is it my clothes? Fine," she took her expensive and Mistress-labeling shirt and shredded it.

"Is it my eyes? I'll gorge them out if you wish. Something—anything, just tell me what you want me to do!" Elphaba screamed hopelessly. "Tell me what I have to do to make you love me again!"

Glinda was speechless, all this time, she had thought Elphaba was in love with Fiyero, and that's why it had been so hard to speak to her. Now, she understood. Elphaba had been hurting just like she had. Just as much, just as painful longing glances and hidden stares. The hot tears of Elphaba landed on her cheek, a mixture of burning flesh in the water drops, and Glinda slowly sat up as Elphaba buried her head into her chest.

"I can't go on with you fearing me so," Elphaba whispered. "I just can't. I would handle it if you never talked to me, or spoke of our love or even thought of it. I could, I would know you're happy but… I can't bear the thought of every time you gaze at me, you're afraid."

Glinda wrapped her arms about Elphaba, who cried softly and held onto her tightly. The beauty never knew that her love would be able to cry like this so openly in front of her. She took a few moments, then took her hand and gently forced Elphaba to look up, frowning at the long burn marks and tenderly wiping off the rest of the tears.

"I love you still, Elphie… I never stopped, I never did." Glinda said, looking deeply into chocolate eyes. "I thought you didn't love me anymore… I mean, you have Fiyero now and all."

"What?" Elphaba stared at Glinda and cupped her face, sitting up taller so she could tower over Glinda, "Fiyero and I? Never!"

"But I saw you and him kiss." Glinda said with a frown and a confused look, and Elphaba shook her head.

"Glinda, Fiyero just kissed me because that's how his culture greets people. I didn't kiss back."

"What happened to him needing to die?"

"Oh, he did, but with Preenella disappearing and I having your title I got stuck marrying him. For the first two years after you left, I fell into a deep depression and I was in no condition to stage a death or even get him kidnapped, I don't even remember those two years. After that I set on finding you, I went to countless auctions and markets, hoping I would be able to find you before someone bought you." Elphaba said, gently stroking her lover's face with her finger tips.

"That week ago, I heard you, well, doing each other." Glinda became sick at the mention and frowned. Elphaba looked even more confused.

"I've never slept with Fiyero."


"Glinda, I have never slept with Fiyero." Elphaba said firmly, but lovingly, trying to make Glinda understand.

"But the maids said—" Glinda began, but Elphaba put a finger on her lips.

"Wait, the maids?" Elphaba laughed and shook her head. "Those spoiled brats are always thinking up rumors to each other and conclusions. None of them are true, my sweet. I was… um, well, you could say I was doing myself."

"Oh my," Glinda looked at her wide eyed, and the sickness she felt when she thought of that night vanished and the initial arousal came and she blushed. "Who were you thinking about, that made you so…so…hot?"

"I'm looking at her," Elphaba answered and smiled when Glinda made a squeak of surprise and glee. Then the two just stayed in the other's embrace, trying to soak up what they had been neglecting themselves of for months. Then, Glinda thought of something and kisses the top of Elphaba's head.

"Elphie, who is Liir's father?" Glinda asked softly, and Elphaba shrugged. "You don't know?"

"I told you, I don't remember those two years, I don't remember going to bed with a man, I don't remember being pregnant, I don't remember giving birth. I guess you could say I'm not even sure he's mine, but there's a green mark on him." Elphaba frowned silently, and held Glinda tighter, "and Mirth?"

"My old Master forced me into his bed." Glinda said softly, and Elphaba looked up at her, with rage in her eyes.

"Who was he? I'll kill him!"

"Elphie, Elphaba calm down. I'm a slave; I have no rights you know that, it doesn't matter." Glinda said, and kissed Elphaba, it was soft and chaste, but love still fueled it, which made Elphaba's heart flutter in delight. "Besides, I have my little Mirth out of the deal, I love her. She is such a good little girl. I don't care who her father is, for as far as I consider she has no father."

Elphaba was angry a man forced himself on her love, but, it seemed Glinda had long since forgiven and forgotten, and it did not need her attention. She lay on her side, bringing her lover with her, and wrapped her arms about the slim waist of the woman on the bed with her.

