Somewhere far away a phone rang.

Somewhere far away a phone rang...and somewhere far away it was answered.

"Hello?" The answerer answered

"Hello Rosalie" Said a voice.

"Who is this?" Rosalie demanded

"A friend" The voice told her, she couldn't recognize it.

"How did you get this number?" Rosalie demanded again.

But the voice didn't answer her question. "I know your wish, your dream, your greatest you still want it?"

"What are you talking about?? Who ARE you?"

"Everything will be made clear soon...Meet us at Robinson Drive, Rochester New should easily find an abondoned house on that street...we'll be waiting..." Then the voice was gone...and the line was dead.

(Alice tells the story)

two years later

Two years had passed...since Zephen had used his gift to persuade our family to never come near him, nor Ellie ever again... A year after that Rosalie had recieved a strange phone call...telling her to go to Rochester New York...Emmett went with her...and they both vanished too...I've been looking for Rosalie and Emmet for a whole year now...and I still haven't found them...but I did, however, find Zephen...and Ellie...just a month after he told us to leave, I went back...and found that his persuadtion didn't work on me anymore...I thought that hed meant that he was destoryed...that he was dead...but no...when I got there...he...he was human...alive...he was planning to marry Ellie...and he didn't even tell us that he was human! I was so furious...but then I understood...he was protecting Ellie...and himself, and their future children from our kind...I was so sad...they were too...though we didn't meet with them...we could see that they did miss us...too...

But I never found Rosalie and Emmett...they were I thought...

Carlisle and Esme felt very abandonded...or as if there children had all grown up and had went off to live their own lives. That was true though, in a sense. Alice and Japser had left long ago to try and find Rosalie and Emmett, and Edward had vanished long ago and his lover was deep in the ground close to one of their favorite homes that they could never return to. Zepheniah was definately growing up, he was with his lover. Soon they would have children of their own. But Esme knew that she would never be able to meet her grandchildren, they would be human and she was a vampire, if she went near them it wouldn't be safe for them.

Esme sat in her house alone. Carlisle was at the hospital. She knew she could go there, if she wanted to she was strong enough to resist all the spilled blood at the hospital. But she couldn't tear herself away from her house. It was the same house that Rosalie and Emmett had lived in right before the phone call. Rosalie had promised as she left, "I will come back, I promise" Esme grimaced, she wished she had tears to cry, she missed her children so much. She wrapped her arms around herself, but she couldn't get any warmer...she would be cold forever.


Esme jumped up, the knocking on the door had surprised her. She was so caught up in her world of depression that she hadn't sensed anyone near by. But she could now. two, no four humans at her door step. 'Why?' She wondered. She went to the door and opened it. She gasped. Before her stood Rosalie and Emmett. Esme stared in shock, they were gone, ever since Rosalie got that call...but they were here now, two years later...but they weren't vampires anymore, they were human.

"Hey Mom, Sorry it took us so long took come back." Rosalie told her.

"Yeah, we were kinda busy" Emmett said, Rosalie elbowed him in the ribs. "Hey, ow! What was that for!?" But Rosalie just smiled.

"We have something to show you." Rosalie said. Esme, who was speechless just stared. Rosalie and Emmett separated and moved away, behind them was a carriage with two infant children in it.

"Oh!" Esme cried. Rosalie picked up the infant that was wrapped in pink, and Emmett picked up the one in blue. "Oh dears! Come in!! Come in!" Esme moved out of the way as Rosalie and Emmett came in. "Take a seat for crying out loud!" Rosalie and Emmett sat down. Esme closed the front door and stood over the infants. Then Rosalie stood up.

"Take a seat, Mom" Esme gasped as she realized what Rosalie was going to do. She sat down in Rosalie's spot on the couch and Rosalie put the infant girl into Esme's awaiting arms. "Her name is Hailey Anne"

"Oh little Hailey Anne!" Esme tearlessly cried, the infant child gurled and opened her big blue eyes and looked up at Esme. "Oh" Esme said over and over again.

Then Emmett put in Esme's other hand the infant boy. "We call this strong little fellow Emmett Jr. Mason" Esme held the two little children in her arms and smiled. "Make sure you call Carlisle...he'll want to see this." Esme cuddled with the two infant children.

