Title: Crazy Little Thing Called Love (3/3)
Author: Sarah :)
Pairing/Characters: Logan/Veronica, Dick
Rating: R (for sexin' and language)
Spoilers: Through 2x22, Not Pictured, just to be safe, but nothing specific. This is futurefic!
Word Count: 4,381 (making it 10,137 total)
Summary: Logan and Veronica and domesticity, oh my!
Disclaimer: Not mine. Duh.
Thanks: In addition to betaing this, herowlness has offered MASSIVE amounts of support and plotting talk, especially since I've been out of the VM fic game for a while. You have been SO MUCH HELP, Lizzy:) Thank you a billionfold!
Final notes: This is 100 for rowanceleste, who bought me for the Sweet Charity auction (I AM A HO, GUYS!). She wanted future L/V in a healthy, committed relationship, along with some smut, and asked that it be kind of long (which...I tried!). My Mandyverse worked perfectly (and this'll make way more sense if you've read the rest), so there you go. Anita, it has been SO LONG since I've written any VM fic, and I really, really hope that you enjoy:)


"Mommy!" Mandy jumped up and down, practically vibrating with excitement. "I know it's a secret, but it wants to come out. When can I tell Daddy?"

"He can't find out until tomorrow, sweetie. Just - don't say anything to him, okay? Then you won't accidentally give it away."

"But what about when he comes and tucks me and Horny in and says goodnight and kisses me and Gasm and reads me a story and gets me some water and makes sure there aren't any monsters under the bed and brings Sammy in so I can say 'night to him and - "

"I get it, I get it." Veronica smiled and shook her head. "You're gonna explode secret all over him the second he walks in the room. What if tonight, Daddy doesn't come in until after you're asleep?"

"Then I can't talk to him, Mommy!" Mandy pouted.

Veronica nodded slowly at her daughter. "Right. Because then you won't tell him the secret."

"Oh. Ohhhhhh." Realization dawned on Mandy's face. "I'm not even tired at all, not even a little bit. What if it's a really-really-really long time 'fore I fall asleep? What will Daddy do?"

"Huh." Veronica bit her lip. "That's a good question. Okay, you leave distracting Daddy up to me. You just try your best to fall asleep as fast as you can. And remember, do not, under any circumstances, tell your father where we went today. Okay?"

" 'Kay!" Mandy bounced into her mother's arms, still incredibly wound up from the day's events. "I hope Daddy 'preciates this, cause it's really, really hard."


"So? How'd it go?" Veronica looked up as she furiously scribbled notes on a legal pad with one hand, and flipped through a stack of depositions with the other. "Who's the lucky lady who gets the pleasure of my husband's company tomorrow night?"

Logan shrugged, carefully inching towards the kitchen. "I don't know. My buyer wanted to remain anonymous. It could be anyone, really. Probably just some little old lady looking for some company, like Dick got."

"Hmm." Veronica paused to underline a passage in one of the files that was spread out open over the coffee table. "Are you trying to tell me that you don't have any idea who bought you? Come on. Someone must have seen something."

"Nope," Logan answered too quickly. "No one knows anything. Lucky me, huh? Hey," he faked a yawn, "I'm pretty beat. I think I'll just head up, say goodnight to the kids, and go to bed."

She stood up suddenly, pen and paper falling to the floor, forgotten. "Bed? Already? But it's so early."

He walked over and dropped a kiss on her cheek. "Like I said, today was exhausting. You don't have to go to bed early on my account." Logan waved a hand over the files she was working on. "It looks like you're right in the middle of something."

"Yeah, but, Logan - " Veronica grabbed his arm as he began heading towards the stairs. "I just got the kids down. If you go in now, you'll get them all wound up again. You know how Mandy gets."

"Yeah, but … " Logan frowned. "Did you make sure to get her water? And did you kiss Gasm goodnight?"

Veronica rolled her eyes. "It's all taken care of. Now, you look like you could use some taking care of. Especially since you were gone all day, working so hard to raise money for such a good cause. I had some time to think, and I guess I was taking this a bit too seriously. I trust you, so I shouldn't have gotten all worked up over it." She ran her hand down his chest, resting it lightly on his thigh. "I think I should try to make up for the last few days," she said, slowly moving her hand to his fly. "What do you say?" Without waiting for a response, Veronica pulled the zipper down and palmed Logan through his boxers, smiling up at her husband.

"In that case, I guess I could wait down here a little longer," he decided, maneuvering Veronica over to the couch. "What brought on this sudden change of mind?"

