My Dear Readers,

Firstly, allow me to apologize for my extended absence. I have been busy with life and with school and I have had little time to write. Secondly, I have not had the motivation to write. This story no longer appeals to me. It is very, very hard to write when you do not like what you are writing. A review from lisadianemill helped me realize that I am not the only one who does not like this story. It is boring, repetitive, and not a sample of my best writing. Therefore, I am going to scrap this story and start over again, start fresh. I hope you will read it. It will be basically the same idea as this story, only different. I may not post it soon because I want to write the majority of it before I release it for the general public to see. This will allow me to change it whenever I wish and not have to work around ideas I thought were good and then change my mind about later.

Long story short, this story will be deleted soon and I will repost it in new glory (I hope). It is not fair to you for me to give you sub-par stories to read, particularly if it means that I take forever to update. I hope you all decide to read the new story, though with my extended absence and the quality of my writing as of late, I will not blame you for not wanting to read it.

Please forgive me. I will attempt to update more regularly once I post the new story and I will only post chapters (and stories) that are worthy of your time.

Thank you for your patience and for continuing to support me,
Addie W.