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"Ok, good luck!" shouted Addie, they turned around and started gossiping. There was nothing to gossip about. Gosh, girls can find anything to gossip about. I wonder what they gossip about...

Chapter 5: Nighttime

I came back from the woods, lots of woods. Lots. I didn't happen to get any bark this time, just larger branches and twigs. My long legs were covered in mosquito bites now. Maybe I had a bloodsucking tick or two...maybe not. I walked through the end of the forest. I let my arms fall to my side, all the 'luggage' I had spilled on the sand. I didn't drop down on the ground like last time...I just stood there with my head hanging. Being in there was like being in hell; it was dark, damp, bug covered, its just a place where you feel unsafe. You can feel the presence of something watching you...but you know nothings there. You can feel the unknown things around you. Undiscovered insects...uninhabitable birds...I didn't want to think about that anymore.
I looked up, and saw quite a funny sight. Erica and Addie, were trying to start the fire the way I had before. I don't know if they were messing around, or really trying. They were laughing, but the way their hands moved so swift, I really did believe they were trying. I raised my head and walked over to them.
"What are you trying to do?" I questioned them, while quietly chuckling to myself.
"Well, we thought that since you've been going in there, we could at least try to do something that would benefit," She reached down on the sand behind her, grabbing an object. "We also found some rocks. They aren't that big...but they're the only one's we could find,"
I bent down and grabbed them, carefully studying them over. They were a little coarse, which was good. I wanted as much friction as I could get. "These will work fine," I felt them relax a little. "Ok, I'll try again,"
I glided over to the pit and sat down cross legged. I bent over, putting my elbows on the sand. I began the process. Clink. Clink. Clink. I hit the rocks pretty hard, there was an angle to it. After a little bit, I got some sparks, but they wouldn't light. I must've tried for hours, trying to get those damn things to ignite a good spark, just enough to lit a stupid fire! I sighed and turned around to the girls in defeat.
They were sitting back to back, away from each other, sleeping. They fell asleep as I was trying to make a fire. I couldn't help but smiling. They were so cute together. Their heads were tilted to the side, both heads the same way. They were like twins. I looked up at the midnight sky.
There were a million and one stars that were shining, glittering, and strutting their stuff. They looked like dots of paint when you splatter paint something. I couldn't keep my eyes off them. The sky around it was so black. Maybe that was helping the stars look so bright. The moon was full. I could clearly see the face tonight. It was perfect for a movie. It almost looked fake. There was no way that it could be real. I crawled away from the filthy pit that was laughing in my face because I couldn't light a stupid fire. I laid on my back, my hands/arms crossed behind my head. I listened to the gentle waves, crawling its way up, then back down...up, then back down. I was pretty cold, I was by water, so I knew that it was going to be even colder. I could feel the briskness of the water, rising and swaying its way above the water, dancing to land, around my aching body. I was listening and feeling, when I fell asleep, for my eyelids could no longer stay awake, stunned by the midnight sky.