She shrugged. "Cheesy as it is, it was more a change of heart. When it comes down to it, I trust you, and that's all that really matters. I'm sorry so I was so crazy these past few days." Eyeing him up and down, she pulled him down next to her. "Can I make it better?"

"What did you have in mind?"

In a flash, Veronica was on her knees in front of Logan, her hand wrapped around his cock. "I can think of a few things," she murmured.

"Fuck, Veronica," he gasped, strangling a moan as she enveloped him with her mouth. "So fucking hot." He threaded his fingers through her hair, tugging her head closer as he got more and more worked up. " 'M not gonna last," he forced out. "Christ."

When Logan came, Veronica swallowed him down and finished with a final tug on his cock. Crawling back up onto the couch, she laid against him, pressing a kiss to his cheek. "See? Aren't you glad you didn't go to bed?"

Logan blinked at her for a minute, still unable to form words coherently. "Okay. Now we're both going to bed. Where 'going to bed' means anything but sleeping." He quickly yanked his pants up, gathered Veronica in his arms, and started up the stairs. "I'd like to return the favor."

Logan brought Veronica into their bedroom and lowered her onto the bed. Just as he went to shut the door, a small face appeared in the doorway.

"Mommy," Mandy said sleepily, moving past her father. "You forgot this." She handed Veronica the paddle that they had used at the auction, number side down. "Don't worry, I didn't say anything to Daddy." She hugged Logan's leg quickly before running across the hall and back to her room.

"Veronica," Logan bit out, his tone warning her of his simmering temper. "Were you spying on me?"

"Logan, no. It was nothing like - "

"After you said that you trusted me? And I swore to you nothing would happen? What does it take to get through to you?"

"You don't understand. I didn't - "

"No. No, I understand perfectly." Logan snatched a pillow off of the bed. "You must think I'm some kind of idiot. You're miraculously okay with this whole auction thing after bitching about it all week? That's not the Veronica way, is it? I should have known something was up the second I walked through the door. Now that you've been to the auction and decided whoever bid on me isn't a threat to you, you finally get off my back? That's rich. You still don't fucking believe me when I say that I would never, ever cheat on you or do anything to hurt you? I love you, Veronica, and if you can't see that by now, well, then I have nothing else to say to you." Practically vibrating with anger when he finished, he shook his head sadly. "Thanks for the pity blowjob."

"What?" Veronica shot back. "You can go and be auctioned off to some woman, and I show up and it's automatically all about you? I can't support the fire department by bidding on someone? Double standard much, Logan? Since we trust each other so much, shouldn't I be allowed a night with someone else as well? Or does that argument only work when you're the one we're talking about?"

"Whatever. I had a hell of a night, and I'm tired. I'm sleeping on the couch. Goodnight." Logan left the bedroom, slamming the door behind him. Veronica sank onto the bed slowly, fixing her gaze on her husband's departing back as she watched her brilliant plan turn to dust before her eyes.


"I know you can do it, buddy. It would make your mother really, really happy. Let's hear it." Logan cradled Sammy in his arms and tickled his stomach. "Mama. Are you with me?"

"What are you doing?" Veronica stumbled down the stairs blearily, still in her nightgown. She wanted to stay at least a little annoyed at Logan for holding to such a double standard last night, but the sight of him with their son – coaching him to say her name, no less – quickly eroded what little animosity remained.

"Sammy and I were just having a discussion. About you." Logan looked over at her. "How'd you sleep?"

"I didn't." Veronica took a seat next to her husband on the couch, resisting the urge to curl up against him and finally get the comfort and relaxation she'd missed the night before. "I always forget just how big that bed is until I have to sleep in it alone. Wow," she said, taking in Logan's fully-dressed state. "What time is it?"

"Almost ten. I was just about to come find you."

"Ha ha." Veronica began picking at the corner of a throw pillow. "How was the couch?"

"C-R-A-P-P-Y," Logan admitted, his eyes flickering to the next room where Mandy sat at the kitchen table, coloring. "Lumpy. Cold. You know the drill."

"Yeah." Both of them sat in silence, hoping that the other would say the words first.

"I'm sorry - "

"I didn't mean - "

"Logan, let me talk." Veronica placed a hand on his chest. "I know I should have said something, but I didn't think it was a big deal. I didn't go there because I didn't trust you, I swear. I've never trusted anyone more than you. It's just, I love you so much, and sometimes I just get a little, well, irrational."

Logan smiled softly. "I think I know a thing or two about that. And you're right - if I can auction myself off for charity, how can I get mad at you for bidding on someone? I shouldn't have made a big deal about it. You just make me so crazy, Veronica."

