About 7 months had pasted and the family had grown used to the idea of having a new baby around. Everyone was excited, even Barbra Jean. She was around a lot helping out around the house and with the kids whenever Reba wasn't up to it. Reba dosed off after doing so necessary cleaning in her room…

"I hate that you can't be with us," she told him, like she did every time she got the chance to talk to him. Only in her dreams.

"I hate that I can't be with you," he stated. He put a strand of hair behind her ear and kissed her cheek.

Reba woke up to a slight pain in her side, but it wasn't that noticeable and she blew it off like it was nothing, but a few minutes later she felt the pain come back again. No! she thought. She knew what it was, but she wasn't ready to let go of the comfort of knowing that Brock was with her. This baby was Brock's way of being there for her when things got tough, and that was something that she wasn't prepared to give up.

Ok, Reba thought, I'll be fine. These things take a while. If I go downstairs now nobody will suspect anything. Reba got up and walked downstairs. She was relieved to know that Barbra Jean was in the kitchen making everyone something to eat. "Hey there, Barbra Jean!" Reba smiled.

"Good afternoon sleepy head!" Barbra Jean offered her a plate of something that smelled good to Reba. It was then that she noticed how hungry she was, so she answered the gesture with a, "Mhmm!" and then reached for the plate and that pain from her side, which had now moved to her stomach, came back again.

"You know what? I'm not that hungry after all. I'll eat something later. I'm going to go shower. Thank you though," she told everyone. "Oh, and leave the dishes," she told Barbra Jean, "I'll get them when I'm done."

"That was strange...," Cheyenne thought out-loud.

"Yeah, I wonder what's up with Mrs. H.," Van added. They both shrugged it off, and continued eating. But Barbra Jean was a little suspicious of what was going on. She knew that Reba was acting funny, but she didn't know why, and she was going to find out.

Reba quickly got in and out of the shower, and then picked out something comfortable to wear around, she wasn't in the mood for really getting ready so she just put her hair into a ponytail and went to sit in bed and watch TV. Barbra Jean was standing outside the door listening to every move Reba made, trying to figure out what was going on. She took a step forward and was not peering into Reba's room from the small space Reba had left open in the door.

Reba started flipping through the channels when that annoying pain came back, but this time it seemed to hurt more then it had before, nothing she couldn't handle. She pulled her knees up as far as she could to her chest and took a deep breathe in, then out. Huh, Barbra Jean thought, that's odd. She stood there for a little while and waited until Reba was sitting there when the pain hit her again, "Ow," Reba cringed. Then Barbra Jean knew too: Reba was in labor!

Barbra Jean walked into Reba's room and saw Reba sitting up in bed with a tear rolling down her face. "Reba, common, I know what's going on. Why didn't you say anything!?" she asked, a little shocked that Reba would do something like this.

"I'm scared. I'm not ready to let go," she cried to Barbra Jean.

"Is this what you think Brock would want?" BJ questioned her. Reba thought about it for a second and let out a little laugh.

"Knowing Brock he would have carried me out against my will," they both chuckled because of how true it was.

"Now can we get you to the hospital?" BJ asked. Reba nodded and put out her arm so BJ could help her up.

"Thank you Barbra Jean," she stopped to thank a great friend. She didn't know what she would do without her. Sure, sometimes the woman could drive her insane, but in the end she had always been the best friend Reba had ever had and she was loyal to the end. No matter what happened, Barbra Jean would always be there for Reba and her family.

As they started for the door Reba had to stop and breathe her way through another contraction and once they finally made it to the hospital they learned that Reba had toughed most of this out at home. "Where is the baby's father?" the nurse asked for security purposes.

"Brock," Reba gave an edgy whisper to Barbra Jean, who was still at her side.

"He isn't,-he won't-he…passed away," Barbra Jean finally got out. She didn't want to say anything to upset Reba too much. Reba clung to BJ's arm as she couldn't help but think that she wished that it was Brock that was here with here.

