Chapter 1: Lost

I flipped myself over on my back, facing the blazing sun that shined like it did only in summer. I groaned. I closed my eyes, I felt the sun rays dancing across my face. My body ached very badly, from my head down to my toe. My head hurt like a jack hammer was beating against it, and my body felt like I'd broken every bone in my body. I coughed and water came up from my throat.

I closed my eyes. How the heck did i get here? Maybe my memory was erased...No, I was on a plane, I'm pretty sure. I dug down deeper in my memory. I was on a plane, no- a jet, with lots of people. I was eating a bag of cashews, listening to my Ipod, then, I'm not really sure what happened, but everyone started panicking and screaming. I didn't know what was happening, I looked outside of my window, and I think we were going down. I quickly sprang up from my seat to my suit case, and opened it, getting everything that I could, I grabbed a pocket knife, a shell necklace I made at camp, and my water bottle. I clutched them to my chest, also trying to stuff them into my pockets. Everybody started screaming, it hurt my ears. I looked at the back of the plane, water was coming in, we hit the ocean. Using my foot, I slammed the window open, jumping out into the water. Water started rushing in. Crap. "Everybody, kick you windows open, hurry!" I don't know if they did or not, because I was already out of the window, drifting away, I didn't realized it was raining. Thunder overpowered any sound above us. I turned around, a giant wave stood at the top of the sky, then crashed down at us. I tried to get as big as a breath as I could, but the wave overpowered me. I shut my eyes and let the wave carry me to where ever I may have gone.

I guess that's here. Well, I knew my memory was still ok. I blinked a couple of times, realized that staying in that spot won't help me at all. I slowly sat up, looking around. I could only see ocean in front of me. Nothing else. Miles and miles of water. Crap. Sitting up, I thought more about the plane crash, like where I was going. I couldn't think of it at first, my head hurt to much. I sat Indian style on the sand and thought deeply.

I think I was coming from Ohio to go to Spain on a field trip. A field trip, that must of meant that I was with my class on the plane. I rummaged through my mind more. Mr. Shea was our teacher. Billy, Mark, Sara, Jessie, Taylor, Audrey, Jake, classmates! I remember.

So I was heading to Spain with my class on a field trip...on social studies I believe...and the plane crashed into the water, I got out, and I ended up here. Great. I sighed a deep sigh, it hurt like hell.

I opened my eyes and slowly got up. My body hurt so bad, I didn't want to move, but my manly instincts told me to keep moving. I listened to them. I turned around, and lots of terrace was behind me. Some regular maple trees, palm trees with coconuts, and a vast forest. It spread all along the island, or wherever I was, like a circle. I was amazed how dark it was between the leaves and the trunks. It was pure green and stood about 15 feet tall. The forest was about 100 feet in the sand, so there was 100 feet of sand going from the ocean to the forest. No grass. I was pretty sure that it was a island I was currently standing on. I looked all around me. No one. No one was here with me. I was alone.

My stomach grumbled below and I knew that this wasn't a time for eating, and certainly not a time for panicking, but a time for curiosity and exploring. I walked-no, stumbled to a nearby tree and held onto it. I wasn't sure I could walk. Well, I walked this far, without falling that is, so I can probably make it.

I walked around...there wasn't really anything to look at. I came up to the beastly forest and just looked at it. Peeking through, I could see many trees, good for lumber. I didn't want to go into there just yet. I still needed to explore. I looked up at the sky and it was a cloudless blue sky above. Good, no rain was in sight. I thought it would be good to walk around the island, to see if there was anything to use or stuff. I strolled carelessly around the corner of the island and still nothing. It was maybe a mile around, who knows. It wasn't a square, but a circleish thing. I sighed and kept on walked. There wasn't anything I could do BUT walk. So I just kept on picking up my size 12 feet and dragging them step by step to keep on moving. This side looked exactly the same as the other side. The sun was on the other side of the island, casting a chilly dark shadow over the beach and me. I still wasn't seeing anything that could help me.

I finally made the turnish thing on this side and it was marvelous. The sun was hitting the water and sand at just the right angle, the kind you see in professional photography. The sun was at a scarlet color, making it bearable to look. I only looked for a few seconds because it got too hard to look. I turned my head down and kept walking. This was pointless, there was nothing out here to help us. My legs were tired of walking, I was hot and sweaty, tired, and just too...blah. I dropped to my knees and grabbed my head. I was stuck out here for so long. Who knows how long? I didn't want to be here, I didn't want to LIVE out here. Maybe I should just kill myself. Maybe something else will. What was out here? Lions? Tigers? Bears? Oh my! Maybe I could actually live out here, without dying.

So many questions sent me down on my left side, causing me to face the ocean. I closed my eyes and rocked back and forth. I stopped because I realized how childish I was acting. I slowly opened my eyes.

Something was out there, on the shore. I sat straight up and my eyes bulged out of my head. Can something really be there? I got up and ran full speed at it, not even knowing what it was.