"Yeah." She smiled. "I guess that's why we fit so well together."

"Look, if you don't want me to go on this date, just say the word and I'll cancel it. This whole stupid thing has caused enough trouble. I never meant for it to get this bad."

"No!" Veronica answered quickly. "I mean, you should definitely go. Really. I want you to go out and have a great time."

"Why are you so agreeable all of a sudden? Either you know something about who bought me, and you know I'll have anything but a great time, or – " He cut himself off and eyed her suspiciously for a moment when she maintained her poker face with minimal effort. "You won yourself quite the man and need me to go on my date so you can go on yours without feeling guilty."

"Oh, option two. Definitely the second one. Yes, I'll get to spend time with a fantastic, gorgeous man tonight." She smiled easily, working to keep the glee at Logan's reaction from her expression.

"What are you two going to do on your date?" Logan inquired politely, doing his best to keep his voice steady and appear nonchalant. He knew it was a losing battle – he and Veronica had been together for years, and she knew him better than anyone. Still, to outwardly express his jealousy wouldn't make things any better. At least this way, Sammy and Mandy were still none the wiser.

She shrugged. "You know. The usual."

"Which entails … ?" He thought about a typical date for him and Veronica - dates that usually landed them in bed within the first thirty minutes – and shuddered.

"Probably some dinner. Maybe I'll just have him over here for a few hours."

"What?" Logan's eyes widened, and Veronica smacked him on the arm.

"Not for anything like that, Logan. I could probably get him to do some vacuuming. And the sink is full of dishes! Plus, I've been meaning to get to the laundry all week, but I've just been busy. Besides," she snorted. "I did pay for his company for the evening. I didn't see anything in the rules that excluded manual labor."

"Right. Chores. That kind of usual date." Logan relaxed visibly. He had no idea what sort of 'usual date' she was referring to – none of their dates had been that mundane, but he was too relieved to question her misleading word choices.

"What about you?" Veronica questioned. "Where are you and your mystery woman headed?"

"I'm meeting her at Bella Pranzo at six. That's all they told me. Except … " Logan flinched even before the words left his mouth. "Rumor has it she's young and blonde and gorgeous, and I swear it doesn't mean anything," he said, not pausing to breathe as the words rushed out.

"Now I know where Mandy gets it from." Veronica winked at Logan. "It's okay, Logan. I hope you two have a great time."


"Really. Since we have a few hours before we have to get ready … "

"Yeah?" Logan smirked at her.

"How about a nap?" Veronica curled up against her husband and closed her eyes, drifting off quickly. Logan sat there, holding the baby and gently stroking her hair. Not exactly what he'd had in mind, but certainly not anything worth complaining about. He'd missed her warm presence the night before and was happy to offer her some comfort for as long as she needed it.

Observing the scene from the doorway, Mandy smiled. "Surprises are the bestest," she announced to no on in particular before going back to her coloring.


"That's freaky, right? Veronica, back me up on this one. Freaky or not?"

"Definitely freaky," Veronica agreed, adjusting her necklace in the mirror. "Sounds like you two are a perfect match, Dick."

"Veronica," Dick's voice was deadly serious. "That's sick."

"Well," she lowered her voice. "At least if you're out with her at three A.M., you're not calling here and interrupting…" Mandy and Tina chose that moment to dart through the room, giggling loudly. "Our scrapbooking."

"Scrapbooking." Dick narrowed his eyes. "Is that what they're calling it now?"

"I don't think it really matters what we call it, now that we'll be able to do it in peace." Veronica's voice was tight.

Logan slapped his friend on the back, quickly changing the subject. "Look on the bright side. If your date didn't insist on meeting you at a strip club at three in the morning, you couldn't babysit for us tonight. See how much karma loves you?"

"You need to shove it, dude. Karma my ass." Noticing Veronica's glare, he sighed. "Karma my A-S-S. He's the one who was whining like a little B-I-T-C-H yesterday when he found out he was going out with the hot chick."

"Thanks, Dick," Logan groaned, not missing Veronica's delighted smile.

"Anytime, man."

"Okay, I'm going to be late. Thanks for watching the kids, Dick. And Veronica," Logan trailed off before whistling appreciatively. "You look amazing. I'm sure whoever you're meeting will, uh, have a great time," he finished lamely. "You know, we really can stay home tonight. I'll reimburse the woman that bid on me, and you can just consider your bid a donation to the fire department."

