Charlie was flirting with the daughter of an old family friend who was, shall we say, less than attractive.

She, on the other hand, seemed to actually believe that he had ridden from Romania to England on the back of a Chinese Fireball.

Percy, of all people, looked like he was trying to start a fight with a massive relative of Victor Krum's.

Lavender and Seamus were arguing in the corner. She looked poised to throw her drink in his face and storm off. Again.

Bill and Fleur were sneaking away into the woods around the Burrow with silly grins and Bill's hand firmly planted on Fleur's arse. This would most likely lead to tiny blonde Weasley number three.

Hermione's parents seemed to have made instant friends with Luna's father.

Harry stood as if ready to make a speech. Was that a…

"A lampshade, Harry? Honestly!" Hermione laughed. Nothing could ruin this day.

Harry doffed his lampshade and bowed to the bride and groom, before raising his glass in a longwinded, slurred, and embarrassing toast that had Ron and Hermione blushing, and those guests still sober enough to listen laughing and catcalling.

Fred and George looked at each other, then down at the empty case of Firewhiskey at their feet. "Our work here is done."

A/N : this plot bunny came from a lazy morning of hitting the snooze button and is based on Brad Paisley's song "Alcohol." Written pre-DH, so it's slightly AU in that Fred is still alive, but I couldn't re-imagine it without him, so he stayed.