Flashback (continued)

Sakura's body was sprawled on the ground completely useless. The light haired ninja walked over to stand next to the orange haired one and helped him up.

"Good job, Shouta." Both ninjas smirked at Sakura from above. She spat at their feet. Shouta once again laughed at her. He got ready to punch her in the neck to knock her out. He lifted his fist above her when a kunai hit him in the hand.

Shouta slightly wimpered as he pulled out the kunai that was embedded deep in his skin.

A silver turf of hair could be seen streaking across the forest. Sakura look up at the two men, Shouta looked completely shocked and the other man looked someone surprised but not nearly as much as Shouta.

Kakashi landed in front of Sakura and said, "It's been a while, Hiroto." He voice was filled with disgust as he spoke.

"Ahh, Kakashi, the Copy Cat Nin, what a pleasant surprise." He said sarcastically.

Sakura looked at Kakashi in awe.

"Sakura, are you alright?" He asked her without turning his head; he was still staring intently at Hiroto.

"Yes, but I am incapacitated" She replied.

Kakashi sighed, "I suppose this has something to do with you Shouta?" Kakashi asked the white haired ninja. He just smirked as if admiring a picture he had just painted.

"Well I suppose we shouldn't just stand around talking?" Kakashi said as if he was addressing some old friends. "Shall we pick up where we left off?"

"Sure I have to repay you for this anyway" Shouta said with a false pleasantness as he lifted his bleeding hand that Kakashi hit with the kunai.

All three ninja jumped away readying themselves to fight. Kakashi pulled his mask off of his sharigan.

Kakashi glanced at Sakura. There was a glint in his eye that said he was ready to fight. She could tell he was not going to lose.

Sakura, who was consumed by her thoughts didn't notice the orange and blonde streak of color jump through the forest in front of her.

She looked up to see Naruto next to her. "Everything's going to be okay, Sakura-chan." He paused as if looking for the correct words to say. "Kakashi-sensei heard a battle going on from his house and came and got me. He says these guys are from a small village of mercenaries on an island outside of the Hidden Village of Mist."

Within an instant their battle had begun. "Naruto! Good, you're here; I need you to back me up." He called to Naruto as he dodged some poisoned senbon that Shouta chucked at him.

Kakashi performed some hand signs very rapidly and formed Chidori. Kakashi ran quickly at Hiroto, with his Chidori ready to strike. Hiroto saw this coming but did not have a chance to move far away enough to evade Kakashi.

Kakashi struck the man in the abdomen. Hiroto went flying backward and hit a tree with his head. He was unconscious. Shouta once again hurled more needles at Kakashi only for him to dodge them.

"You do know an attack like that will never touch me, right?" Kakashi said almost mockingly to Shouta. Shouta grunted at Kakashi.

"Naruto, why don't you join in on this fight?"

"Alright" Naruto said somewhat hesitantly. He was surprised at Kakashi's additude. Kakashi then smirked at the fact that Shouta was actually kind of frightened of Naruto. Sakura started to feel useless in the situation.

Naruto formed the appropriate hand signs and one shadow clone appeared. He then formed Rasengan in his hand with help from his shadow clone. Naruto ran toward Shouta with his Rasengan. Shouta, who was stunned by the ball of swirling chakra in Naruto's hand stood frozen on the spot. Naruto rammed the rasengan into Shouta, sending him whirling backward.

"Good job, Naruto", Kakashi said. Shouta landed on the ground very far away. He was completely surprised at the attack.

Kakashi pulled his mask back over his eye. "We'll take care of this in the morning"

Shouta was not stupid, though.

Both Naruto and Kakashi believed he was knocked out and he would end up using this to his advantage.

"Hiroto! Now!" Shouta shouted.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura called as Kakashi began turning, about to look at Hiroto.

"Behind you!" Hiroto formed some hand signs very quickly and appeared behind Kakashi. Before anyone could do anything Hiroto stabbed Kakashi in the back. Kakashi fell forward unconscious and bleeding out.

Out of rage Naruto ran at Hiroto and screamed a disgruntled battle cry.

While he was turned though running at Hiroto, Shouta threw several poisoned shuriken at Naruto's back.

"Naruto!" Sakura yelled as he fell over and was kicked in the neck. She still couldn't move, let alone heal their wounds.

Shouta then jumped over to her and hit her in the forehead, knocking her out.

End of Flashback