Glossary of Terms:

Ai no Chikara – "Power of love." Ai shite'ru lit.  "I love you"  with connotations of forever and ever. Akio(lit.  "living dawn";)  A Japanese name for the star Sirius, the Dog Star.  Bara no Cha -- (lit.  "tea-rose")  A teahouse (Japanese restaurant / nightclub / brothel-type place)  in the made-up city of Kusabana.  Geta – Japanese wooden sandals.  Basically standard footwear.  Some geta have thicker heels to make the wearer taller. · Hanyou – (lit.  "half-demon"; from manga, anime, and so forth)  A half human, half youkai.  Happi – Japanese short men's jacket.  Worn over kimono or with hakama (poofy pleated pants.)  Inuaoiryu(lit.  "dog blue dragon"; name made up)  Inutaisho's young cousin.  Inunatsu's little brother. Inunatsu(lit.  "dog summer"; name made up)  Inutaisho's cousin.  The most elite of demons, she reigns as the gossip and social queen of youkai Japan.  Inutaisho(lit.  "dog great demon"; name taken from anime and movie)  The Lord of the Western Lands (Kyushu) and greatest dog demon in all of Japan.  Kami – Japanese gods or good spirits.  Although sometimes used in the singular context, kami-sama is almost exclusively for the plural of the pantheon.  Kimono – Article of Japanese clothing.  Both men and women wear them.  They are basically long silk bathrobes with excessively large sleeves.  Summer kimono tend to have shorter sleeves, and are made of cotton; these are called yukata. Makoto –  (lit.  "wood"; fairly common Japanese name) A hanyou that lives on Sesshoumaru's lands. Miko – A Japanese Shinto shrine maiden (often translated as "priestess".)  A miko is thought to have purifying powers. Mononoke – Another type of youkai; mononoke are particularly vengeful spirits.  Mononoke-hime, for example, translates best into "monster princess out for BLOOD."  Nice description of San, when you think about it. Obi – Silk belt worn with a kimono.  A women's obi is usually very wide, while a men's obi is narrower.  Women's obi are quite long and can be tied in elaborate bows. Omae o korosu – lit. "I'll kill you." Sesshoumaru(lit.  "the destruction of life"; an alternate kanji would mean "regent" instead.  Oh, those wacky puns.)  As if I need to explain him!  Fluffy is a mere 21 years old in this fic. Sugoi lit.:  "Awesome!" or  "Incredible!" Tabu – Two-toed socks worn with geta.  Taiyoukai(lit.  "great demon"; used in anime and manga.)  The term used to describe powerful demons. The Kokinshuu – A collection of ancient Japanese court poetry.  Great stuff ^_^ Tomiko – (lit.  "treasure-girl"; common Japanese girl's name)  A serving girl in the Bara no Cha. Youkai – A Japanese spirit demon.  These supernatural beings are enchanted flesh and blood, and the spirits may even come from inanimate objects as well as animals and plants.  Japanese demons can be good or evil, but once they are purified they often lose their powers and die.  Youki (from manga)  A youkai's energy aura.  Yumeko / Yumemaru(lit.  "dream girl / dream circle" [-maru (circle)  is added to common words to make them masculine names.])  Sesshoumaru's late mother.