Then I got a phone call of my own, telling me to come home...But it was was as if there were werewolves at home, because I couldn't see what would happen if Jasper and I came home. But I'm so glad we did. We found out a lot of things when we got home.

I knew something was up when I sensed four humans and two vampires at home, when Japser and I burst into the house we would have passed out...because of what we saw. Two infant children, Rosalie's children. There Rosalie told us everything.

"So who was it that called you?" I asked.

Rosalie smiled. "Bella"

"WHAT!?" I had yelled.

"It was Bella all know when you and Carlisle went to the Volturi, and said that even one of theirs went missing like Edward, It was Bella."

"How is that possible?" Carlisle asked.

"I don't know, but Bella thinks that it was the put her into a como like state, only a vampire like como, so that she seemed dead. When she awoke she was in her coffin back in Forks, one of Sam's grandchildren who had inherited werewolf genes had noticed her and dug her up. She had stayed with her children for a few days and eventually they noticed that she was becoming younger. Apparently she was losing her memories too, so when she forgot that Jacob was dead and they told her he was dead, she started her search for the rest of us. On the way vampires attacked her, but once they drank her blood they became human. She eventually found us with Edward and that's when she took him."

"So she was the one who kidnapped Ellie!" I exclaimed.

Rosalie nodded, "And it wasn't Zephen who didn't want her to be near vampires, but Bella herself!"

"So who cares about that, where is Bella and Edward!" I demanded.

"So Bella was the one who changed you into humans?" Carlisle asked.

"Yeah" Rosalie said.

"But it isn't as easy as it looks," Emmett said, he shivered.

"What do you mean?" Carlisle asked

"Your body goes back to the condition it was before you were changed into a vampire...did you know that the street Bella sent us to was just a few streets from a hospital?" Rosalie said.

"So how does it work?" Carlisle wondered.

"A vampire bites Bella, I'm guessing as soon as a bit of her blood gets into your system it does the same to your body as it had done with our venom. Only her blood multiplies extremely fast bringing everything to life."

We talked for hours, played with the infant children, little Haley and Jr. It was a wonderful time. An amazing time, who could have thought! Rosalie and Emmett with children!

Then I went back to Ellie and Zephen. I knew that Bella didn't want me to, but I had to! I had to talk to them one last time.

I stood in the forest and stared into the dark room where Ellie slept.

"Please don't bother them, Vampires aren't in there lives anymore" I turned around and before me stood Edward.


"I know you have so many questions, I'm sorry I left the family, But I had to be with Bella, she's alive!"

I wondered, Is she human.

He shook his head, "No, she is immortal, but she still can die, she only ages if she changes a vampire to human."

Why are you here?

"We came, one last time to see Zephen and Ellie."

You really did kidnap her…


You told Zephen to tell us not to follow, not ever again.


Why did Bella change Emmett and Rosalie?

"She wanted Rosalie and Emmett to be happy."

What about us?

"Do you want to be human?"

I froze, I didn't know. Do you?

"I can't be human with Bella, if she changed me then I would die and she too would have to kill herself to die with me. So we have decided to live forever like this…" Edward chuckles, "Bella is considering going to the Volturi and turning them all human."

I smiled at the thought.

"But I'm not going to let her go there, let them come to us!"

We miss you

"We miss you too, all of you."

You aren't going to come back?

"Probably not, I'm sorry."

I nodded my head.

"Someday we will come and visit. Bella wants to see Rosalie's children."

I smiled.

"Goodbye Alice" He turned to leave. "Oh" Edward stopped and then turned back around, "I forgot to tell you, if you and Jasper…or Carlisle and Esme decide they want to be human again, here's our number" He gave me a small piece of paper.

"Goodbye, Edward"

And he vanished into the night. I went back home, I was sad and happy. Ellie and Zephen were happy, Edward and Bella were happy, Rosalie, Emmett, Hailey and Emmett Jr. were going to be happy. But I missed my sisters and my brothers and I wondered would we, Jasper and I like to be human again?

"As long as I have you, it doesn't matter!" Jasper told me as he kissed me.


I hoped you enjoyed it, finally its over…

Hane tsuki