Veronica raised an eyebrow. "I am not losing big bucks just because you're having cold feet about your first blind date in, well, probably ever, knowing you." She turned to exchange a glance with Dick before the pair simultaneously yelled "Go!" at him.

Holding his hands out in a placating gesture, Logan put on his jacket and started for the door. "Have fun," he told Veronica, unable to hide the sad expression on his face.

"You too," she chirped.

As soon as Logan was gone, Dick burst out laughing.

"Seriously, Veronica, he screamed like a girl when he found out someone under the age of fifty bought him. It was awesome. I wonder what he'll do when he realizes it's you."

"That's what I plan on finding out." She grinned. "I think I'm going to get to the restaurant a little early to watch him sweat while he's waiting. Are you all set here?"

"Sure am. Me and the little ones are going to have a great time. Tina couldn't stop talking about the sleepover. Thanks for taking her while I, you know." He shuddered. "Go on my thing. With that old lady."

"Hey, just returning the favor. I'm going to say goodbye to the kids, and I'm off." She left the room and returned a moment later, clutching something in her fist.

"What's that?"

"A little present for you and your date tonight."

"Really?" Dick perked up. "Aww, Veronica, I'm touched. I always thought you still kind of hated me."

"Hate you? Never!" Veronica scoffed. "Here you go." Shoving the gift in his hands, she was out the door before Dick had a chance to register its contents.

"Oh, real fucking mature, Veronica. That's disgusting!" He shouted after her, shoving the strip of condoms into his pocket.

Just in case.


"Your companion has arrived, sir." The waiter motioned towards a figure standing at the front of the restaurant, and Logan straightened up in his seat.

"Thank you."

Taking a deep breath to prepare himself, Logan looked up at the woman approaching the table. And frowned.

"Veronica? What are you doing here?" He peered around her, still searching for his date. "Is this where you and your gentleman caller will be dining tonight?"

Veronica snorted and plopped rather inelegantly into the chair across from Logan. "Yeah, I guess you could say that."

"Come on, Veronica. The waiter said she was here. If she sees you, she might - I don't know. Get mad or something."

"I pretty sure I could take her," Veronica replied wryly, wondering when her husband was going to catch on. "Hi, I'm Veronica, and I'll be your date for the evening." She watched his jaw drop in surprise with a smirk. "Now that it's clear that I'm the brains in this relationship, can we order? Have you chosen something from the wine list yet? I'm thinking a glass of Dom Pérignon might be nice."

"Veronica." A smile quirked at the edge of Logan's mouth as he processed her words, not even registering the fact that she suggested they share a three-hundred dollar bottle of champagne. "Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

"God, I hope so, or else Dick figured it out faster than you. That would concern me." She grinned at her husband. "Surprise?"

"I can't even - And when I flipped out, you didn't even say anything! Why?"

She shrugged, taking a sip of water. "Because I wanted to surprise you. Which I totally did, thank you very much."

He shook his head. "Unbelievable."


"Are you telling me that you dragged the kids out to that auction with the express purpose of bidding on me?"

"Why, Mr. Echolls, I do believe I did. Don't you feel special now? You were the big ticket item. If I hadn't been there, you probably would have sold for only half of what I paid. Or ended up spending a riveting evening with Gia. Either way, you owe me."

Logan leaned back in his chair, still not quite believing it. "Wow."

"I know." She clasped his hand in hers over the table, and moved forward. "I think that deserves a kiss, don't you?"

"Oh, no. No way. I'm not sleeping on the couch again tonight." Logan dropped her hand as if it was on fire and moved his seat as far away from Veronica's as he could.

"Wait, what's the matter?"

"I can't believe you'd ask such a thing," Logan told her, sounding offended. "I'm a very happily married man, ma'am. I love my wife."

Veronica narrowed her eyes. "Damn it, Logan, I paid sixty-four hundred dollars for this date, and I'll kiss you if I want to. Pucker up. Now," she added menacingly.

"I'm sorry. I'm sure you're a very nice person, but I don't think my wife would be too pleased with that. She trusts me. Besides, I promised her."


"I'm nothing if not a man of my word. I'm sure you understand."

"Yeah, I understand." Veronica told him. "I also understand that for six grand, you're not a cheap date. You'd better put out."

"Oh, my!" Logan raised a hand in front of his mouth, acting shocked. "I'm really not that kind of guy!"

"Well, if you'd rather go home and do the laundry … " Veronica trailed off, running her tongue over her lower lip seductively. "And that would mean letting our free babysitter go to waste - and, no, he is not going to help you with the chores. I don't want Dick anywhere near my delicates." She paused for a moment, considering the concept of taking her very expensive date home to do odd jobs while she watched one of those princess movies with Mandy and Sammy. She nodded, pursing her lips determinedly. "You're right. We shouldn't be here."