Right after the baby was born Reba had fallen asleep, something she had wanted to do so badly since all of this had begun this afternoon…

Reba walked into that bright room, and saw Brock sitting on their living room couch.

"I'm so proud of you baby," he told her. She walked over and sat next to him. "Now that he's here your going to have to give him enough love for the both of us," he reminded her. Reba smiled and laughed.

Brock wrapped his arm around her shoulders, "I assure you this baby will know you well," she promised him.

"He's so beautiful. He has your eyes."

"I just wish you could be there to hold him yourself. It hurts to think that he is never going to know his father."

"Don't worry about that, you'll tell him all about me. He'll hear so much about me from the whole family that he will feel like he really did know me."

"And how do you know that?"

"I can see a few things," he informed her.

"What else can you see?" she said laying her head on his shoulder.

"Hmm, let's see..." he thought for a minute, "Our little boy's name is going to be Ryan-" Reba cut him off.

"Oh! I love that name!" she told him.

Brock laughed quietly and then continued, "Kyra is going to graduate valedictorian from her high school, Jake is going to make the basketball team next year, and Cheyenne and Van are moving out soon," he finished.

"Wow! That's a lot to take in! How…?"

"Just what happens, strange I know." Just then Reba felt that distant feeling again.

"Brock! I don't want to leave yet!" she yelled for him but it was too late…

"Mom," Cheyenne tried to wake her mother from the dead sleep she was in. "Mom!" she tried again, finally working. Reba groaned at whoever it was that was waking her, she was too exhausted to really care who it was, just that they were disturbing her perfect dream. "Mom, common, it's time to eat." Cheyenne told her mother. Reba waved away the food, which she remembered too well. She hated hospital food. She remembered how Brock used to sneak her in food from home or a restaurant of Reba's choice. "Ok," Cheyenne shrugged taking a bite of whatever was on the tray.

Reba sat herself up to look around. Cheyenne and Kyra were the only ones in the room and Cheyenne was now enjoying her food. "So did you think of any names yet?" Kyra asked.

Reba smiled and nodded, "Ryan."

Kyra smiled back at her mother, "I like it!"

"Me too." She moved over to make room for Kyra, and then she motioned for her to join her on the bed, and in font of whatever Kyra had previously been watching on the television. Kyra hopped up and leaned her head on her mom's shoulder. A nurse came to the door and asked Reba if she would like her to bring in the baby. Reba excitedly nodded and then she was told he would be in shortly.

After a few minutes they brought him in and put him into Reba's arms. The little, squirming, blanket covered child was so perfect it brought a tear to Reba's eye. She loved him so much. She was glad that he was here with her now. She felt silly for what she had pulled earlier. "Have you decided on a name?" the nurse asked.

Reba proudly looked up and told the nurse, "Ryan Hart."

You took my hand.

You showed me how.

You promised me you'd be around.

Uh huh, that's right.

I took your words and I believe in everything you said to me.

Yeah huh, that's right.

If someone said 3 years from now you'd be long gone,

I'd stand up and punch them up,

Cause their all wrong.

I know better,

'Cause you said forever,

and ever.

Who knew?

Remember when we were such fools,

and so convinced,

and just too cool?

Oh, no, no, no.

I wish I could touch you again,

I wish I could still call you a friend,

I'd give anything.

When someone said 'count you blessings now,

for their long gone',

I guess I just didn't know how,

I was all wrong.

They knew better,

Still you said forever,

And ever,

Who knew?

I'll keep you locked in my head,

Until we meet again.

And I wont forget you my friend.

What happened?

If someone said 3 years from now you'd be long gone,

I'd stand up and punch them up,

Cause their all wrong.

That last kiss,

I'll cherish until we meet again,

And time makes it harder,

I wish I could remember,

But I'll keep your memory,

You'll visit me in my sleep.

My darlin'

Who knew?

My darlin'

My darlin'

Who knew?

My darlin'

I miss you

My darlin'

Who knew?

Who knew?