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I walked over to the food court, with alice and bella behind me.

I don't care what Edward said. He is still going to kill me...

Wait, if I make some really geeky guys flirt with them...It won't be so bad, will it?

And then, Alice and Bella will kill Rosalie!

Muhahaha, my plan will work perfectly!!

Alice POV

Jasper got this really evil look on his face. I'm actually scared of him for once. This is not going to end very well. Is it?

Just then i stopped and as a vision came to me:

This really geeky guy was walking over to Bella and I.

He had a pocket-protector and all!

"OH MY GOSH! That's Eric!" Bella half-whispered, half-yelled.

"JASPER HALE!" I screamed.

Bella POV

Alice stopped and went into vision mode. Two seconds later she looked horrified and yelled at Jasper.

"Sorry Alice"

"Can't you atleast get someone that we might ENJOY being flirted with?"

"Who said that he was going to be doing all the flirting?"

Alice gasped.


"Sorry Alice. Don't you think i have to get back at rosalie somehow?"


"Whats going on?!?!" I asked.


Now I gasped.


"I'm sorry Alice and Bella. I have too. If i didn't do this, then you wouldn't want to kill Rosalie along with me. And Bella, anything you say goes with Edward."

Alice and I sighed at once.

Then i turned to Alice and said "I don't get why we have to be in this situation in the first place"

"I know right"

At that moment, Eric walked over to Alice and I.

"OH MY GOSH! That's Eric!"

"I knew you would say that" Alice muttered.

Jasper POV

This is gonna work better than i thought. And I know, im supposed to be upset, but it might be funny. All i have to do is act like i hate it. It won't be that hard because Alice and Bella will be furious.

Eric walked over in all his glory. Pocket Protecter in his shirt pocket, Glasses on with duck tape at the nose. As he walked he straightened his tie, and glanced at my alice and edward's bella and smiled. I then controlled all three of their emotions to make them immensly lust-filled.

I guess I did a too good of job, because just then Eric's lips were on Bella's.

And then Alice's.

I lost my cool.

They stopped. I screamed "DARE OVER!"

Alice and Bella followed me back. All three of us had horrified expressions on our face. To make matters worse, my siblings had seen the whole thing! Now they were laughing except for Edward.

"I take it back. Your dead." Was all he said.

"So is Rosalie." Alice and Bella said at once.

"Emmett, truth or dare?" I said.