"Oh, really?" Logan moved back towards Veronica, leaning over to nibble on her sensitive ear and fighting a grin as she let out a low moan in response. "Are you so sure about that? Because I'm almost positive that laundry can wait until tomorrow. I, however, might not last that long."

"Aw, and you're suddenly a slut," she laughed before kissing him gently on the lips. "I knew you had it in you, big guy. That's why I shelled out the big bucks for you."

"Dick doesn't have to leave until a little before three, right?"


"So why don't we skip dinner and go straight for dessert?"

Veronica stood up and took Logan's hand, nodding in agreement. "Sounds like a plan to me."


"Tina, you take waaaaaaay too long to comb your hair! I'm bored!" Mandy pounded on the bathroom door for another minute until she realized it wasn't making her friend go any faster. "I'm going to go and do other fun stuff. Without you!" she threatened, waiting for answer.

"Okay," Tina agreed easily. "I'll come and play with you when I'm done."

"FINE," Mandy huffed, stomping down the hallway to her room. "I'll go play with Dick instead!" Crawling on the floor to reach for something hidden away under her bed, she dashed out of the room and down the stairs.

"Dick!" Mandy handed the more than slightly-wrinkled sheet of paper to him. "This is for you."

"Really? Thanks, kid." He peered down at the paper and noticed it was the kind with the huge lines given out in school to children who were just learning the alphabet. "Have you been practicing your ABCs?"

"Yep!" She nodded enthusiastically. "And since I know letters now, even though Mommy and Daddy think I don't know what they're saying when they spell stuff, I totally do. Sometimes." She frowned. "When they're talking about cats and dogs and stuff. But I know that you like to hear stories, so whenever they say stuff I don't understand, I write it down. Now you can read it to me!" Mandy climbed into his lap and pointed to the piece of paper. "What does that say?"

"Mandy," Dick placed a hand over his heart. "I am so proud. Thank you, honey. You know how I hate to miss out on all of your parent's good, um, stories." Turning the paper right-side up so he could read it, he paled slightly.

"Come on, Dick! What does it say?" Mandy pleaded.

"Umm, wow. I can't believe … " He trailed off and shook his head. "Wow. That's just - wow. And your spelling is pretty good. Dude." He turned Mandy around to face him. "I think I'm going to frame this. This is awesome."

"Yay!" Mandy shouted, clapping excitedly. "Now read it!"

"Oh, wow. I think I hear your brother. Should we go and check on him?" Dick quickly deposited the little girl on the floor and started for the stairs. "Race you up?"

" 'Kay!" Mandy agreed, her handwritten 'story' forgotten.


"Tina's asleep already, and that's boring," Mandy told her brother, stroking his stomach from her position next to him in his crib. "I decided to come and talk to you instead. What do you want to talk about?"

Sammy gurgled and thrashed his little arms around. Mandy nodded.

"Me too. I hope they're having fun. Mommy said she'd bring us home dessert, since we were so good at keeping the secret from Daddy. If you don't want yours, can I have it?"

She listened to the baby's gurgling for a moment.

"Cool. Thank you, Sammy! You're my favoritest little brother ever, just so you know."

Sammy's eyelids dropped shut, and he nuzzled his head into Mandy's stomach.

"We can sleep if you're tired. Or we can try to talk some more! Why won't you say Mama, Sammy? Mommy really, really wants you to. I know you can do it. I'll help you. Ma-ma." She mouthed the word directly in front of Sammy's face. Now you try?"

"Ma?" Sammy asked.

"Yes! Just like that!" Mandy encouraged. "Just do it again. Ma-ma."

"Mama," Sammy burbled, slurring the still-unmistakable word.

"That was so good, Sammy! You're so smart! I love you!"

"Ma!" Sammy said again, pointing at Mandy.

"That's me! I'M Mandy! Sammy, you know everybody! Mommy and Daddy are going to be so happy!"


The next morning, after Logan scooped Mandy out of the crib, Veronica picked Sammy up to change his diaper and was greeted with the sound of her name.

Mandy spent the rest of the day trying to teach him how to say supercalafragilisticexpealadocious. According to her, it was the best word in the history of ever, and really hard to say. It wouldn't be his first word, so he wouldn't be as awesome as she was, but it would be his fourth word. At least, it would be if Mandy had anything to say about it. Sammy was her baby brother, after all, so it was up to her to make him cooler than all those other lame babies out there.


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