Eclipse Spoilers, The story takes place 80 years after Eclipse takes place. There will be Eclipse spoilers so don't read unless you've read Eclipse.

Now I'm not going to write in bold italic caps for 'do not read' because that would tempt you even more. So I will just tell you, do not read unless you have read Eclipse. Please heed my warning!

Alright, now onto the story.

Her name was Ellie,well, Elizabeth Black. Her great great grandfather was Billy Black, meaning great grandfather was Jacob Black. Her grandfather Alexander Black, and her father who was Joseph Black. Her mother was named Sarah, and her grandparents were related to someone who we've never heard of in the stories.

You are probably wondering who Jacob had married. It couldn't have been Bella? She married Edward and became a vampire. Right? Right!?

No. She loved Edward, but Jacob could give her what Edward could not. Children. Rosalie's thought stuck with her more than she had thought. She wanted to have children. And so she took her chance with Jacob. And after a few short years it didn't hurt anymore. She didn't think about Edward much. She didn't have his face in her every thought anymore.

And He, he watched her for 20 years, 40 years and then 60 years. But to protect her from the Volturi he left for a far away place, knowing that being away would protect her. It came to be that Alice didn't try to watch anymore. And Edward had become very very imune to blood, he became Carlisle's partner, so that he could save lives too.

But Bella didn't know that he had stopped watching. Well that was until after his funeral. Jacob's funeral. 86 years he had lived, over 70 years it had to control the werewolf gene. She had cried and weeped all day, all night. Then a half a year later she had move in with her grandson Joseph. She had been found wandering around in a forest near her home. Everyone was so sure her sanity was gone. She even agreed to move in with her children's children's children. She almost believed that Edward was a dream. Somehow she was able to hold on to her long forgotten memories of the one she had once loved.

Ellie was scared to death of her Great Grandmother. Maw Maw Bell was what they called her. Ellie shared her room with her. She had to try and sleep through her Maw Maw Bell's sleep talking.

And finally the last thing she feared, was that she would end up like her Great grandmother. Crazy and strange. She resembled her great grandmother. She looked exactly like her Maw Maw Bell when she was her age. There was only one difference, Ellie had darker hair, and her eyes were more or less hazel instead of that deep chocolate brown. And every once in a while Ellie would awake in the middle of the night, finding herself in the middle of a sentince.

Ellie's Great Grandmother never really spoke to Ellie, almost never did she speak to anyone except her Father. It was two weeks before Ellie would go to highschool, she was going to be a freshman, she was only 14, but her birthday coming up fast.

Ellie sat on her bed reading on of her many books. Her Maw Maw Bell sat on her bed looking through on of her old photo albums. That's when she spoke to her.

"Elizabeth" Ellie looked up, startled by her grandmothers old voice.

"Need me to get you something?" Ellie asked her 98 year old Great Grandmother.

"Yes dear, under the bed, in one of my old bags. The brown one."

Ellie, unsure, looked under Maw Maw Bell's bed, there was a green one, a blue one and, she saw the brown one. She pulled it out and handed it to her grandmother. "Sit down here." She told Ellie and she patted her bed. Ellie sat down, scared out of her mind. With shakey hands, Maw Maw Bell unzipped the brown messenger bag and pulled out another one of her old photo albums. She moved the bag to the side and searched through the old book. "His name was Edward, Edward Cullen." She told Ellie. "I had loved him, very much. But I chose your Great Grandfather instead." She sighed. "Here" She turned the book over so Ellie could see a picture. It was of a boy so handsome. But he was pale, very pale, and his golden eyes glowed through the thin plastic that protected him. Then she noticed in other pictures, a girl with short black hair, the same golden eyes. "That's Alice, Edward's sister, my shopping buddy." She laughed.

"Maw Maw Bell? Why are you showing me these things?"

She stopped laughing and asked in a serious tone. "Do you like sports?"

Ellie snorted. "I hate sports...well not really hate, I like to avoid them..."


Ellie rolled her eyes. "Because I'm...well clumsy."

"Are you referring to the fact that you can't walk cross a flat stable surface without finding something to trip over." Maw Maw Bell said in a strange voice.


"That's what he said. To me. Because I was very clumsy."

"No, this can't be happening. I don't want to be you." Ellie moaned.

"I'm sorry sweetheart. But I think you will be exactly like me. It's like I can see it." Her eyes focused on something far away, or maybe long ago.

"See what?"

"You making the same choices I made."

"Maw Maw Bell, I don't, understand...I'm confused."

"Confused? How so?"

"I don't know how to explain. Why are you telling me this...about this Edward...It feels like your warning me about something you can't actually say anything about..."

Her great grandmother sighed. "You are exactly like me child...I would have noticed too, that there was something I wasn't telling you. But I can't tell you everything. If I do, if you learn and find out about it. You could become in grave danger."

"Maw Maw Bell, what do you want to tell me?" Ellie asked, she was getting very impatiant.

"To warn you against the Red eyes. The Red eyes need us, they will kill us, never ever follow a Red-eyed one."

"Red eyed?"

"A person with red eyes.."


"Black eyes are deadly as well. They are thirsty, they could kill us easily and fast, never go near a Black eyed."

"I'm sorry, but I just don't understand." Ellie told her grandmother. She was so sure this was just one of her fantasies, something only she could see in her mind.

"I know you don't understand, and hopefully you won't ever meet any of these fiends. But listen to me, if you do see someone with these eyes run, run away, stay in over populated areas at all costs! And never, never ever bleed in their presence, it will be the end of you!"

The door creaked open at that moment and Ellie's mother came in. "What's all this yelling about? Ellie?"

"Um, I, ugh..."

"Are you bothering Maw Maw Bell agian? Leave her alone and let her get some sleep for crying out loud."

"Yes Ma'am" Ellie said. She got off the her great grandmother's bed and got in her's. She laid down to go to sleep.

"Maw Maw Bell, try and get some rest." Her mother told her Great grandmother. Her Maw Maw Bell only nodded and then her Mother left.

"Look what you did," Maw Maw Bell whispered to Ellie, after her Mother left.

"Me?" Ellie asked in a whisper.

"You're side of the family..." Her grand mother mumbled.

"They, err, we, I guess, think you've lost your sanity."

"Humph...well I guess I have gone crazy. I've done that before too. But it didn't quite feel like this. It would be wonderful if he came back again, just like before, I wonder if he would take me back, even though I'm old and wrinkly."

"Um, Maw Maw...I don't think he'd be alive...I mean...well"

"It's okay for you to think that, sweetheart, but I know that he could come back," She sighed agian. "Maybe Alice doesn't watch anymore."

"What do you mean?"

"Alice could see things, we can't see, She would watch and make sure nothing would happen to me. But she couldn't see Jacob, and niether I when I was with him. Perhaps she stopped watching believing that I'd never come back into her sight ever agian."

"Can I go to sleep now?"

"I guess so, ah, but I didn't tell you about the gold eyes."

"What about them?" Ellie sighed.

"They don't mean to hurt us, they can be trusted. If you are good enough friends with them they can protect you from the red eyes."

"Okay, whatever you say."

"Goodnight sweetheart."

" 'Night Maw Maw Bell."

Alright, did you like it? Have any questions? Let me know what you think.