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Chapter 26

Brennan couldn't believe it. All she had tried to do was enjoy a nice day out with her friends and to encourage Parker and it had ended with them all having to race back to the lab to try and establish who the new threat to them was. Although, maybe it wasn't a new threat? The voice on the phone had been quiet but still disturbed her more than she like to admit. They had asked if Parker was feeling okay and if Booth had enjoyed watching him play that morning. It had to have something to do with the case that Booth was working on. They really couldn't be that unlucky, to have more than one psycho killer after them at a time.

Brennan leaned back in her chair staring blankly at the computer screen. She had handed her phone over to Jack to see if he could manage to pull up any information on the phone call that had come in. She was almost positive that he would find nothing but she understood that he couldn't sit back and do nothing. Proving nothing was better than not doing anything at all. Brennan had been extremely thankful that Ange had volunteered to take Parker home for her. She was also going to explain about the phone call to Rebecca so that she wouldn't be surprised if Parker brought it up with her. Brennan had already arranged for someone to start watching their house. If there was only one thing she could do at the moment that was to make sure that Booth's son was safe until he returned.

Thinking of Parker, Brennan placed her hand on her stomach thinking about the new little Booth she was carrying inside her. It almost seemed as though this case had confirmed her previous beliefs about bringing children into this world, this world which seemed to consist of unimaginable evils. Brennan had known from the early stages of her pregnancy that if this child had not been Booth's she would have handled the situation very differently. She knew that no matter what, this little person inside her would be brought up with morals and ideals. Although after starting to feel the movements inside her, Brennan had re-evaluated her position on the matter and had realised that she would do anything to ensure the safety of this life she was carrying. Never before had she felt such responsibility towards another person. Yes, she considered the baby to be a person, not a foetus. Brennan didn't know if Booth would be surprised by her thinking, or if he would just smile that knowing grin at her before her convinced her that he had always known that she would make a fantastic mother.

A knock at the open door of her office roused Brennan from her thinking. She turned towards the noise looking to find Ange standing at the door.

"Parker home safely?"

Ange nodded. "Rebecca wasn't too happy about the phone call but she calmed when I explained that you had someone watching them. She wants you to call her later tonight after Parker has gone to bed to discuss the situation some more."

"Fair enough. If I was entrusting the safety of my family to another person I would want to do the same thing."

"I am surprised sweetie, I would have thought you would be insulted that she didn't except that that professionals were doing there job"

Brennan gave Ange a small grin. "I think that if this had happened before I was pregnant that is pretty much the exact response I would have given but I have discovered that carrying another life inside your own changes some of the way in which your beliefs are structured. Maybe to say that they bend more than change."

Brennan looked at her computer noting a new e-mail from Jack.

The caller to Dr Brennan's mobile seems to have used a prepaid phone. We are going to trace the number and see if we can locate the store where the phone was purchased and then see if we can find any further information at that stage. The call could be triangulated to a tower about 50 miles away with a five mile radius. Unless the caller rings Dr Brennan again we may not be able to narrow down the area.

Brennan sighed. "Seems as though we are have no more leads to follow."

Ange came up behind Brennan and read the e-mail. Slowly nodding her head in agreement with Brennan's statement. She made a move to leave the room before Brennan's voice stopped her.

"How could Jack trace that call?" Brennan turned towards Ange.

"I know I don't understand the finer points of surveillance but I am sure that the caller needs to be on the line at the time of the trace."

Ange shrugged her shoulders and made a move for the door.

"Ange, what do you know?" Brennan was up and out of her seat walking towards Ange as fast as her body would currently allow her.

"Now sweetie, lets not get angry. You know that isn't good for the you or the baby."

"Ange, as far as this day goes I don't think there is much that has happened that hasn't been good for me or the baby. Between Booth, Parker and the phone call I think that I am currently extremely calm and relaxed."

"What do you mean Booth? Have you heard from him?"

Brennan looked away before sighing and looking back at her best friend.

"He was at the game today. He was on the other side of the park. He almost blew it when Parker got hurt. You know how I made Parker run over to the fence and do some star jumps. Booth was on the bench."

Ange thought for a second.

"The bum? That was Booth. Hmmm he is better at this undercover stuff than I have given him credit for. Although he obviously isn't good enough to fool you."

Brennan smiled. "I know I think he is going to be mad that I worked it out when he gets back. It was in the way he sits. When you study people like I do you tend to notice the way in which they hold themselves when they, walk, sit and even stand. I could pick Booth out of a crowd after the first few months we started working together."

Ange giggled. "I just bet you could"

Brennan grinned at her. "You aren't going to distract me with all this lady talk Ange."

"Girl talk, Bren!"

"Whatever, Stop trying to distract me. I want to know how Jack could trace a call from my cell without the caller actually on the line. You know something don't you?"

Angela looked at Brennan with a slightly guilty look on her face.

"Well it depends on what you mean by something? Do I know how Jack could trace your call no. Do I know why he was able to?" Angela sighed and look away from Brennan before whispering her response.

"What was that Ange? I couldn't hear a word you just said."

"Well after you and Jack were kidnapped by the gravedigger Booth may have had some surveillance added to all of our phones just in case something like this happened again. Booth asked Jack to test it for a few weeks just before this all happened. Obviously since he knew he was going to be out of contact for a while he would take some precautions."

"That was months ago though. Jack should have ceased his testing after the designated time."

"It seems as thought Jack took it upon himself to let it keep running with everything that happened with Booth just to be on the safe side, which as it turns out was a good thing,"

Brennan looked towards Angela with tears in her eyes.

"Bren? Are you okay?"

"I fine Ange. I just can't get over that man. I want to be so mad at him for invading my privacy but I just can't. He always manages to know what is best for me without even being here. I don't think I will be able to manage without him in my life for much longer."

Knock knock

"Well hopefully Dr Brennan you won't have to worry about that for much longer."