"Well, my pretty, I'm your Mistress now, so you have to do what I say," Elphaba said in a teasing tone, to which Glinda melted into and smiled. "Promise, you'll never leave me," Elphaba demanded in a soft tone.

"I promise," Glinda said, and she nestled herself in her lover's embrace, her head resting in the crook of her neck, "will you promise me to always keep me, and love me?"

"Yes, my sweet, I do." Elphaba spoke and kissed the top of her head.

"And Elphie..."

"The divorce papers are in the mail, my sweet." Elphaba finished Glinda's thought, and kissed her again, deeply into the mattress. To which her lover shivered and moaned at the intensity.

After all this, their lives and their hearts, both of them were finally together again. Children, old loves, masters, mistresses, none of it mattered anymore. Because they were together again, and nothing, nothing could ever and would ever separate them again. They would both make sure of it.


The white painted insane asylum stood out boldly in the green of summer of the land about them. But none in the entire place stood out more than one woman, with hair of gold and a face pretty as a picture, even with being an age of fifty. She had little wrinkle, a line here and there at most, but one would know her true age when they looked into her broken blue eyes.

No one could have guessed what she had went through to bring her to this point, and she was so kind; all found it odd she never received any visitors.

That is, until today.

"Ida?" Ida moved slowly, her eyes where the only thing that moved on her head, her body was stiff and her legs hadn't worked in who knows how long. The wheels of her chair creaked as a person came behind her and pushed. The nurse smiled, and tried to lift her spirits. "You're a very lucky girl, Ida, you have a surprise."

"Lucky," Ida said slowly, not really a question, it was like she was saying it to understand the word, to enter it like a new word in her vocabulary, "surprise."

"Yes, you have a visitor; they said they're a good friend of yours."


The nurse rolled her to a stop in the sun room, and the light slightly blinded Ida, but she felt so tired she didn't bother wheeling herself about, she gazed off into the beautiful garden, and looked longingly toward the daisies and lilies, the favorite flower of her and her old lover.

"Ida's this way; I'll give you a minute alone."

Ida heard the footsteps of her visitor come closer, and closer, until they were by her side. She didn't look up. Why should she? Who would visit her, besides a lawyer or reporter?

"Well, why are you in that chair, Dee?"

Ida gasped, her eyes flashed with happiness and her head snapped up towards the voice, looking up into the face of her heart, hair still as red as ever, though she had a few scars on her face but they were small and light and barely noticeable. And her eyes, dear Oz her eyes, the same teal as Ida remembered them.


Preenella smiled, her smile hadn't changed. She reached a hand out, beaconing for Ida to pull herself up, out of that silly chair. Ida, without a second thought took the hand. It was rough, but warm and loving, and she lifted herself up, her legs faltered and she almost fell, but Preenella was there to catch her and hold her.

"It's alright; let's take it slow my love. One foot in front of the other, that's it." Ella gently held both hands, and stepped back, and Ida shakily followed. After a moment, her legs were back to their old strength and wrapped her arms about her lover's neck, and kissed her fiercely, passionately, and her heart burst in joy. Preenella kissed back just as fiercely.

"Never leave me again, please, don't ever leave me again." Ida begged, her face buried in a comforting shoulder. Preenella held her close, and kissed her head and shoulder and neck and anywhere else she could, her strong and comforting arms never moved from their place around the old blonde.

"I will never leave you again, I swear it. I love you." Preenella whispered, and Ida looked at her with dark eyes. In that moment, all the age that had added to them melted away and all that was left was the two young girls who had fallen in love all those years ago.

"Take me,"



When the nurse returned, the found Ida's wheelchair empty, and no sign of the red haired woman or the blonde woman, all they found was a note, saying just this.

My life has come to take me back, and I have escaped death's grasp.

Heart and soul reunited, we will never part again.

And the nurse smiled. "She's finally happy."

And that was it.


AUTHORS NOTE: Annnnnd that's it! THere will probably be no more chapters, so warning you now. At most will be a little epologe of what happens to the gang in a few years. But anyway, hope you enjoyed, and a big shoutout to my loyal reviewers! THANK YOU ALLL!